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Trump administration has deal to save ZTE

Sanctions that the U.S. imposed a month ago threatened to put the mobile phone maker out of business

CEO pay was 164 times typical worker's salary last year

Chief executives in the S&P 500 saw median raise of 8.5% last year to whopping $11.7 million in salary, bonuses, and stock.

Publix halts political contributions in face of protestor "die-in"

Grocery chain backs down after survivors of Florida school shooting rally against candidate opposed to gun control

How to minimize privacy risks from smart gadgets

Certain features on smart devices can be disabled or removed, helping to protect users' privacy

Mario Batali's restaurants in Vegas to close

Three eateries on the Strip to shut down as celebrity chef faces sexual misconduct allegations from multiple women

North Korea, trade tensions weigh on stocks

Financial markets are losing momentum as President Trump presses a hard line on trade and foreign policy

Big-company CEOs make 164 times typical worker

Chief executives in the S&P 500 saw median raise of 8.5% last year to whopping $11.7 million in salary, bonuses, stock

Fiat Chrysler recalls nearly 5M vehicles

A defect means in rare cases, the driver may not be able to turn off cruise control

Jury: Samsung must pay $539 million for copying parts of iPhone

Apple contends that Samsung wouldn't have become a mobile phone leader if it hadn't ripped off its tech

Americans paying nearly $3 per gallon ahead of holiday weekend

With the holiday weekend getting underway, gas prices are climbing toward the $3.00 mark for the first time in four years. Regular gas is going for an average of $2.96 a gallon. Michelle Miller

Police: Tesla in Autopilot sped up before Utah crash

Data from the Model S vehicle show it picked up speed for 3.5 seconds before crashing into a firetruck

Uber fatal crash: Self-driving SUV saw pedestrian, didn't brake

The autonomous vehicle that killed an Arizona woman had six seconds to stop, according to federal investigators

Amazon: Alexa Echo sent recorded conversation in "unlikely" string of events

In a statement Thursday, Amazon confirmed the woman's private conversation had been inadvertently recorded and sent

World’s priciest cities for jeans, Wi-Fi and more

Urban explorer? Here's a sample of what you'll pay for basic goods in metro areas around the globe.

CEO nixes own raise to give workers $1 million

A credit union boss in Jackson, Michigan, takes herself out of the equation to give each employee a $5,000 raise

The best months for new grads to apply for jobs

Turns out that it varies somewhat, depending on the industry, but summer is generally the hottest market

Necco Wafers live on after bankrupt parent finds a buyer

New England Confection Co. sold for $18.8 million at a bankruptcy auction, saving its namesake candy, at least for now

5 privacy rights Europeans have that Americans don't

With a bold new law kicking in Friday, EU citizens now enjoy data protections sorely lacking this side of the Atlantic

What's behind Trump's threat to put tariffs on cars?

Even groups that stand to benefit from stiff duties on auto imports don't sound convinced they're a good idea

Amazon exec "misspoke" about Orlando facial recognition test

The company apologizes to the Florida city, which is trying out the technology, for overstating how it's being used