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CBSNews: MoneyWatch

Florence drowns 1.7 million chickens as farms flooded

Heavy flooding is hitting North Carolina's poultry industry, with some farms cut off from help

SeaWorld, ex-CEO to pay $5M to settle fraud charge

Theme park misled investors about how a killer whale documentary affected its business, SEC says

Titanic artifacts valued at $200M head for auction

5,500 pieces of history linked to the 1912 tragedy will be sold as one huge collection, and interest will be high

Los Angeles fur ban could be in the works

The City Council is mulling a possible animal activist-backed law to forbid fur use in a wide variety of products

United's new boarding rules take aim at gate congestion

Attempting to curb overcrowded gates nationwide, the airline rolls out a system it has been using in Los Angeles

Tesla has handed over documents to DOJ

Law enforcement contacted the carmaker last month after CEO Elon Musk tweeted about a plan to go private, company says

More older Americans are "unretiring"

A growing number of retirees are returning to the workforce, whether to make ends meet or to find new purpose

McDonald's workers hold #MeToo strike, and other MoneyWatch headlines

Workers at McDonald's are protesting sexual harassment, and Coca-Cola may soon use cannabis element in some beverages. These headlines and more from CBS MoneyWatch.

McDonald's hit for using Weinstein law firm for harassment advice

Advocates call on fast-food chain to stop getting advice from lawyers who defend companies against workplace claims

Facebook tool lets businesses avoid hiring women, ACLU alleges

Social network's tools allow employers to show job ads only to men—and target people who resemble current workforces

Hurricane Florence's next challenge: Dealing with insurers

Homeowners who have suffered damage must now wrestle with an insurance system that's tough to navigate

Fact check: Is Trump right that China is paying billions in tariffs?

President Trump says China is paying "billions," but importers pay the tax -- and pass the costs to U.S. consumers

Where Trump's new China tariffs will hit consumers

Prices will jump on everything from baby furniture to canned tuna when the latest round of tariffs takes effect

China retaliates with $60 billion in additional tariffs

The announcement comes after President Trump announced he will impose tariffs on $200 billion more Chinese goods

China vows retaliation against Trump's $200 billion tariff hike

The trade war threatens to crimp economic growth and raise prices for household goods, economists say

Report: Facebook sought users' financial data

The social media giant reportedly sought data from financial companies using Messenger for customer service

SpaceX: Japanese billionaire to be first "private passenger" on moon mission

SpaceX founder Elon Musk says the company will launch a private citizen on a flight around the moon as soon as 2023

Trump announces new tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods

The president threatened to impose even steeper levies amid an escalating trade dispute

A costly retirement mistake many women make

Here's why it's often not a good move to start your retirement at the same time your husband does

Three generations share 1 big problem: Student debt

For millions of Americans, borrowing for college comes at the expense of achieving other financial milestones, according to a new AARP survey.