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CNBC: Top News

Medicare is cutting funding for a historic heart program

Medicare is cutting funding for a historic heart-transplant program and experts say private insurers could follow suit, ProPublica reports.

Trump takes another shot at Fed Chairman Jerome Powell for raising rates

President Trump is grousing again about his Federal Reserve chairman, telling political donors he was hoping for easier monetary policy.

Target and Lowe’s earnings are on tap this week. Experts say one big-box retailer is the better bet

Retail earnings are in full swing, and this week it's Lowe's and Target's turn as two of the big-box retailers report on their recent quarters. Only one looks a winner to these market watchers.

10 states where your Social Security check will go farthest

This list shows where you stand to have the best lifestyle on limited means.

Analyst downgrades Apple to sell because popularity of iPhone X means fewer phone upgrades next year

The iPhone X is so popular that it just might wind up hurting Apple down the road.

Manage your money like the super-wealthy—3 habits to steal from Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban

Warren Buffett never spends more $3.17 for breakfast and knows the power of compounding returns.

I’m ‘financially ruined’: Cryptocurrency investors are crushed by losses of 70% or more

A teacher put $90,000 in cryptocurrencies, including a $25,000 loan. Her investments are now down about 90%. A financial analyst invested $100,000 of his savings. His investments are down 70%. The New

Analyst predicts EA's 'Battlefield V' will be a 'serious disappointment,' citing weak preorders

Cowen believes weak pre-orders for EA’s “Battlefield V” title is putting the company's financial guidance at risk.

China is now the world’s second-highest spender on TV shows after the US

China is now the world's second-highest spender on television shows after the U.S., with its annual expenditure hitting $10.9 billion in 2017. It beat the U.K., with a spend of $10 billion, into

4 interviewing tricks to boost your confidence — and the secret that no one tells you

Projecting self-confidence in a job interview is something you can control, prepare for and even fake. Here's how.

How to send self-destructing emails in Gmail

Gmail now lets you send emails that automatically self destruct. Here's how to send them using Gmail's new "Confidential Mode" feature.

Trump attacks DOJ official Bruce Ohr, putting pressure on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to fire him

"Will Bruce Ohr, whose family received big money for helping to create the phony, dirty and discredited Dossier, ever be fired from the Jeff Sessions 'Justice' Department'?" the president wrote in a

Here's how much debt Americans have at every age

"Despite recognizing that debt is dangerous waters, Americans are jumping in with both feet."

Venezuela is pegging its economic recovery to a cryptocurrency that’s widely considered a scam

President Nicolas Maduro announced a new currency going into effect Monday to stop its out-of-control inflation, and it’s backed by a cryptocurrency that its own parliament says is illegal and others

Negative bets against gold surge, could be tipping point

Speculators are betting that gold investors will continue to get burned, and they have made the biggest bet against the precious metal ever in the futures market.

Needham analyst warns Tesla's value is really 'closer to $200' per share, about 30% lower from here

Tesla stock has tumbled in the wake of CEO Elon Musk's Aug. 7 tweet, floating a go-private deal.

Student loan assistance may become as popular as 401(k) plans

"This is certainly emerging as a new and very important benefit," said David Pratt, a professor at Albany Law School.

This woman escaped North Korea at 13 — these are her lessons on perseverance

"Sometimes have to be hopeful for no reason," says Yeonmi Park, 24.

Citi Research says Tesla should raise capital to prevent a negative confidence ‘spiral’

Cit Research reiterates its "neutral/high risk" rating on Tesla shares, citing the company's deteriorating balance sheet.

Judge Judy buys a $9 million Newport, R.I., mansion — take a look inside

Judge Judy Sheindlin reportedly got a $3.5 million discount on the "Bird House Estate" in Newport, Rhode Island.