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CBSNews: MoneyWatch

Sheryl Sandberg: "We absolutely did not pay anyone to create fake news"

Facebook COO refutes claims made against her in a scathing New York Times report

Homeless man and New Jersey couple accused of plotting GoFundMe scam

A New Jersey couple gained headlines for sharing a story about a homeless man coming to their rescue. They set up a GoFundMe campaign for the man, but now prosecutors say it was all a scam. CBS News

David's Bridal is filing for bankruptcy, but they say your dress is safe

"We are, and will continue to be, open for business," said Scott Key, David's Bridal chief executive officer

PG&E reels as investors assess its role in California wildfire

State's largest utility has lost more than half its value since the Camp Fire started a week ago

Hotel chains apologize after hidden video of cleaning practices in China

Major-name properties are among those caught wiping sinks, cups and toilets with the same dirty towels

CDC: Suicide rates highest for miners, construction workers

The report corrects a 2016 study that mistakenly said farmers had the highest suicide rates of all occupations

George Soros' foundation blasts "Facebook’s smear campaign"

The New York Times reports that Facebook hired a public relations firm to tie its critics to the billionaire philanthropist

Walmart poised to overtake Apple as No. 3 online retailer

World's largest retailer has seen its ecommerce business surge, although it's still no match for Amazon

Pro-Trump company sells "Build the Wall" toy ahead of Christmas

Pro-Trump website offers a whole line of "MAGA" toys for Christmas

Ford is testing self-driving cars in Miami for delivery of items like diapers and groceries

The automaker is also developing a program to allow riders to hail a self-driving Ford with an app

FDA proposes ban on menthol cigarettes, e-cig restrictions

The agency announced it will still allow sales of flavored e-cigarettes in retail stores, but only in closed-off areas that are inaccessible to minors

Your car's autopilot won't stop you from crashing

Electronic driver-assist systems don't always work in time to avoid a crash, testing shows

As flood of Amazon workers looms, commuters brace for impact

Public transit systems in New York and Washington are already severely strained, and frustrations may only worsen

For richer Californians, private firefighters help battle blaze

Some homeowners in fire zones rely on high-end insurance services to protect their properties

Marie Antoinette's pearl pendant sells for record price

Before being killed on the guillotine, Marie Antoinette had secretly smuggled abroad some of her most treasured possessions to her relatives

What else did Amazon get from the HQ2 bidding war? Lots of city data

Amazon reaped something that might prove more valuable than billion-dollar tax breaks: Lots of data from more than 200 cities

Holiday shopping: The curse of coupons and sales

These two popular techniques for saving money usually backfire for consumers -- but one strategy does work

Theresa May's Brexit deal: What's in it, what comes next

Her Cabinet now backs the agreement, but that's just another step in a fraught process that has a long way to go

Amazon's two HQ2 sites are white-hot real estate markets

Promises of locating 25,000 six-figure jobs in both Long Island City and Crystal City spark a frenzy for properties

Tulsa will pay you $10,000 to move there. But there's a catch

Tulsa isn't the first community to offer cash to lure new residents, but this program has an unusual twist