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Here's how we could replace the Electoral College with a national popular vote by 2024

After gaining unified control of state government in 2018, Democrats in Colorado and New Mexico are quickly moving to pass laws that would bring their states' 14 Electoral College votes into the

Kosmos: Moon rush, settling for Soyuz, and SpaceX has a complaint

Okay, fine. This is “This Week in Space!” Except … This Week in Space!, complete with exclamation point, was always something of a weak title. So I’m stealing “Kosmos,” which was the title of a book

This week at progressive state blogs: Final Edition

When I began this feature six years ago, there were scores of active progressive political blogs covering some measure of state politics. By the peak in 2013, there were 146 that I was perusing each

Saturday midday open thread. 3-year climate disaster costs: $650 billion; one blue wave not enough

What’s coming up on Sunday Kos: Are we a democracy or are we a monarchy, by Ian Reifowitz We must take back our wealth from the super-rich methodically before it is too late, by Egberto Willies I

Another week brings yet another gargantuan lie from Trump's den of liars

Paul Manafort, the former chair of Donald Trump's campaign and now convicted felon, is poised to spend the rest of his life in jail, exactly as a federal judge originally predicted last year.

In a single year, Trump has had 10 judicial nominees who don't agree with school desegregation

The presidency of Donald Trump has not been a successful one for him—except for the obscene amount of havoc and pain he has inflicted upon the most vulnerable people in our society. As part of his

Science Round-up: The real black panther returns, replicating results, scaly mammals

I’d like to propose a project. It involves sending something into space, but it’s simple enough. It doesn’t need any high power instruments, or any real support infrastructure on Earth. The goal of

Ocasio-Cortez on lobbyists paying for seats in committee hearings: 'Shock doesn't begin to cover it'

Political newcomers arriving in Washington only to be shocked by the extent to which lobbyists have inserted themselves in every crevice of the woodwork seems to be a semi-regular story. It repeats

Trump 'can be influenced in real time' by a handful of television programs. That should be alarming

Over at Media Matters, senior fellow Matt Gertz has become one of the nation's best decipherers of Donald J. Trump's Twitter feed. Specifically, Gertz has been tracking Trump's seemingly obsessive

Donald Trump, incompetent super villain, comes up against the power of law, man

In the movies, super villains always pause in the middle of their evil schemes to give a detailed account of why and how they’re out to end, ruin, or run the world. On Friday, life followed art—only

Voting Rights Roundup: How the Electoral College could give way to a national popular vote by 2024

Leading Off● Electoral College: After gaining unified control of state government in 2018, Democrats in Colorado and New Mexico are quickly moving to pass laws that would bring their states' 14

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The national emergency is Donald Trump

National fake emergency is for Trump’s base and Trump’s base alone. I sound like a broken record on this “Trump’s base, so what? Not enough to win with” stuff, but there’s reason.xTrump's 'base-only'

Open thread for night owls: Excerpts from the March edition of Harper's Index

Here are a few excerpts from the latest Harper’s Index: Number of congressional districts that border Mexico: 9 Number that are represented by a Republican: 1 Votes by which that district’s

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been interviewed by Mueller's team

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been barely working recently, with the blessing of her media-combative dictator in chief. CNN reports that Sanders did answer a few questions about whether or not she had

Democrats saved butterfly sanctuary from Trump’s wall, but Trump might come for it anyway

On Feb. 14 it was reported that a federal judge had dismissed the North American Butterfly Association’s lawsuit against the Trump administration, also also nullifying a temporary restraining order

AOC and Joaquin Castro promise a resolution to terminate Trump’s idiotic ‘national emergency'

Even as reports began to filter out on Thursday that Donald Trump would likely agree to sign off on a bipartisan bill to keep the government from shutting down, Trump’s gang of miserable racists also

Mom from family separation lawsuit says traumatized daughter screams 'Mama, mama' in the night

A child’s first plane ride should be a fun one, perhaps part of a journey to visit grandma, or maybe a trip to Disneyland. But for “L.E.A.,” it was one that tore her away from her mom. The child and

Trump’s made-up immigrant murder rate doesn’t come close to deaths from gun violence and overdoses

Donald Trump has declared a national emergency for a fake crisis at our southern border. His No. 1 sticking point is that undocumented immigrants are coming into our country and committing crime. More

Groups sue Trump admin over policy forcing vulnerable asylum seekers to return to Mexico

The Trump administration’s inhumane and illegal policy forcing asylum seekers to return to Mexico to wait out their cases will undoubtedly cost lives. Just weeks ago—and just days before the U.S.

Mueller's office says the law indicates Paul Manafort, 69, deserves a sentence of 19.5 to 24.5 years

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office said in a memo Friday night that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort deserves 19.5 years to 24.5 years in prison for his conviction for eight financial