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CNBC: Auto

Ex-SEC chair: Commission won't punish Musk over his personality

If the Securities and Exchange Commission punishes Tesla, it won't be for founder Elon Musk's big personality, former SEC chair Harvey Pitt told CNBC on Wednesday.

SEC has reportedly served Tesla with a subpoena after Elon Musk's take-private tweet

Musk publicly floated the possibility of taking the company private in a tweet that sent shares fluctuating and company leadership scrambling.

Tesla shareholders face possible capital gains tax bill if company goes private

Shareholders would likely have to sell existing shares and then buy into a fund if they want to remain invested. Any profit from the sale would generate a capital gains tax.

Tesla shares down more than 4% on worries about potential SEC probe

The SEC has reportedly sent subpoenas to the electric car maker over CEO Elon Musk's comments about taking Tesla private.

Tesla's board scrambles to control a chief executive who some directors think is out of control

Some members of the board have grown alarmed by what they see as Mr. Musk’s erratic behavior, the New York Times reports.

Tesla needs an 'adult' to step in and tell Musk to be careful, corporate communications expert says

"Right now if there were no board of directors, the company could not be doing any worse in terms of its misguided public interface," management guru Jeffrey Sonnenfeld said.

Harley-Davidson dealer: We've seen 'zero' backlash from Trump tweets, boycott talk

"Harley-Davidson is unlike any other brand. It's a family," says dealer George Gatto

Harley-Davidson CEO pushes back on political criticism in internal memo—but does not mention Trump's name

Harley-Davidson CEO Matt Levatich said the motorcycle manufacturer doesn't want to be in the political spotlight, but it "unfortunately" finds itself "in the center of a heated political conversation

Cramer: 'We'll be on Mars' by the time the SEC penalizes Tesla for Elon Musk tweet

Jim Cramer warns Tesla critics about getting their hopes up that the federal government will penalize Musk for his tweet about going private.

Tesla's board forms a special committee to evaluate going private

Tesla takes another step a week after Elon Musk publicly floated the possibility of a buyout.

Tesla's board was surprised by Elon Musk’s tweet on taking the carmaker private

An abrupt tweet last week by Elon Musk about the prospect of taking Tesla private had not been cleared ahead of time with the company’s board, The New York Times reported.

Elon Musk’s tweets on Tesla started a tizzy. Someone should hit the brakes.

Executives are permitted to disclose market-moving information on social media. But Musk has provided regulators with ample opportunity to re-examine the policy.

Focus on Tesla funding is 'missing the forest for the trees,' analyst says

Funding to take Tesla private may not be critical to the automaker's performance, but it could be critical to Musk's tenure there. Whether Musk is critical to Tesla's success, however, is no longer

This whole conversation 'will end in the next year with Tesla going private,' Gene Munster says

Tesla founder Elon Musk has been under heavy scrutiny since he took to social media to announce he may take the automaker private, but Loup Ventures' Gene Munster says that's exactly what will happen

Mark Cuban: Tesla's Elon Musk is like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos

"If you don't think it's right, buy another stock," Mark Cuban says about Elon Musk's tweets on possibly taking Tesla private.

Cramer on Harley Davidson: When you go against Trump, you'll feel his 'wrath'

CNBC's Jim Cramer also says Harley's move is understandable considering Trump's tariffs and other protectionist policies.

You should consider the wonderful Buick Regal TourX if you're shopping for a crossover

The Buick TourX is a nice car and a good place to spend time. It's refined and well-mannered, with a driving experience good enough to support a higher price tag and a more luxurious interior.

Auto industry caught in the trade war crosshairs

If the tariffs result in a sharp cut in U.S. automotive exports that could take its toll on jobs over the next few months. And that would likely backfire on Trump and the Republicans.

The 2018 Ford EcoSport is fun to drive but you shouldn't buy one

I spent a week with the Ford EcoSport, and while it's impressive in its driving dynamics and easy to live with, it's hard to make a case for spending nearly $30,000 on the EcoSport.

Coming to a track near you: The chance to drive a Lamborghini, Ferrari or a Porsche at top speed

While you can't take the Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche home with you, a company will let you take one for a spin — and a high-speed one at that.