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CBSNews: Health

MDMA, the main ingredient in ecstasy, could help veterans with PTSD

Therapy that utilizes MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy, may be key to helping veterans with PTSD. A study found PTSD was eliminated in 68 percent of veterans treated with MDMA-assisted therapy.

Main ingredient in ecstasy could be key to helping veterans with PTSD

A study including 24 veterans showed PTSD was eliminated in 68 percent of vets treated with MDMA-assisted therapy

Football Hall of Famers threaten boycott over health coverage

A group of former NFL players sent a letter to Commissioner Roger Goodell

Air pollutants found in mothers' placentas, new study finds

Scientists warn that soot from polluted air is reaching the placenta of pregnant women​, and could possibly harm the health of unborn babies

Virtual reality therapies help conquer common phobias

Experts say virtual reality therapy can help people by exposing them gradually and safely to their greatest terrors

South Africa legalizes private marijuana use for adults

Top court says an adult can cultivate cannabis in "a private place" as long as it is for personal consumption

Senate passes comprehensive opioids bill

The bill passed with an overwhelming bipartisan majority, 99-1

2 million U.S. teens are vaping marijuana, report finds

Nearly 9 percent of students surveyed in 2016 said they used an e-cigarette device with marijuana, according to a new report

Coca-Cola looking at cannabis drinks business

Beverage giant whose original medical elixir reportedly contained cocaine is keeping close tabs on CBD-infused drinks

Cancer spreads from organ donor to 4 people in "extraordinary case"

In an extremely rare case, four people in Europe developed breast cancer after they received organs from the same donor, according to a recent report

New study raises questions about daily aspirin therapy

Age is a key factor in a new report that shows higher death rates among healthy senior citizens who took daily aspirin

Does daily aspirin therapy work?

New research raises questions about aspirin therapy where people take daily low doses of the drug. Three reports in the New England Journal of Medicine found that among healthy senior citizens, the

Test tube baby Louise Brown and the birth of IVF

Forty years ago the arrival of Louise Brown proved the success of in vitro fertilization, giving hope to millions of parents trying to have a child. Tracy Smith sits down with Brown, and with a couple

What CRISPR may mean for human reproduction

In this web exclusive, correspondent Tracy Smith talks with Marcy Darnovsky, head of the Center for Genetics and Society, about her fears involving the revolutionary gene editing tool known as CRISPR.

Hank Greely on "The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction"

In this web exclusive, correspondent Tracy Smith talks with professor Hank Greely, director of Stanford University's Center for Law and the Biosciences and author of "The End of Sex and the Future of

Louise Brown on growing up the first test tube baby

In 1979, Louise Brown was the first child born through the use of in vitro fertilization, or IVF. In this web exclusive she talks with correspondent Tracy Smith about what it was like growing up as

Too many children injured by baby walkers, study finds

"A child in a baby walker would be across the room and down the stairs before the parent could respond," said an E.R. doctor

Man becomes world's oldest face transplant recipient

Four months after the procedure, the man has regained the ability to breathe properly and has begun to chew, smell, and speak with his new face

Cancer deaths expected to increase this year

The new report from the World Health Organization also estimates that there will be about 18 million new cases of cancer this year

Obesity rates now top 35 percent in 7 states

No state had a notable improvement in its obesity rate over the previous year, according to a new report