Amazon Will Keep Streaming Thursday Night Football for the Next 2 Seasons

Thursday Night Football has a new linear home in Fox during the next five seasons, but it is keeping the same digital partner in Amazon. The National Football League has renewed its deal with Amazon

The ‘Palau Pledge,’ a Small Nation’s Bold Environmental Effort, Just Won a Top Global Ad Honor

Tourism is the lifeblood of countless communities and nations around the world, but it can also be a seemingly unstoppable destructive force. In the stunningly beautiful Micronesian nation of Palau,

‘It’s a Tide Ad’ Joins Fearless Girl in Winning D&AD Awards’ Top Honors for 2018

One of those most sought-after awards in advertising, D&AD's Black Pencil, has gone to a Super Bowl campaign--and yep, it's a Tide ad. Saatchi & Saatchi New York's "It's a Tide Ad" campaign

Have We Underestimated the Power of the Hashtag?

Hashtags, those little "pound symbols" accompanying a caption, post, or photo, have become as commonplace as emojis. And their ubiquity has made them incredibly effective: Tweets with hashtags earn

Pinterest Is Beta-Testing a Way to Factor Skin Tone Into Beauty-Related Searches

Pinterest is beta-testing a way to enable users to narrow down their beauty-related search results by skin tone. The test kicked off with four palette options, each representing a range of skin tones,

TD Ameritrade and Havas Placed an Ad on the Blockchain

Late last week, TD Ameritrade planted--well, technically, embedded--a flag when they created what they said was the first ad inserted within the bitcoin blockchain. The ad, which appears on its own

7 Tips for Protecting Your Brand Against Cyberattacks

The price of falling victim to cybercrime is much costlier than simply losing data. Cyberattacks can permanently tarnish a company's reputation. Take the Target breach, for example. Last year, Target

Will the Sequel of Snapchat’s Spectacles Succeed Where the Originals Failed?

Snapchat released the second generation of its Spectacles camera sunglasses Thursday in the hopes that several improvements and new features will deliver better results than the initial version of the

This Initiative Turns Your Social Media Posts Into Letters to Congress Using the Handwriting of a Shooting Victim

It's easy to vent one's political frustrations on Twitter or Facebook. But the ephemeral nature of social media means such posts are easily ignored and soon forgotten. That's the impetus behind Change

Why This Company Is Aiming to Have the ‘World’s Best Living Room’ in Its Office Tower

Would you work more productively if you knew there 5,000 living plants surrounding you...on the 41st floor...of a Manhattan high-rise? That's what Salesforce is hoping as it prepares to open its

Foursquare’s New In-House Agency Will Crank Out Location-Based Mobile Creative for Brands

Foursquare wants to be known for more than just its location data. The company, once known primarily for its consumer-facing app but more as a location-intelligence firm in recent years, is unveiling

New Study Reveals 85% of Americans Participated in Cultural Protests Last Year

It's been just over a year since an estimated 7 million people around the world came together in a movement known as the Women's March, publicly rallying for human rights surrounding immigration,

A Playbill for Movies Is Coming to a Theater Near You

The creators of Moviebill can recall seeing Broadway plays and walking away with their Playbills in hand, taking a bit of the show home with them. Now, they're about to give moviegoers a similar

Volkswagen Made Phone Cases From Crashed Cars as a Grim Warning Against Distraction

Since you're 23 times more likely to be in an accident when texting while driving, according to agency Nord DDB, it might be helpful to have a constant reminder of how easily distraction can turn

Havas Confirms Its Head of International Operations Is Under Investigation in French Corruption Case

In a wide release sent to most major news organizations today, Havas announced that it's cooperating with a French anti-corruption investigation focused on its former chairman, Vincent Bollor?. Agency

YouTube Kids Lets Parents Control Their Kids’ Experience in New Ways

YouTube announced three features that are being added to its YouTube Kids application this year, aimed at giving parents more control over their children's viewing experiences. Beginning this week,

Former Discovery Ad Sales Chief Ben Price Leaving the Company After Upfronts

Almost two months after being passed over for the top ad sales job as Discovery closed its merger with Scripps, former Discovery Communications ad sales chief Ben Price has announced he'll be leaving

Are New Proposed Advertising Guidelines for Pot Brands Too Strict?

If the National Association of Cannabis Businesses has its way, there will be no celebrity shills, no stoner dudes enveloped in clouds of smoke and no Joe Camel or Spuds MacKenzie in weed

Keep Your Eyes to the [AR] Clouds as Persistence Becomes the Focus

Life is persistent. If I close my eyes, I know the coffee on the counter will still be there when I open them. If I run to the other room and back, it will remain fixed in position on my return. Even

Discover the Proud, Pagan, Lovably Bizarre Traditions of the Black Forest Gummy Harvest

Meet the People of the Black Forest. We're not talking about the the real Black Forest in Germany, but a fictional locale where folks stroll around in suits of straw, play ginormous alpenhorns, and