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How Startups Are Transforming the $632 Billion Grocery Industry

Businesses are innovating the food-shopping experience to make it easier and more efficient.

Why Women Entrepreneurs Are Marching This Weekend (While Some Plan to Stay Home)

Entrepreneurs say women need to stick together--now more than ever.

Here's the Surprising Reason Why Everyone Is Suddenly Forgetting Your Birthday

Remember back when people were on Facebook constantly? That's a hint.

Feeling Inadequate? This Simple Thought Exercise Can Turn Everything Around

There's an expression: If you're the smartest person in the room, then you're in the wrong room.

Top 7 Facebook Ads Tips to Implement Today

Top 7 Facebook Ads Tips to Implement Today: Here's what Facebook marketing leaders are focusing on in 2019.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Wildly Successful Business That Lasts

Launching a new business isn't the hard part. Things get tough with the fundraising, hiring, marketing, and managing required to stay in business. Here's your guide to building a thriving company in

3 Reasons the New Gillette Commercial Is an Absolute Winner

gillette, gillette ad, advertising controversy, toxic masculinity, advertising to millennials

A UCLA Gymnast's Video Goes Viral Because She Has the Most Contagious Emotion of All

When you change the way you feel inside, the performer the audience sees will change.

Mark Zuckerberg Listened to His Mentor Years Ago: He Needs to Pay Attention Again

No matter how successful you seem, you can always use wise advice.

How to Know If Your Startup Story Is Worth Pitching to Journalists

All stories fall under one category of public relations and that affects the way the story is pitched.

Barbara Corcoran Listens for 3 Red Flag Words. If You Use Them, She Knows You Won't Be Successful

How Barbara Corcoran quickly susses out entrepreneurs to decide who's a hard pass.

These Ridiculously Simple Tricks Will Help You Get Through Tough Challenges Better Than One Popular Strategy That Doesn't Really Work

If you're reading this to distract yourself from what needs to be done, you're doing it wrong./

Travel and the Partial Government Shutdown: What You Need to Know Now

Travel and the Partial Government Shutdown: What You Need to Know Now

An American Airlines Passenger Says a Flight Attendant Punched Him. Here's the Missing Part

This doesn't sound quite like customer service as we know it.

3 Most Under-Used Leadership Skills, and Why You Need to Develop Them Now

Attention management, delegation, and coaching. A potent skillset that most leaders fail to develop.

Google's New Price Increase Could Affect Millions of Businesses

The search giant is raising the cost of G Suite for the first time ever.