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Don Cheadle’s Style Inspiration for ‘Black Monday,’ and Why He Doesn’t Like Wearing Suits

'Black Monday' costume designer Melissa Bruning reveals the '80s icons that inspired her, and Don Cheadle's preference when acting in a suit.

Meet the Model Who Started His Own Agency to Address the Lack of Authentic Black Narratives in Media

The photo essays Josef Adamu creates under the umbrella of his creative agency, Sunday School, show how authentic black narratives could be better represented in media.

White House Chefs Have Stopped Showing Up to Work Because of the Government Shutdown

The White House asserted that Trump paid for the McDonald's meals himself.

Family Road-Trip Comedy ‘I Hate Kids’ Is a Long, Unfunny Slog to Nowhere

Skip 'I Hate Kids' and stay home with a good book or real family film instead.

What Migos and Drake’s Lyrical Vocabularies Say About the Current State of Hip Hop

Matt Daniels' study determining how many unique words appeared in the early work of rappers like Migos, Lil Uzi Vert and Drake tells us a lot about the current state of hip hop.

The Government Shutdown’s Latest Casualty? Area X From ‘Annihilation’

"I believe to some extent Trump wants this chaos," the Southern Reach Trilogy author told Observer.

How Freshmen Democrats Are Consolidating Power Through Committees, Challenging Pelosi

"If Pelosi doesn't work with them, they're going to use social media to blast their concerns."

75 Minutes Before Curtain With a Super-Zen Cody Simpson

Los Angeles–based pop star and avid surfer Cody Simpson discusses how he gets in the zone for his Broadway debut in 'Anastasia'—and why being in New York gives him "a chance to wear some more

Elon Musk Goes on Another Crazy Firing Spree to Boost Tesla’s Profits

Musk suggested in a staff email that anyone who'd chosen to work for Tesla should get used to this reality.

A Tale of Two Tunnels: Fresh Testimony Offers Look at the Capture—and Escape—of El Chapo

El Chapo’s 2014 capture mission started in a bathtub, and ended with a day at the beach.

‘Glass’ Will Make Box Office History, But Not in the Way You Think

How high does a superhero blockbuster need to soar to be considered a success?

So-Called Comedy ‘Adult Life Skills’ Is 96 Minutes of Unfocused, Idiotic Gibberish

Few overworked movie themes are more exasperating than grown people who refuse to mature beyond adolescence.

Can Another Major Franchise Ever Steal Marvel’s Thunder?

Will the DC Universe, Godzilla, or 'The Fast and the Furious' franchise ever be big enough to take on the MCU?

NJ Politics Digest: Dems Reach Deal on $15 Minimum Wage

Gov. Phil Murphy and state Democratic leaders have reached a deal to raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour for most workers by 2024.

Here’s How Mick Mulvaney Manages Trump Differently Than John Kelly

Despite the welcome West Wing shakeup, Trump and Mulvaney have hit occasional hiccups.

James Franco Is a Convincing Deadbeat Dad in the Grim ‘Don’t Come Back From the Moon’

The movie has a literary sensibility about lonely feelings and empty longings, illustrated by recurring shots of butter sizzling in skillets to fry a staple diet of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Meet Jessy Yates, the First Recipient of Yale’s New Scholarship for Actors With Disabilities

"People are afraid to understand," says Jessy Yates, the first recipient of the Yale School of Drama's new scholarship for actors with disabilities.

Kate Middleton Is Launching a Support Line to Help Families in Need

The Duchess of Cambridge continues her do-gooder duties at Family Action next week.