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Exotic tick species arrives in U.S., could carry virus

Type of tick that's never been seen before in the United States could carry a dangerous viral disease

East Asian ticks bring health risk to U.S.

A new species of tick has been spotted in New Jersey for the first time, and experts are concerned that it could carry a dangerous virus. WCBS-TV's Elise Finch reports.

4-year-old nearly died from "dry drowning"

A Florida mom is warning others about the signs of "dry drowning" after her daughter nearly died days after gulping water at a swimming pool. WTSP's Garin Flowers reports.

Mom warns of "dry drowning" after child nearly dies

The young girl was hospitalized after accidentally swallowing pool water days earlier

Heavy drinking linked to "bad" bacteria, study finds

New research suggests that people who drink more than the recommended daily limit of alcohol may harbor an unhealthy mix of bacteria in their mouths

U.S. cracks down on Juul e-cigarette sales to kids

Health officials issued warnings to 40 stores as the first steps in a crackdown on underage e-cigarette sales

Opioid treatment gap in Medicare: methadone clinics

Despite the nation's deepening opioid crisis, the Medicare drug program for the elderly covers methadone only when prescribed for pain

How did MLB pitcher go from peak performer to hospital patient in seconds?

White Sox pitcher Danny Farquhar threw 15 pitches -- then he walked to the dugout and collapsed

Woman's kidney fell into her pelvis whenever she stood up

She told doctors she felt like "a ball was rolling inside of her" when she would go from lying down to standing up

Can eating breakfast help fight belly fat?

A new study suggests adults who eat breakfast more often are less likely to gain weight and develop dangerous belly fat. Chris Martinez reports.

Skipping breakfast linked to weight gain, belly fat

Researchers analyzed the eating habits of hundreds of adults and found weight differences among people who regularly eat breakfast and those who skip it

Questions about pancreatitis linger after Avicii's death

In light of the music star's tragic death at 28, a look at what pancreatitis is and the potential complications that can come with it

Wounded veteran receives first penis-scrotum transplant

Surgeons at Johns Hopkins University perform first-of-its-kind operation to address "an unspoken injury of war"

University closes after 100 students fall ill

Officials do not know what's causing the illnesses but say they're "confident" it's not E. coli

A decade's impact of Alzheimer's on one couple

The toll from Alzheimer's is growing in this country with more than five million people suffering from the disease. On Sunday's "60 Minutes," Dr. Jon LaPook followed the personal story of Alzheimer's

At least 64 infected in E. coli outbreak tied to romaine lettuce

Federal health officials warn you not to eat any romaine lettuce unless you know where it's from, as an E. coli outbreak spreads across the country. CBS News confirms at least 64 people were infected

E. coli outbreak prompts warning about romaine lettuce

CBS News confirms at least 64 people have been infected in 16 states; 31 have been hospitalized

N.Y. health officials issue measles warning for tri-state area

Officials are concerned Sunday about residents who may have come into contact with two tourists from Europe who have the disease

"60 Minutes" report traces progression of Alzheimer's for 10 years

According to the Alzheimer's Association, every 65 seconds someone in the United States develops the disease. For a remarkable report airing on "60 Minutes" Sunday night, CBS News chief medical

CDC issues strong new warning about romaine lettuce

The warning now includes whole heads and hearts of romaine lettuce as well as chopped romaine, salads and salad mixes due to E. coli contamination