iPhone Hacks

How To Use AirPods’ Live Listen Feature in iOS 12

iOS 12 has a new, seemingly simple accessibility feature with a huge potential. It’s called Live Listen. It makes an audio bridge between your iPhone’s microphone and the AirPods. This means that you

iOS 12 Beta 8: Check Out the Performance Improvements Since iOS 12 Beta 1 [Video]

It has been almost three months since Apple released the first beta of iOS 12. Since then, the company has gone on to release seven more beta builds of the OS, and ahead of the release of the OS in

Motorola’s P30 Rips off iPhone X’s Design and Huawei’s Twilight Color Scheme

Ever since Apple launched the iPhone X last year, we have seen a bevy of Android OEMs release smartphones that look very similar to Apple’s offering. However, Motorola is easily going to take the cake

Netflix is Testing Video Promotions Between TV Episodes

There are a lot of different TV shows available to stream on Netflix, and the service is testing out a way to maximize promotions while you binge away.

Is it Time for Apple to Upgrade the iPad Mini?

Apple has a pretty solid tablet lineup these days, with the iPad Pro sitting at the top and the new $329 iPad holding up the bottom.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone X Speed Test

The Galaxy Note 9 packs 6GB RAM and an octa-core Snapdragon 845 chip running at 2.7GHz. Then there’s the iPhone X packing 3GB RAM and an A11 Bionic chip which is soon approaching its first

How to Convert Videos and Audio on Mac for Free in 6 Easy Steps

With a bunch of video and audio formats available nowadays, there are certain formats that are not supported on Mac or other devices. In such cases, the best solution is to convert the file to a

How to Temporarily Disable Lock Screen Notifications for Apps in iOS 12

iOS 12 comes with an overhauled notification system. Between the new grouped notifications and enhanced Do Not Disturb mode, there’s a feature hidden in the new Notification Tuning screen that you

New $1,200 MacBook with Kaby Lake Processor to Launch Alongside 2018 iPhones, AirPower in September

Rumor mill DigiTimes claims that Apple will be unveiling an entry-level $1200 MacBook Pro at its iPhone event in September. Alongside its 2018 iPhones, the company will also be unveiling the AirPower

Australian Teenager Hacked into Apple’s Corporate Network; Stored Downloaded Files in ‘hacky hack hack’ Folder

An Australian teenager has pleaded guilty for hacking into Apple’s corporate network where he was able to access and download customer files and data totaling over 90GB.

iOS 12 Beta 8 vs iOS 11.4.1 Speed Test

After pulling iOS 12 beta 7 due to performance issues, Apple was quick to roll out beta 8 of the OS with relevant fixes. Ahead of the final release of iOS 12 next month, Apple has switched to a weekly

Google Clarifies It Tracks User Location Even after ‘Location History’ Is Disabled

Earlier this week, a report from Associated Press highlighted how Google continues to track the location of iOS users despite them turning off location history. The revelation led to Google receiving

Twitter Talks About Its Decision to Hinder Third-Party Apps in a Blog Post and Leaked Internal Email

In April of this year, Twitter announced that it was making changes to its available APIs, which meant that third-party apps would be impacted the most in a handful of ways.

Apple Maps Transit Info Expands in Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Apple Maps has been expanding its transit support for quite some time, and it continues to grow in its usefulness.

How to Trade Pokémon with Friends in Pokémon Go

The word Pokémon itself makes you feel nostalgic and sends chills down the spine of 90s kids. Yes, it’s just a cartoon but it was so much more than that. It was something that brought a bunch of nerdy

Apple May Finally Bring Galaxy Note 9’s Feature to 2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus

It looks like Apple will indeed add Apple Pencil support to the 2018 iPhone X and iPhone X Plus. After TrendForce’s report from earlier this week, a new report from Economic Daily News claims the same

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review Roundup

Samsung’s latest Note, the Galaxy Note 9, is all set to go on sale in most parts of the world from next week. The handset will take on Apple’s 2018 iPhone X Plus which will have a similar $1,000 price

Massive Fitbit Charge 3 Leak Shows Touchscreen and Swim-Proof Design

Ever since Apple launched the Apple Watch, Fitbit has seen its fortunes turn around. From dominating the wearable market to struggling to remain relevant, the company has been unable to cope up with

iOS 12 Beta 8: Everything New in the Latest Beta

After pulling the iOS 12 beta 7 update due to performance issues, Apple today released the beta 8 of the OS to developers and public beta testers. Apart from fixing the slow app loading issue that

Apple Reportedly Being Investigated if it Shut Down a Major App Store Competitor in Japan

The App Store is one of Apple’s major revenue sources, and it has strict rules about how those who use its products are able to access content. Games, for instance, are a huge incentive for Apple to