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Chicago Cops Arrest Suspects In Murder Of Dwyane Wade's Cousin

The case has put a spotlight on a wave of gun violence that has killed 73 people in the Windy City so far in August.

VICE News Tonight Is Coming To HBO On September 26

Beginning September 26, tune in Monday through Friday at 7:30PM to watch a new kind of nightly news.

Zika Babies Will Create A New Challenge For America's Health System

There are nearly 1,400 pregnant women in the US and its territories with Zika. In the coming months their babies will require extensive medical care.

'White Lives Matter' To Be Classified As A Hate Group By The Southern Poverty Law Center

One of the faces of White Lives Matter is a woman from Tennessee who is also the director of the largest women's neo-Nazi group.

Hillary Clinton Just Got Her First Intelligence Briefing As The Democratic Nominee

Her campaign said the briefing went on for two hours and took place at the FBI offices in White Plains, north of New York City, near the Clinton's home in Westchester County.

Judge Rules Trans Students Can Choose Bathrooms In North Carolina— For Now

The judge ruled that three transgender plaintiffs would suffer "irreparable harm" if they were mandated to use bathrooms according to their gender on their birth certificates.

US-allied Kurds Say Turks Attacked Them In Syria

The attack is indicative of the complicated situation in Syria, where NATO member Turkey is allied with the US against Islamic State, while the US also supports the Kurds, who support a Kurdish

Bangladesh Police Say They Killed The Masterminds Of The Dhaka Cafe Attack

The three suspects – believed to be behind the attack in an embassy area which left 22 dead – were holed up in a residence on the capital's outskirts. The operation comes as Bangladesh continues to

The Cocaine Industry Has A Lot Riding On Colombia's Peace Deal

Colombia's FARC rebels have promised to quit the drug trade, but other groups are ready and waiting to take control.

Stanford Rape Case Judge Recuses Himself From All Criminal Cases

Judge Aaron Persky in June handed down a sentence of six months jail time to Brock Turner, an All-American swimmer and Stanford student convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.

American Consumers Are The Only Reason The Economy Is Still Growing

Corporations are lagging but consumers are spending big on cars, recreational vehicles

The 'Blurred Lines' Creators Are Still Trying To Reverse The Marvin Gaye Verdict

The artists behind the song may have lost a copyright infringement lawsuit last year, but it looks like they're just beginning to fight.

Indigenous People Sue Canada For Taking Them From Their Homes As Children

The children were taken out of their homes in Canada, largely without the consent of their families or bands, and placed in non-Indigenous care from the 1960s to the 1980s, in a period now known as
Why Hillary Clinton Won't Do A Press Conference

Why Hillary Clinton Won't Do A Press Conference

Clinton's reluctance to hold press conferences goes back to her time as First Lady

Trump's New Campaign CEO Was Charged With Assaulting His Wife In 1996

Steve Bannon was charged with domestic assault against his ex-wife in 1996. He also is registered to vote in Florida home he does not live in.

France's Burkini Ban Is Gone — For Now

While the national debate on banning the modest swimwear is far from over, a top administrative court has struck down the controversial ban.

Striking Bolivian Miners Beat A Deputy Minister To Death

Miners used to be allied with president Evo Morales, but now they're protesting violently — so violently that they killed an envoy sent to negotiate.

EpiPen Maker Tries To Solve PR Nightmare By Offering Discounts

After a 500 percent price hike, Mylan Pharmaceuticals is reducing the cost of the anti-allergy devices for some people. Not everybody is convinced.

Colombia's Peace Deal With The FARC Could Still Fall Apart

The biggest hurdle is obtaining public support for the peace agreement in a referendum to be held on October 2, with polls hinting that a Brexit-style upset is possible.
Why Hillary Clinton Is Talking About The Fringe 'Alt Right' Movement

Why Hillary Clinton Is Talking About The Fringe 'Alt Right' Movement

The "Alt right" has been diagnosed as a new strain of hardcore anti-liberal politics that Donald Trump has cultivated, and relied on, throughout his presidential run.