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The Atlantic: National

Why the U.S. Should Provide Universal Basic Income

America is the richest civilization in history. Why, then, are our living standards so low compared to those of other wealthy democracies? “There’s a big idea out there that could help solve this,”

‘I’m an Undocumented Citizen of This Country’

“I'm here as an undocumented immigrant with no papers, no green card, no passport, and no legal documents, but I am still a citizen of this country,” says Jose Antonio Vargas in a new video filmed at

A Surprising U.S.-Canada Border Dispute

“When we think of modern-day international border disputes, we imagine places like Kashmir, Jerusalem, Crimea, or the U.S.-Mexico border,” filmmaker Brian Gersten told The Atlantic. “So when I heard
The Gun Guru of YouTube

The Gun Guru of YouTube

Andy FriedmanSomeday John Correia will meet Jesus. As an ordained pastor, he has thought about how their first conversation will go. That is why he keeps his Heckler & Koch VP9 loaded with a 9-mm
The Lessons of the Seattle Plane Crash

The Lessons of the Seattle Plane Crash

Modern life is full of potentially terrifying “What if?” possibilities. What if a pharmacist decided to substitute morphine pills or strychnine for the next prescription you pick up? What if a

‘It’s Not About Sex; It’s About Power’

Oregon State Senator Sara Gelser was working on a bill related to domestic worker rights when she alleges she was sexually harassed by another member of the state legislature. In an interview at the

Fear and Anxiety at Refugee Road

There are roughly 3,000 immigrants from Mauritania in Columbus, Ohio. They came to America fleeing persecution and slavery in the West African country. For years, ICE allowed even those with failed
How Trump Radicalized ICE

How Trump Radicalized ICE

Settling into a sense of safety is hard when your life’s catalog of memories teaches you the opposite lesson. Imagine: You fled from a government militia intent on murdering you; swam across a river

The Poetry of America’s Most Dangerous City

Society begs us to pull up our bootstraps and fly to Venus / But when you keep us padlocked to trenches / It ain’t easy to show our genius. That’s Kondwani Fidel, a celebrated spoken-word poet from
A 400-Mile Ride to Mark 150 Years of the Fort Laramie Peace Treaty

A 400-Mile Ride to Mark 150 Years of the Fort Laramie Peace Treaty

Stephanie Keith / Reuters Stephanie Keith, a photographer with Reuters, was recently invited by Lakota medicine man Ivan Lookinghorse to cover a 400-mile horse ride from Green Grass, South Dakota,
Dramatic Photos of the California Wildfires

Dramatic Photos of the California Wildfires

Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty Dry conditions, high temperatures, and strong winds have once more spawned several large and destructive wildfires across the state of California. Thousands of

Redneck Muslim

“I’m probably the only person here [at UNC Medical Center] whose grandfather taught them how to tie a noose,” says Shane Atkinson in Jennifer Taylor and Mustafa Davis’s short documentary, Redneck

Comey Is ‘Really Concerned’ About Trump’s Attacks on the FBI

“I’m really concerned… about the constant criticism and accusation from the president of the United States that the FBI and Department of Justice [are] corrupt,” James Comey said this June in an
Talent Dispersal: The Story of Epic and Erie

Talent Dispersal: The Story of Epic and Erie

Two years ago at this time, when my wife, Deb, and I were in our fourth year of travel across the country to report on smaller towns, we found ourselves increasingly drawn to the lakefront city of

Trailer: The Fight to Reunify Separated Families

One month ago, Anita and her five-year-old son, Jenri, were separated at U.S.-Mexico border. “I haven’t talked to him—I know nothing about my son,” says Anita in this trailer for an upcoming Atlantic

Life Is Suffering, and Everything Is Temporary

Late one night, filmmaker Brad Bischoff sat down with his father-in-law, Roberto Olivera, for a couple of beers. Bischoff knew little about Olivera’s background, save for Olivera’s heritage as a

How the Trade War with China Will Affect the U.S.

With the onset of Trump’s trade war, diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China—the world’s largest and second-largest economies, respectively—have reached a crisis point. Yasheng Huang, a

When the Poor Turn Against the Poor

The American fairytale is far from enchanted, argues Matthew Stewart in his June 2018 cover story for The Atlantic. Power and wealth are concentrated in an anxious aristocracy, comprised of 10% of the

Who Milks America’s Cows?

Buy a pound of cheese or a carton of milk in the U.S., and it most likely hails from Wisconsin, the number-one cheese and number-two milk producer in the country. Often, that Wisconsin dairy product
Photos From the Nationwide “Families Belong Together” Marches

Photos From the Nationwide “Families Belong Together” Marches

Joshua Roberts / Reuters Across the country yesterday, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in small towns and big cities to march and voice their opposition to the Trump