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The Financial Times: Global Economy

Precious stones add sparkle to HK’s exports to China

Territory’s third month of outperformance comes as mainland economy cools

China’s Xi Jinping is no Davos man

Trump takes the heat but Beijing is hardly a champion of internationalism

Chinese competition no ‘excuse’ for Siemens-Alstom tie-up

Rival Hitachi says companies are winning contracts but as yet pose little threat in Europe

The Fed’s balance sheet is (mostly) a red herring

QE had significant economic and market impact but QT will not be so important

The once brightest and best need to wise up and listen

A chill has descended on international commerce that Davos will not easily shrug off

Investment banking: The battle for Barclays

The UK lender has wrangled for decades over whether to maintain its investment bank. Now an activist investor is trying to force the issue

Brazil risks halal exports with Israel embassy move

Bolsonaro’s decision to put ambassador in Jerusalem could lead to boycotts

Advocates of an open economy face rough road

Much depends on the evolution of domestic politics in high income countries, especially the US

Bolsonaro pitches new Brazil to wary foreign investors

Stocks fired by hopes for fresh president but doubts persist over pension reform

The weakness in trade goes beyond a tariff war

Economies with surpluses should do more to boost domestic demand

IMF urges creditors to agree sharing of bailout burdens

Concerns deepen amid build up of hard-to-track Chinese lending

NY Fed president warns shutdown is hitting US growth

John Williams cites federal government impasse as drag on the economy

Trump’s cold war tactics will not work with China

The Chinese will not crumble as the Soviets did in the 1980s

Schlumberger expects divergence in the global oil industry

Chief executive Paal Kibsgaard expects a “gradual recovery” in crude prices in 2019

EU prepared to cut US car tariffs as part of trade pact

Brussels keen to deepen commercial ties but is ready to retaliate if Trump acts on threats

Secure funding is in governments’ own hands

Sovereign borrowers can make their liabilities safer without safe assets