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What Changes Will the EU See in 2019?

In the year ahead, the European Union faces challenges on multiple fronts: Brexit, internal leadership, trade, populism, migrants and more, say experts.

Could the Government Shutdown Affect IPOs?

The now record-length government shutdown is hampering the SEC and causing a delay in firms' planned initial public offerings. The impact isn't substantial yet -- but it could grow if the impasse

Risks the Banking Industry Faces in 2019

The Federal Reserve's moves towards stronger oversight and a similar push by House Democrats bode well for the banking industry, experts say.

How the Blockchain Ushers in a New Form of Trust

Blockchain is one of the biggest buzzwords in technology today, but confusion exists about what it is exactly. Wharton's Kevin Werbach provides clarity in his new book.

Will the ACA Be Revised — or Face a Reckoning — in 2019?

Tweaking the Affordable Care Act is the best way forward, although the concept of “fairness” defies an easy definition, say Wharton experts.

Preparing for Disasters in 2019: How Can Risks Be Mitigated?

With natural disasters predicted to intensify in the coming years because of climate change, how should communities prepare themselves? Three experts weigh in.

Grameen Foundation: Using Data as a Lever to Combat Poverty

Grameen Foundation uses mobile technology and data in the global battle against poverty, according to CEO Steve Hollingworth.

How Data-driven Strategies Can Improve Impact Investing Outcomes

Data science is making inroads into the world of impact investing, helping program designers and beneficiaries achieve closer alignment between their goals and strategies.

What’s Ahead for the Stock Market in 2019

The U.S. stock market ended 2018 skimming bear market territory. Wharton's Jeremy Siegel and Gad Allon look at what's on the horizon for 2019.

Apple’s Troubles in China Predict Problems for Other U.S. Firms

CEO Tim Cook has blamed China’s slowing economy for an expected sales shortfall, but that is just part of the story, writes Wharton’s Kartik Hosanagar in this opinion piece.

China’s Economy in 2019: Is a Reality Check in Store?

The ongoing trade war with the U.S., slowing consumer demand and other factors are tempering expectations about the country’s economic growth this year.

How Introverts Can Learn to Network Effectively

Former communication executive Karen Wickre has written a book to help introverts learn how to network effectively.

Hitting a Wall: How Marketing Helps Explain the Washington Stalemate

Marketing and branding principles are at work in the stalemate in Washington over the border wall, writes Wharton marketing professor Americus Reed II in this opinion piece.

What Motivates Workers in the Gig Economy?

New Wharton research aims to improve predictions about gig economy labor supply and to shed light on more effective financial incentives.

Cracking the Code on Brand Growth

The battle for business growth does not start online or on store shelves. Rather, it takes place in the subconscious mind of prospective customers, write Michael Platt and Leslie Zane in this opinion

From Book to Bank: How a Fintech Firm Found Its Calling

Puerto Rico-based Arival Bank focuses on regulatory compliance to work with high-risk customers, according to CEO Vladislav Solodkiy.

How Will the Texas ACA Ruling Impact Health Care?

Appeals against a federal court ruling striking down the Affordable Care Act could pave the way for full-fledged health care reforms, say experts

Lake Success: Uncovering the Unhappy World of Hedge Funds

Novelist Gary Shteyngart examines the world of hedge funds through the eyes of his deeply distressed fictional finance character, Barry.

Why Women Must Play a Bigger Role in Capital Markets

Women must play a bigger role in the financial markets because it leads to greater prosperity and sustainable peace, according to speakers at a recent impact investing conference.

Why Books Matter for the Long Run

Book publishing is a business and increasingly a technical one, but at its heart it is an art, writes Peter J. Dougherty from Princeton University Press in this opinion piece.