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China is waging a "quiet kind of cold war" against the U.S., says CIA official

Beijing doesn't want to go to war, he said, but the current communist government, under President Xi Jingping, is subtly working on multiple fronts to undermine the U.S.

What legal questions does Michael Cohen's Trump recording raise?

Amber Phillips, who writes about politics for the Washington Post, joins “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss the revelation that President Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen secretly recorded

White House stays silent on secret tape of Trump discussing payments

A secret recording of President Trump made by his former personal lawyer appears to undercut the president's denial of payments to a former Playboy model. Michael Cohen taped a conversation with the

NFL puts brakes on policy requiring players to stand for national anthem

President Trump reacted Friday evening to the NFL's decision to call timeout on its national anthem policy. That policy required players to stand. The league will now negotiate with the players union

Michael Cohen secretly taped call with Trump discussing payment to Playboy model

CBS News' Paula Reid confirms that Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen secretly recorded a phone call with Trump, and the FBI has the recording

Baby reunited with parents 5 months after border separation didn't recognize them

When his mother and father last saw him, he had two tiny teeth. Now he has a mouthful

Michael Cohen secretly recorded conversation with Trump

CBS News' Paula Reid confirms that Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen secretly recorded a phone call with Trump, and the FBI has the recording

What did Trump and Putin agree to?

As preparations begin for another summit between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, we're getting new details about what happened at the last one in Helsinki. "Face the

Michael Cohen recorded a conversation with Trump about payment to a Playboy model

CBS News has learned that shortly before the 2016 election, attorney Michael Cohen secretly recorded a conversation he had with his client, Donald Trump. They discussed making a payment to a Playboy

DNC files motion to serve lawsuit against WikiLeaks via Twitter

The DNC filed its lawsuit against the Trump campaign, the Russian government and WikiLeaks, alleging conspiracy, three months ago

White House rejects Russian proposal for Ukrainian referendum

The four-year, Russian-backed insurgency in eastern Ukraine has killed more than 10,000 people

U.S. condemns "Ortega regime" amid deadly protests in Nicaragua

Protesters in Nicaragua are demanding President Daniel Ortega to step down from power

Pompeo, Haley step up pressure to support Trump's talks on North Korea

U.S. Secretary of State said Friday that he and President Trump remain "upbeat about the prospects of denuclearization of North Korea" and that "progress is happening"

Republicans used to view Russia as an adversary

But that changed with the election of Donald Trump, CBS polling analysis shows

RNC picks Charlotte as 2020 GOP convention site

It's the second time in a decade that Charlotte will serve as a nominating convention site

Report: Cohen secretly recorded Trump discussing payment to Playboy model

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told the Times Trump discussed the payment on the tape, but claimed the payment was never ultimately made

White Helmets' evacuation from Syria could happen very quickly

CBS News' Kylie Atwood and Margaret Brennan broke the news of the planned evacuation of the all-volunteer rescue group last week

What Trump and Putin agreed to in Helsinki

The White House announced Thursday that President Trump asked John Bolton to invite Vladimir Putin to Washington in fall

Democrats wrestle with election-year message on health care

Some Democrats propose "Medicare for All," but others worry about it turning into a wedge issue that could hurt the party

Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaign in Kansas

The two are betting they can stoke liberals in places where the left rarely competes