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IB Times: Economy

Brexit: An 'escape room' with no escape

The UK's agonizing efforts to find a path out of the European Union is beginning to look a lot like a game or riddle with no solution – and certainly no winners.

White House hails China trade truce as skeptics raise doubts

The Trump administration is celebrating the 90-day truce it reached in its trade war with China as a significant breakthrough despite scant details.

May won't rule out no-deal Brexit; bank says firms not ready

The Bank of England warned that such a scenario could plunge the country into its deepest recession in decades.

UK central bank warns of deep recession without Brexit deal

Leaving the European Union without a divorce deal could plunge Britain into its deepest recession in nearly a century, the Bank of England warned Wednesday.

The Brexit breakthrough: Theresa May's Cabinet back historic divorce deal from European Union

Prime Minister emerged from a marathon five-hour Cabinet meeting to say agreement had been reached.

When will Brexit talks torment end? UK says deal 'almost within touching distance'

Theresa May's Cabinet met for an update on the talks, with the prime minister under pressure from pro-Brexit ministers not to make further concessions to the EU.

Singles' Day 2018: China's annual shopping frenzy shatters records again

Break from gloomy forecasts about the world's second-largest economy as spending binge eclipses Cyber Monday in the U.S

A Texas-sized surge in oil production will hold prices down

With oil demand growth slowing, it's entirely possible that U.S. production alone will increase more than global demand in the next few years.

Saudi Arabia defies Trump and warns of 1m barrels a day cut to crude oil output

Trump in recent weeks demanded the oil cartel increase production to drive down U.S. gasoline prices.

UK economy gets World Cup lift despite Brexit uncertainty

The British economy's third-quarter performance was the highest since the fourth quarter of 2016.

US trade deficit with China hits record despite Trump's tariff war

Imports climbed 1.5 percent to a record $266.6 billion in August, led by an influx of telecommunications equipment and clothing.

Hungry and lonely: Life in Britain's 'food deserts'

A study has found that more than a million low-income households live in areas known as "food deserts", where access to good quality food is likely to be a challenge.

Wall St. disconnect: Traders panicky despite robust economy

Investors fear a constellation of concerns from rising interest rates, intensifying tensions over trade, a slowdown in China and the prospect that U.S. corporate earnings growth will soon stall.

Brexit diet could lead to 5,600 deaths a year as fresh fruit and veg prices shoot up

Brexit-related increase in trade costs will make it harder to get hold of foods that are critical components of healthy diets and chronic-disease prevention.

What is Theresa May's Brexit strategy? Another day, another battle to survive

May faces growing dissent and vitriol from her political opponents in her own Conservative Party.

We must stop a minority of Brexit fanatics from holding the United Kingdom to ransom

The hard Brexit wheels are coming off. We know it, the EU knows it, May knows it.

Italy's 'unprecedented' budget spooks the financial markets

The European Commission issued a sharp rebuke of Italy's budget, which targets a 2.4 percent deficit for next year.

Brexit deadlock: Tories in turmoil as May floats idea of extending post-Brexit transition

Embattled Theresa May enrages Tory MPs as divorce talks between Britain and the EU stall on the issue of the Irish border.

China managing slowdown amid US tariffs, has room to do more

Analysts told the International Business Times that China has more policy options up its sleeves

Trump tariffs yet to sting China; pain could begin in January

Analysts warn the 25 percent tariffs from 2019, could slow Chinese growth, raise U.S. inflation and put more downward pressure on emerging markets.