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Whip Up Delicious Homemade Dip in 5 Simple Steps

Photo by Aravis Moore The true star of any cookout spread worth its stuff? The snack table, of course. And this grilling season, even if we’re just gathering in the backyard for a Father’s Day

How to Create a Magical Summer Camp Experience at Home

Photo by Cubbkids You never forget your first summer at camp: the friendships forged, the sing-alongs sung, that hard-won talent show trophy. And while this beloved coming-of-age tradition might get

How to Make Picnic-Perfect Icebox Cakes

Photo by Aravis Moore Lately we’re all trying to maximize our precious outdoor time, and nothing goes better with a healthy serving of sunshine than a delicious chilled refreshment. Enter icebox

How Etsy Dads Are Making Father’s Day Fun At Home

Photo by Eugenia Mello With some of our go-to Father’s Day activities still off limits, we may have to get a little creative when it comes to celebrating the dads in our lives this year. Luckily,

Festive Memorial Day Finds to Start the Season Off Right

Photo by Blackbird Supply Co. As the summer season unofficially kicks off, Memorial Day 2020 will no doubt feel different than years past. But our connection to others, appreciation for the little

How to Create Your Own Natural Oasis at Home

Photo by Ceramic Sense As spring sprouts all around us, we couldn’t be more grateful to welcome some much-needed sunshine and fresh air into our lives. And whether you’re working with a small pot of

Put a Fresh Twist on Mother’s Day Flowers With This DIY Tray

The only thing more enjoyable than tucking into a hot, syrupy stack of pancakes while snuggled under the blankets in your pj’s? Having them served to you on cheerful floral breakfast tray. Brighten

9 Presents Real Pet Parents Are Loving

Photo by Animals In Charge No matter what’s going on in the outside world, our pets provide a constant source of joy and entertainment at home—and in these days spent apart from many of our human

Mother’s Day Gifts That Are (Almost) as Good as a Hug

Photo by EVREN This year, you may not be able to gather in person for your usual Mother’s Day rituals, but you can still make Mom feel like the most important person on Earth with a carefully chosen

Sustainable Wooden Decor and Accessories From Adrian Martinus

Photo by Adrian Martinus In our Featured Shop series, we shine a light on a standout shop from Etsy’s talented seller community, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at their process and

Elevate Your Self-Care Routine With These Easy At-Home Treatments

Photo by Alabatis Even in the best of times, when we don’t look how we want to look, we don’t feel quite like ourselves. And as the weeks without a salon appointment tick by, you may find yourself

8 Ways the Etsy Community is Doing Right by the Planet

Photo by Nature Supply Co. In times of uncertainty, refocusing on the things we care about most can be a helpful grounding exercise. And these days, one thing remains steadfastly the same: our

Behind the Scenes of the Altuzarra x Etsy Collection

Photo by Shana Novak For luxury fashion designer Joseph Altuzarra, whose sophisticated gowns and elegant separates have earned a loyal celebrity following, home decor has long been a source of

The Calming Home Decor Trends We Need Right Now

Photo by Circa 78 Designs Our homes are the center of our worlds these days, and between all the online yoga classes, digital playdates, and late-night bread baking, we’re all just trying our best to

Small-Batch Skincare Designed for Gifting From Bélier Handmade

Photo by Bélier Handmade In our Featured Shop series, we shine a light on a standout shop from Etsy’s talented seller community, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at their process and

10 Clever Ideas For a More Inspiring Home Office

Photo by STAK Ceramics As we settle into our new at-home rhythms, rediscovering our love of board games and baking everything under the sun, we’re also getting creative about how to make our spaces

7 Care Package Ideas to Thank Our Everyday Heroes

Photo by Nathaloha Stitches They show up every day to keep us all fed, cared for, and safe, and every night, in cities all across the world, we thank them with a standing ovation. Chances are you

How Etsy Moms Are Making the Most of Mother’s Day

Photo by The Pairabirds Virtual dance parties with grandma and grandpa. Living room campouts with stovetop s’mores. All around the world, people are getting creative about putting the “special” in

9 Gorgeous Puzzles and Games to Keep You Entertained

Photo by Atelier-D At the end of another day hunkered down at home, it’s safe to say we could all use a little social distance from our devices. One unexpected upside of spending our evenings indoors?

How to Make an Edible Terrarium

Photo by Heather Baird Editor’s note, April 2020: We’ll confess we’ve been so busy working on our embroidery kits and reorganizing our pajama drawers that we’ve worked up something of an