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Wage growth: Why some American workers aren't benefiting

Pay growth is finally taking off, but only a few types of employees are enjoying fatter paychecks

Are you invested in gun stocks?

If you own shares in a stock index fund, it's likely that you're also holding pieces of companies that produce firearms

3M to pay $850 million to settle chemical disposal suit

Industrial giant stood accused of polluting Minnesota's natural resources, including the Mississippi River,

U.S. condemns crackdown in Ethiopia as political crisis deepens

Ethiopia has been one of the fastest growing economies in Africa in recent years, but upheaval may stunt that growth

Jeff Bezos touts 10,000 year cuckoo clock

Amazon CEO tweets video of giant timepiece being installed in a hollowed out Texas mountain

Amazon customer service scam targets your financial data

Fraudsters are using fake Amazon customer support numbers to steal consumers' bank and credit card info

Facebook exec apologizes for tweets about special counsel's Russia probe

The company's VP of advertisements said his tweets conveyed his views "poorly"

Amy Poehler fights for better pay for restaurant workers

"Parks and Recreation" star invokes her years of waitressing in pushing for a higher minimum wage for tipped workers

Rocky open for U.S. stocks

U.S. stocks slipped on Tuesday as several large retailers reported disappointing earnings

Walmart tumbles after online sales disappoint investors

The retail giant wants to woo consumers from online giant Amazon, but one analyst says it has "more work to do"

Olympic skating dreams? Better have a bank account

Parents footing the bill for a child with world-class aspirations face as daunting a commitment as their young athlete

Minnesota vs. 3M: A $5 billion case heads to trial

State officials allege the manufacturer caused environmental damage from dumping chemicals, and should pay up

Edible Arrangements sues Google over rival ads

The fruit bouquet company is seeking $209 million in damages, claiming the search service is confusing customers

Trump Jr. in India to lure luxury apartment buyers

Prospective buyers promised "conversation and dinner" with son of U.S. president, who has pledged to avoid potential ethical conflicts

KFC slowly recovering from U.K. chicken shortage

Chain apologizes to customers desperate for their "fried chicken fix" amid "teething problems" with new delivery partner DHL

Albertsons buying big chunk of Rite Aid: Report

Supermarket and drugstore and benefits giants seeking to adapt to fast-changing retail landscape as Amazon, Walmart evolve, Wall Street Journal says

Feds sue over jogging stroller after injuries reported

Safety panel takes legal action to halts sales of strollers linked to injuries in dozens of children and adults

America's top-selling toy gets "anatomically correct" brother

Roughly 30,000 play professionals gathered in New York for 115th North American International Toy Fair

5 things more complicated than buying a gun in Florida

In Florida, it's easier to buy an AR-15 than it is to obtain cold medicine

Iranian airline covertly bought parts from U.S. suppliers

Turkish front companies used in deal that violates U.S. trade sanctions, Commerce Department says