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Trump, Medicare and the drug pricing 'sledgehammer'

Whether Trump's proposal to base what Medicare pays for certain drugs on an international index is actually implemented is expected to come down to lobbying.

Semiquincentennial planners get their Philly start

Groundwork is being laid in Philadelphia for a celebration of the United States' 250th anniversary.

Zuckerberg says he and Sandberg will stay put, even after Facebook's scandals

Despite accusations that Facebook engaged in a smear campaign against its critics, the company's top two executives leaders will keep their jobs.

Beware of deceptive discounts on Black Friday

Consumers should beware of "fake discounts" in which retailers compare a sales price to an "original price" that was rarely, if ever, the actual amount customers paid.

Stephen Starr, restaurateur, living relentlessly | Industry Icons

He has "great instincts," says one of his top lieutenants. Just don't ask to hang out with him.

Merck CEO Ken Frazier rose from humble beginnings in North Philly to run a big pharma company | Industry Icons

After Ken Frazier's 8 years as CEO, the board recently extended his contract. He heads a storied research company but faces challenges especially on drug pricing.

Uber adds wheelchair accessible rides in Philadelphia

A private paratransit provider can now be hailed through Uber's app.

Market volatility? Crazy stock moves just back to normal

Investors have been spoiled by calm markets. Volatility is the new normal.

Gov't questions unfair student loan practices at Navient

"Navient boosted its profits by unfairly steering student borrowers into forbearance when that was often the worst financial option for them,."

Comcast settles Mass. investigation over cable-TV fees, advertising

The Massachusetts attorney general settlement with Comcast Corp. is the latest incident of consumer ire over fees such as those for broadcast television and regional sports that can boost the cable

Amtrak shortlists development teams for 30th St. Station revamp

The rail operator has named the teams involving Brandywine, Aramark, and WeWork as finalists in its search for a master developer to update the station in what's seen as a first step toward revamping

Crack that caused a fatal Southwest engine failure was missed six years ago

An engine fan blade tore off, leading to an April 17 emergency landing in Philadelphia and the death of one passenger.

Surprise! Bayada Home Health chairman gifts $20 million to his employees

We're talking checks as big as $8,500 for a long-tenured physical therapist and nearly $7,000 for a veteran Bayada nurse.

Why merchants still require signatures for credit card buys when it's not needed

Many small business owners think - incorrectly in most cases - that there would be additional costs involved and have therefore chosen to ignore the new signature rule

Archdiocese of Philadelphia's sexual abuse reparations fund starts with $25M to $30M

"This is for initial funding only. We expect that the ultimate cost is going to be greater than our initial funding."

First operating gain in years for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

The central office and parishes benefited from the fulling funded status of the priests' pension fund.

An update that preserves the spirit of historic Lilliput Farm in Schwenksville

The couple had long admired the historic Montgomery County farm. Then late one night, they discovered that it was on the market.

No more excuses. Fix Pa. pension funds | Editorial

Knowing about payments to consultants on retirement funds would help the public know the full costs of carrying these funds.