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Trump "not happy" with Fed hiking interest rates

President dismisses concerns about central bank's independence from White House: "I don't like ... rates going up"

There are benefits to being raised by a working mom, study says

Daughters of working moms are more likely to advance in their own careers and sons tend to lead more equitable home lives

Tilray IPO sees stock soar as investors bet on marijuana

Cannabis company is the first to launch an initial public offering in the U.S., as pot sector goes mainstream

Iconic "Brady Bunch" house for sale

House hunters can now own a bit of nostalgia – the iconic TV home that was used in the opening and closing of "The Brady Bunch" is on the market

Comcast won't pursue 21st Century Fox

The media drama between Disney and Comcast over 21st Century Fox's assets has come to an end

Air pollution steers visitors away from national parks

In particular, they avoid what should be pristine places when ozone levels rise to those found in big cities

Russia wants to boost its retirement age, sparking protests

The proposal would boost the retirement age from 60 to 65 for men and from 55 to 63 for women, sparking demonstrations

EU to hit back if U.S. imposes tariffs on car imports

The European Union is ready to strike back if President Trump imposes tariffs on cars and parts imported from Europe

Zuckerberg: Facebook won't ban Holocaust deniers

Mark Zuckerberg says while he finds such beliefs "deeply offensive," he believes the content shouldn't be blocked

Wall Street's dangerous addiction to tech stocks

The sector's big names are the primary fuel for the market's strength these days -- and that's a sign of weakness

Keeping retirement savings on track

It can be tempting to chase high-flying stocks that could reap big rewards--but also carry big risks. Here's what financial experts recommend to keep your retirement on track.

For Tesla Model 3 buyers, delays could be deal-breakers

After more than two years, thousands are still waiting, and the $3,500 federal tax credit will be ending soon

In 5 states, richest Americans live in a "new Gilded Age"

They're now enjoying a share of total income that's higher than the 1928 peak for income inequality

Berkshire Hathaway stock soars on buyback policy change

Warren Buffett's conglomerate gained $14,710 a share after it eased its restrictions on repurchases

How interns with a 401(k) can make it pay

If you scored an internship that comes with an employer-sponsored retirement plan, here are three things you can do

Manufacturers starting to take a hit from U.S. tariffs

Some companies say the Trump administration's trade policies are pushing up prices and disrupting supply chains

U.S. zipper company in crosshairs of buy-American laws

A U.S. manufacturer had contracts for U.S. military uniforms all zipped up -- until a Japanese competitor complained

MoneyWatch headlines: Texas Instruments' new CEO loses job

Texas Instruments' new CEO is out of his job due to personal conduct, and Marriott says it will ban plastic straws. These headlines and more from CBS MoneyWatch.

WeWork won't pay for meat meals

The company's new policy of not allowing employees to expense meals containing meat is aimed at reducing its carbon footprint. KPIX's Mary Lee reports.

Blue Origin test flight simulates space emergency

Private space company founded by Amazon's Jeff Bezos tests systems to prepare to carry future space tourists