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Architecture and nightlife have a common home in Mexico City with Juan Carlos Quintero (@jcarlosqh), an architect whose other specialty is to organize “street beat projects,” which combine music, food and drinks in secret locations in one of the biggest cities in the world. “I stay away from commercial places and look instead for places with soul and meaning.”

For him the creativity comes from his homeland. “Everything in Mexico is overwhelming. There are overwhelming colors and textures. You even go to downtown Mexico City and there’s an overwhelming amount of people. I find my inspiration from those textures and raw materials, but also from light and color.”

But beyond buildings and the night scene, there’s a sense of purpose for Juan Carlos. “I’d like people to see that I live in a modern, cosmopolitan city, full of contrasts. I like to show that due to its cultural mix, Mexico City is one of the most influential cities in the world. Here you can find everything.”

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