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Russia Today

House passes bill preventing Trump from leaving NATO, tells allies to start pulling weight

The US House of Representatives has passed a bill to prevent President Donald Trump from withdrawing the country from NATO, but called on European allies to pay their dues – just like Trump has

‘Our men in Salisbury’: Petrov & Boshirov's European adventures turned into board game in Russia

For less than $2 you can now relive the experience of fitness instructors-cum-alleged GRU agents Ruslan Boshirov and Aleksandr Petrov, as they set off from Moscow to the English cathedral city. Read

Syrian army repels coordinated attack by 100s of terrorists & suicide bombers in Idlib

Hundreds of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists on board dozens of armored trucks with mounted machine guns have tried to breach Syrian army positions in a mass coordinated attack in the Idlib de-escalation

Playground politics: ‘Yellow Vests vs. Police’ game hitting French schoolyards

As France experiences its worst turmoil in decades, a new craze is sweeping French schoolyards. Alongside football, tag, and hopscotch, perceptive kids are taking sides in a new game at recess: Yellow

Syria threatens to ‘strike Tel Aviv airport’ unless UNSC acts against Israel’s impunity

Damascus has threatened to exercise its legitimate right for self-defense against Israeli aggression and target Tel Aviv airport in a mirror response, unless the Security Council puts an end to IDF

French people ‘can do better’ than ‘terrible’ Macron – Italy’s Salvini

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s opinionated deputy PM, said that he hopes the French people can rid themselves of the “terrible” leadership of President Emmanuel Macron. Salvini’s jibe is the latest salvo in

Maduro orders ‘total revision’ of Venezuela-US diplomatic ties after Pence calls for regime change

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered a revision of diplomatic relations with the US after the White House has openly urged the opposition to unite and overthrow the “dictator with no

Spike in ‘cathedral tourism’ thanks to cultural pursuits of ‘spies’? Twitter notices a pattern

A lawyer for Paul Whelan, the American arrested in Moscow on suspicion of espionage, has claimed that he simply wanted pictures of Russian cathedrals, but happened to receive a memory stick containing
Integrity Initiative wipes website pending probe into ‘theft’ of disturbing leaked data

Integrity Initiative wipes website pending probe into ‘theft’ of disturbing leaked data

The British state-funded Integrity Initiative, exposed last year for conducting Europe-wide political influence campaigns in leaked files, has removed all of its website content “pending an

WhatsApp down: Messenger not working across the world on iPhone and Android

The popular messaging software WhatsApp has broken down, just a day after Facebook announced it would restrict some forwarding features to crack down on ‘fake news.’ Read Full Article at

VIDEO shows deaf child react to Syrian first lady giving him life-changing hearing aid

A deaf child being treated at a Damascus hospital was filmed reacting to an implant allowing him to hear for the first time. The child got the device from his donor, Syrian first lady Asma Assad,

Jewish group sues Brazilian cartoonist over Netanyahu & Bolsonaro ‘Nazi hug’ drawing

A Jewish community group in Brazil is suing an iconic political cartoonist for anti-Semitism, over a drawing depicting Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

White glamor model, who identifies as black, hoping for black or ‘milk chocolate’ baby

A German model who identifies as a black woman and uses tanning injections to darken her skin has stirred up quite a reaction by claiming in a TV interview that she and her white husband are expecting

Hiding in plain sight: Art detective finds stolen Spanish treasures in unlikely spot

An investigator dubbed the ‘Indiana Jones of the art world’ has recovered two priceless stone treasures stolen from a Spanish church over a decade ago after tracing them to the garden of an English

IDF tries its hand in MS Paint warfare to tell Iran 'where it belongs'

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which routinely bomb what it claims are Iranian targets on Syrian soil, have tweeted a map with drawn-on arrows to prove their point. Their chosen medium was swiftly

Man tried to ram gate of Presidential Palace in Warsaw

Police in Warsaw, Poland, have arrested a man after he tried to ram his car through the gates of the Presidential Palace. Read Full Article at

Moscow slams EU’s ‘arbitrary’ chemical-weapons sanctions, threatens to retaliate

Russia has threatened to respond to “freshly invented” punitive measures imposed by the EU over the Skripal poisoning. Moscow says it’s an arbitrary punishment that disrespects established

France and Germany pledge to defend each other in new treaty

A new treaty signed by France and Germany on Tuesday reiterates their commitment to support each other, which they have done as NATO members. Angela Merkel also supported the creation of a joint

Ex-US Marine Paul Whelan charged with spying was in possession of Russian ‘state secrets’ – lawyer

Paul Whelan, the ex-US Marine suspected of espionage in Russia, had documents containing state secrets at the time of his arrest in Moscow, his lawyer said. Whelan may not have been aware he had

‘You need to talk to the guys with the guns’: Report reveals perennial US-North Korea intel talks

The landmark 2018 summit between Washington and Pyongyang was prefaced by nearly a decade of bilateral intelligence negotiations, a report shows. Read Full Article at