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Your earliest childhood memories maybe false

Can you trust your very first childhood memories? A new study raises doubts

Swiss Rolls recalled over potential salmonella contamination

Flowers Foods calls back Swiss Rolls sold under numerous brand names, as well Captain John Derst's Old Fashioned Bread, due to possible salmonella contaminaition

Arizona law would give frozen embryos to spouse who wants baby after divorce

A new law in Arizona that went into effect July 1 spells out what happens to frozen embryos when a couple gets divorced. Supporters of the law say it will protect a partner's right to his or her

Vulnerable addicts are paid to get experimental procedure, investigation finds

A CBS News investigation found that some vulnerable addicts are being paid to get a Naltrexone implant, which is not approved by the FDA and is intended to block the effects of opioids. Some doctors

"Hurt a pretty lady": Lawyer charged with sending threats to herself

Julia Ezell charged with two felonies and one misdemeanor for allegedly sending the threats and then lying to investigators about it

There are benefits to being raised by a working mom, Harvard study says

New research says children of working mothers are just as happy later in life as the kids of stay-at-home moms. A new study led by a Harvard University professor found daughters of working moms are

6 nurses in same hospital unit find out they're pregnant within months of each other

Six nurses who work at a medical center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina are sharing a serendipitous connection. All of them are pregnant and they found out within months of each other. Dana Jacobson,

Recruiters pay vulnerable addicts to try experimental treatment to kick heroin

A CBS News investigation found that addicts are being paid hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in cash to get the 30-minute outpatient procedure

Watchdog report sheds new light on Flint water crisis

Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Inspector General says "oversight lapses" occurred at the federal, state and local levels

CBS News investigation finds recruiters pay struggling addicts to get surgery

A CBS News investigation has uncovered an industry of recruiters taking advantage of struggling addicts. It lures them into getting a non-FDA approved Naltrexone implant, which is meant to block the

Woman suffers severe burns, blisters from wild parsnip

Wild parsnip can grow to more than 60 inches all and sprouts small yellow flowers with sap that can cause severe burns

Man dies from bacterial infection after eating raw oysters

The 71-year-old man died two days after eating the oysters, according to reports

More Americans are drinking themselves to death, study suggests

Increase in alcohol-related liver disease among young people is especially troubling, doctors say

Six nurses in same hospital unit find out they're pregnant

A North Carolina oncology clinic is jokingly telling people to not drink the water as six nurses get ready to bring newborns into the world

Controversial Arizona law dictates who gets frozen embryos after divorce

Supporters of the law say it will protect a partner's right to his or her embryos but opponents say it could force people to become parents against their will

CBS News investigation finds recruiters pay struggling addicts to get high-priced surgery

The non-FDA approved Naltrexone implant makes it impossible for drug users to feel the effects of opioids

Free medical school? Anonymous donor funds entire class

No loans for these future doctors: University of Houston says its inaugural medical school class will have tuition fully paid, thanks to a $3 million donation

Could smartphone use be linked to ADHD in teens?

New research looks at the heavy use of digital media and behavioral problems in teens

Why are more pregnant women having heart attacks?

A cardiologist offers advice for women about this growing health concern

Psychological issues could arise for rescued Thai soccer team

Dr. Jon LaPook says he's worried about how the boys' mental health could change down the road, when they're no longer in the spotlight