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Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter on singer’s rape accusation: It was consensual

Nick Carter is responding to shocking allegations that he raped aspiring pop singer Melissa Schuman 15 years ago. The Backstreet Boys singer released a statement to People: “I am shocked … Click to

Widow ‘scared near to death’ as deer smashes through window, goes berserk in her home

One North Carolina woman has vowed to stay locked in her home on Thanksgiving, after being “scared near to death” by a crazed deer that went on a 30-minute rampage … Click to Continue »

Mexico rights agency says minimum wage is still too low

Mexico's National Human Rights Commission said Wednesday that the country's 45-cent increase in the daily minimum wage is worrisome because it still isn't enough to meet the basic needs of … Click to

Venezuela needs our attention, but so do dictatorships-in-waiting Nicaragua and Bolivia

While the world is watching Venezuela’s descent into a full blown dictatorship, scant attention has been paid to the slow-motion disappearance of democracy in two other countries: Nicaragua and

Charles Manson’s ashes could be coming to Florida

A man with connections to Bradenton and who claims to be Charles Manson’s grandson reportedly plans to bring his grandfather’s remains to Florida. Manson died Sunday night of natural causes … Click to

An online glitch gave them 60 percent off. Toys R Us canceled their orders

When some consumers discovered Saturday they could combine three coupons for 60 percent off their online Toys R Us orders, it must have seemed too good to be true. That’s … Click to Continue »

Florida leads way as Obamacare enrollment outpaces prior years

Florida Obamacare enrollment counselors are seeing “a lot of enthusiasm” for the beleaguered program, despite a shorter sign-up period and less federal money for advertising, they said Wednesday.

Exonerated man: Point of Baltimore lawsuit was to clear name

Sabein Burgess spent nearly two decades behind bars for a murder he always insisted he had nothing to do with. Now a federal jury has given final vindication to the … Click to Continue »

Lynx family returns to Alaska photographer's deck to play

They did it again: a family of lynxes who shot to online stardom after visiting Alaska photographer Tim Newton’s deck in September dropped by again in November. This time, Cathy Newton got video as

Thieves crash truck into store, drive away with ATM

Surveillance video captured thieves crashing a white pickup truck into a grocery store in Valley, Alabama and making off with an ATM. … Click to Continue »

Recapping the 2017 hurricane season

The 2017 hurricane season ranks among the ten worst on record, here's a video recap showing some of the damage caused by hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria. … Click to Continue »

He said he was a millionaire who wanted to help Puerto Rico — but it was all a scam

An excited Ellen DeGeneres announced the generous donation on national television. A man named Emilio had given $2 million for Puerto Rican victims of two hurricanes during the We Are … Click to

Net neutrality and the FCC – why you should care

On Tuesday, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, a plan that many see as an attack on net neutrality. The new rules would end … Click to

Climate activist convicted after pipeline protest in Montana

An activist who was trying to call attention to climate change has been found guilty of criminal charges for closing a valve on a pipeline carrying crude oil from Canada … Click to Continue »

What could happen to Texas Rep. Joe Barton’s seat?

Backlash over a leak of video and text messages between Rep. Joe Barton and an unidentified woman could trigger a political battle that opens up a long-held Republican seat. Barton, … Click to

Crowds, discounts and marathon shopping—Black Friday 2017 is here

More than half of America plans to shop this holiday weekend. The discounts may not be as good as last year, but that's not stopping the 164 million who say they'll shop online or visit a store. …

Top Trump staffers failed to file financial reports on their way out the door

Several of President Donald Trump’s top aides — including former chief strategist Steve Bannon and former deputy assistant to the president Sebastian Gorka — have failed to file legally required …

Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials

Excerpts from recent editorials in the United States and abroad: ___ Nov. 22 Los Angeles Times on the Thanksgiving turkey: Observing an annual pre-Thanksgiving rite, President Trump pardoned two big …

Kids deliver letters to Rubio's office pleading a TPS extension

Leah Cassayo, 12, reads a letter outside of senator Marco Rubio's office in Doral asking him to pass a Clean Dream Act and protect families with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) on Wednesday, November

Judge who offered inmates reduced jail time in exchange for sterilization is reprimanded

When Judge Sam Benningfield of White County, Tennessee, offered to shave off jail time for inmates who volunteered for sterilization procedures, a chorus of attorneys, advocates and public officials