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Your Guide to Video Marketing: Crack the Video Code [Infographic]

Creating content is time-consuming, and video may be the most resource-intensive of all content types. But the payoff can be worth it. See how video is taking over, why you might want to get your

Five Things Micro-Influencers Want Brands to Understand in 2019

Marketers who understand the value of engagement in influencer marketing also understand the power of micro-influencers. These are regular people with regular social media accounts who are truly

Data-Driven Marketing: How (and Why) to Move From Siloed Reporting to Data Ownership

Being data-driven is a top priority for most marketers--because they understand its vital importance to achieving marketing success. And every great data-driven marketing program rests on a foundation

The Work-Life Balance of SMB Owners

Most owners of small and midsize businesses (SMBs) say they work for more than three hours on the weekend and check business-related emails, calls, and texts during their free time, according to

What Do CMOs Predict for 2019? [Infographic]

What will 2019 bring for marketers? These predictions from 19 CMOs can help you figure out what to expect in four key areas, from creating better customer experiences to keeping marketing data secure.

The Worst SEO Mistake You Can Make: Ignoring Content Distribution

Content marketing has proven itself time and time again, but merely producing content doesn't guarantee business or even marketing success. There's already too much content being produced. So what's

Get Started on Your Social Media Plan (Because It Matters to Your Customer Marketing)

Your company probably has some social media presence. But if you're not incorporating it into your strategy for marketing to customers, you're missing out. to expand your customer base, keep current

Why Consumers Click on Paid-Search Ads

Consumers say the main reasons they click on paid-search ads are that the units directly answer their search queries and the ads mention familiar brands, according to recent research from Clutch. Read

Direct Response Copywriting: How to Craft Copy That Converts [Infographic]

Direct response copywriting isn't easy. Your job is to drive conversions and sales, and that requires a savvy sense for your audience, a firm grasp on your value prop, and an arsenal of powerful

Instagram Benchmarks for Brands: Engagement, Hashtag, and Emoji Trends

Video is the content type that tends to spark the most engagement on Instagram, according to recent research from quintly. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

How to Make Your Content Work Harder: Seven Fatty Phrases to Avoid in Your Writing

If you aspire to lean and confident writing in your marketing content, you'll avoid populating your prose with superfluous words. Simply put, the most effective writing and communication makes every

How to Make an Effective Testimonial Video: A Step-by-Step Guide

Testimonial videos are ideal for the decision stage of the buyer's journey, when prospects are aware of and want to solve a problem, and they are looking for information to help them make up their

Facebook Reactions, Shares, and Comments: A 2018 Year in Review [Infographic]

Some people--including many of your customers--practically live on Facebook (despite all the bad press it got in 2018). So how do they behave? What do they share? Who likes "love" most, or "haha"?

Context Is Everything: Disruption and Perceptual Vigilance [Video]

Disruption can be annoying, but it can also help to grab attention. In this, the first in a series of brief but insight-packed videos, marketing professor Isabelle Szmigin discusses how consumers

The 2019 Hiring Outlook for Marketing and Advertising Jobs

Most marketing and advertising hiring decision-makers in the US plan to expand their creative (nontechnical) teams in the first half of 2019, according to recent research from The Creative Group. Read

10 Ways to Build Trust With Employees [Infographic]

Brands with higher levels of employee trust tend to outperform brands where trust is an issue. Trust creates better innovation and employee satisfaction, and it's an important part of running a

How Your B2B Company Can Thrive in a B2C Search Space

You have a business that specializes in providing a B2B service or product. But all your keyword search terms return results that are B2C. The unpleasant outcome? High bounce rates, irrelevant

Naming Your Product: Shades of Meaning (An Inside View Into Nail-Polish Naming)

Baffled. Enthralled. Amused. Maybe insulted. Those are just a few reactions you might experience when encountering a nail polish name. Whatever the emotion, top marketing executives agree the name is

How Customer Service Preferences Are Changing

Although the phone remains the most used customer service channel by consumers, its appeal appears to be declining, according to recent research. See what other channels are being used and by which

Six Lead Generation Tactics to Use in Your Social Media Channels

Each of these handful of tactics you can use in conjunction with your social media efforts can boost your lead counts. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, however; you'll need to experiment to