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This Week in Statehouse Action: A Little Less Legislation edition

This Week in Statehouse Action: A Little Less Legislation edition

Last weekend, a tribute to Elvis Presley aired on NBC, and I was so confused.Why honor Elvis now? He was born in January, died in August, and … did nothing of particular note in any February.Last

Leader of White House climate panel compared attempts to curb CO2 with Hitler's attacks on the Jews

The White House is establishing a new climate group, the Presidential Committee on Climate Security. If you’re thinking that Finally!! the Trump regime is becoming enlightened about the crisis we have

Senate Democrats plan to introduce resolution blocking Trump's national emergency

Campaign ActionSenate Democrats are preparing to introduce a resolution rejecting Donald Trump's national emergency declaration as House Democrats plan to take a similar step Friday.Similar to

Trump labor secretary broke federal law with sweetheart deal for billionaire pedophile, judge rules

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta has been one of the more low-profile members of Donald Trump’s Cabinet … so renewed attention to Acosta’s role in a sweetheart deal for a billionaire pedophile is a

Coast Guard officer accused of plotting mass murder held without bond as chilling new details emerge

At a detention hearing for Christopher Paul Hasson, the U.S. Coast Guard officer who prosecutors say was planning to "murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country," a judge ordered

'I'm not giving you another chance': Judge tightens Roger Stone gag order after contentious hearing

Roger Stone walked into court this afternoon wearing one of his trademark Mafioso-style suits. Unfortunately, he walked out still wearing that suit rather than something in a stylish orange. But while

Nearly 50 Democratic leaders call for government watchdog investigation into ICE force-feeding

Nearly 50 House Democrats are calling on a top government watchdog to investigate the force-feeding of immigrant detainees who have been on hunger strikes in protest of abusive conditions and

Wow: North Carolina Republican at center of election fraud investigation calls for new election

Wow. Republican Mark Harris, who’s at the center of an investigation into whether he benefitted from an illegal absentee ballot scheme in his race last year for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional

Midday open thread. EPI: Wage gaps by gender and race persistent; Pinterest blocks anti-vaxxers

Today’s comic by Ruben Bolling is Can Gavin Smythe, of Chagrin Falls USA, replace his phone battery?​​​​​​​• Obama Presidential Center will have no library: The four-building, 19-acre “working center

Power-grab 'em by the Constitution: Trump’s national emergency diverts money from real disasters

Donald Trump has declared a national emergency in an attempt to scrape funding together for his border wall project. Unfortunately for Republican lawmakers, the government’s coffers aren’t bottomless,

Trump's former fixer has a packed schedule testifying to Congress before he goes to prison

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer, will spend a lot of time testifying to Congress the last week of February. Hours after the House Oversight and Reform Committee

Border agents are deciding on their own to separate kids, with no input from child welfare experts

“Separating a child from a family in most communities requires a child welfare specialist and involvement of the judicial system,” USA Today reports, “often with a judge scrutinizing the case for

McConnell ready to launch 'mini-nuke' on Senate to jam more nominees through, faster

If it were a sentient being, the institution of the Senate would self-immolate in response to the stunning amount of hypocrisy oozing out of every Republican."Presidents deserve to have their teams in

Virginia judge orders equal rights activist held without bail ... for indecent exposure

An equal rights activist is being held without bail in Virginia for baring her breast in a re-enactment of the Virginia state seal. Michelle Renay Sutherland is charged with indecent exposure, a

Investigators furious Republican withheld key documents, including one on 'absentee ballot project'

The fourth day of hearings into charges that Republican Mark Harris benefitted from an illegal absentee ballot scheme in last year’s race for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District began with an

Roger Stone is in court on Thursday to find out how much federal judges love to be threatened

Thursday is the day for Roger Stone to learn just how much fun it is to stand in front of a federal judge after you’ve claimed that judge is out to get you, put her picture next to crosshairs, and

Border Patrols pays $125,000 to woman who said she was sexually assaulted by agent as a minor

A woman who said that as minor she was sexually assaulted by a border agent has won a six-figure settlement from the federal government. The $125,000 payment, secured with the assistance of the

Gibson eyes new career for Patriot Prayer pushing 'constitutionalist' ideas to local officials

The news will probably come as a relief to the citizens of Portland—not to mention their beleaguered mayor—but Joey Gibson is bidding the city adieu, for now, as he pursues new heights in the

Any report from Mueller is likely to be extremely disappointing—unless it's the opposite

The rumors are flying again that a “final report” from Robert Mueller will be on the desk of new Attorney General William Barr in the next week, and that Barr will then release a “summary” of this

Postponed prison date will allow Trump's former lawyer time to testify before House committees

Intimidation from Donald Trump and his current lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, forced the postponement of House testimony by Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen—but now, with the start of Cohen’s