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CBSNews: Sci Tech

Some Dead Sea Scrolls at Bible museum apparently forged

The Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., removed five items previously displayed as fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls after an embarrassing discovery: they were found to be fake. Chip Reid

Soyuz flights may resume in December after frightening mishap

NASA administrator expects Russians to resume crew flights to International Space Station in December

Hurricane Willa to become nor'easter, hit East Coast this weekend

The first nor'easters of the season are notorious for falling trees and power lines because the trees are still heavy with leaves

MoviePass to spin off into separate company

Its parent company's stock price topped $4,000 a year ago, but now trades for fractions of a cent -- what happened?

Creator of the wearable pacemaker dies

Starting as an electronics repairman, Earl Bakken went on to found one of the world's largest medical device makers

Elon Musk says high-speed L.A.-area pods tunnel almost finished

Futuristic pathway is designed to enable residents to avoid region's notorious traffic jams. KCBS-TV's Greg Mills reports.

Elon Musk: High-speed, futuristic travel tunnel almost ready

SpaceX and Tesla exec's Boring Company's project tests underground system designed to skip L.A. traffic

Japan's World Robot Summit sees a future where humans coexist with machines

There are always a lot of attendees at big conventions, but at one underway in Japan this week, only some of the participants are human. The city of Tokyo is hosting the World Robot Summit and it's

Machines at Japan's World Robot Summit host TV shows and warn about smelly feet

Modern robots now have a light enough touch to grab -- and delicately box -- potato chips

China may launch artificial moon to light up city

China reportedly has a plan to launch an artificial moon in 2020. Made of mirrors, the moon would be designed to reflect natural light onto the city of Chengdu, possibly eliminating the need for

Spacecraft launching on 7-year voyage to Mercury

Only two other spacecraft have ever visited Mercury and only one of them went into orbit

Reporter's Notebook: The true lessons of space exploration

John Dickerson takes a look to the stars for a change of perspective

Outrage after EPA's "champion for children" abruptly put on leave

Since our interview with Dr. Ruth Etzel, many people have spoken out to support her, some calling her a hero

"Tornado Alley" may be shifting to the densely-populated Southeast: Study

That could triple the possibility of disasters, and one of the study's authors says climate change could be the reason for the apparent movement

Facebook cybersecurity executive on election "war room," tactics of bad actors

Facebook is unveiling a new so-called war room to help deal with urgent threats in the upcoming midterms and prevent election interference. The social media giant says the war room will streamline

The amazing rise and fall (and fall) of MoviePass

Its parent company's stock price topped $4,000 a year ago, but now trades for fractions of a cent -- what happened?

Facebook cybersecurity executive talks election "war room"

The social media giant says the "war room" will streamline decision-making if midterm threats emerge

Mesmerizing images showcase Earth as art

Images from the U.S. Geological Survey combine science and art to showcase the wonder of our planet

Siri Shortcut lets you secretly record police

Users can record law enforcement encounters by speaking a command like, "Hey Siri, I'm getting pulled over."

"Far from an honest mistake": Facebook accused of inflating ad data

A group of advertisers say the social media giant knowingly inflating the amount of time users viewed videos by as much as 900 percent