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Once Ripe for Taking, Computer Security Market Reveals Winners—and Losers—Cyber Saturday

The "endpoint" cybersecurity era is ending—HP bought Bromium, VMware took Carbon Black, Symantec sale rumored—as winners like CrowdStrike arise.

Beyoncé Was Sued Over Her Website Violating the Americans With Disabilities Act. And You Could Be Too

Even Queen Bey appears to be behind the times when it comes to ADA compliance for her website.

What Is Quantum Supremacy, and Why Is It Such a Computing Milestone?

In reaching quantum supremacy, Google has achieved a major technological milestone. But a golden age of quantum computing is not here yet.

Google Claims ‘Quantum Supremacy,’ Marking a Major Milestone in Computing

The claim, made by Google in a new scientific paper, is the most serious indication yet that the promise of quantum computers—an emerging but unproven type of machine—is becoming reality.

Amazon Expands Two-Hour Grocery Delivery From Whole Foods in an Effort to Take on Walmart

“Amazon has been critiqued for not making full use of the Whole Foods acquisition, and this is about to change that,” said one analyst.

Facebook Review of Millions of Third-Party Apps Leads to Mass Suspension for Access to User Data

Facebook said the review, which stemmed from the Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2016, is “by no means finished.”

Stripe Founders Are Now the Richest Self-Made Billionaires in Ireland

The Collison brothers, aged 29 and 31, are worth $4.5 billion each.

The Second Episode of the Bill Gates Netflix Documentary Is the One to Watch

The middle section of 'Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates' gives viewers insight into the Microsoft founder's formative years.

Tinder’s New ‘Swipe Night’ Turns Dating Into a Choose Your Own Adventure Game

'Swipe Night' is Tinder's latest effort to stand out amid a new challenge by Facebook Dating.

Grading Amazon on Climate Change: Better Than Walmart, Worse Than Apple

Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos acknowledged that Amazon had work to do. “We’ve been in the middle of the herd on this issue and we want to move to the forefront.”

Google Has Bought Enough Renewable Electricity to Power All of Uruguay

The search engine giant announced 18 new power purchasing agreements, marking the largest corporate purchase of renewables in history.

‘Security’ Cameras Are Dry Powder for Hackers. Here’s Why

Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable "security" cameras are a major factor in a new, very powerful distributed denial of service attack, or DDoS attack.

Jeff Bezos Details Amazon’s Net-Zero Carbon Emissions 2040 Goal

While challenging other companies to make the same pledge. “We’re done being in the middle of the herd on this issue. We’ve decided to use our size and scale to make a difference.”

Airbnb Plans Huge IPO in 2020, Continuing Push By Tech Companies to Go Public

Airbnb plans to file for an initial public offering next year following a 2019 that has been chockfull of initial public offerings.

You Can Now Pay Cash When Shopping on Amazon. Here’s How

Financial services experts call Amazon's new cash-payment service a win for low-income shoppers.