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More than half of white evangelicals say America's declining white population is a negative thing

A recent poll is the latest reminder that large numbers of white evangelicals don't view America's increased ethnic and racial diversification as a positive thing.

How hot are the hottest spots in Houston this summer?

Armed with an infrared thermometer we set out to see how hot some of Houston's most popular places are this summer.

A child goes missing in 'Somebody's Daughter'

In David Bell's new novel, a happily married man finds out from his ex-wife that they might have a daughter together. And now that girl is missing.

Texas Congressman says Bible is against amnesty for undocumented migrants

In a recently published Breitbart article, San Antonio-area Rep. Lamar Smiths argued the Bible supports "the rule of law" rather than amnesty for migrants.

Mother of accused serial killer says son 'had a good heart'

When they last spoke about two weeks ago, nothing in the conversation hinted to the horrific crimes he'd be accused of committing days later.

Texas' heat wave is going to be brutal this weekend, says National Weather Service

The National Weather Service has issued five separate heat advisories for regions in north and central Texas.

Anonymous $3 million gift to fund tuition for UH med school's first class

The University of Houston has received an anonymous $3 million gift to fund tuition for its planned medical school's inaugural class.

Meet the man who might have brought on the age of 'downloadable guns'

During the summer of 2012, Cody Wilson hung around J&J, a car-repair shop run by two "goofy" guys in their late 20s. The Austin warehouse was crowded with engine blocks, car parts and Pelican

'We will be equally culpable': Texas Republican calls for Trump's impeachment

A Texas state Rep. is calling on fellow Republicans to impeach Donald Trump.

Common tactics used in Houston scams

Educate yourself on Houston's most common scams.

Walmart is leaving Edna, and residents aren't happy

Edna, a small city about 100 miles southwest of Houston, is losing its Walmart. The store, an older model, focused more on merchandise than groceries. And on Friday, the store is scheduled to close,

Houston residents warned of scammer claiming to install A/C units for Rep. Jarvis Johnson effort

State Rep. Jarvis Johnson warns Houston residents of a man posing to be part of his AC unit outreach program.

A look at how mattress stores handle security, staffing following accused serial killer in Houston

Mattress Firm is reviewing its safety plans after one of its employees was killed last week by a suspected serial killer who was arrested Tuesday.

Houston-area crime spree suspect charged with 2 counts of capital murder

Jose Gilberto Rodriguez, a 46-year-old parolee, is being held without bond. The charges, both filed Tuesday, are in relation to the robbery and shooting deaths of Pamela Johnson and Edward Magaña.

Teenager shot, injured during fight in Westchase

A 16-year-old was shot Tuesday night during a fight between groups of teenage boys in the Westchase District.

Houston police arrest man on roof with machete

Houston SWAT teams on Wednesday arrested a man who was holding a machete on the roof of a neighbor's house in Greater Inwood.

HPD: Man shoots alleged home invader in South Acres

The shoot-out happened in the 4300 block of South Acres, just south of Airport and west of Cullen.

Man dies in East End shooting, car crash

The victim was with his wife and their young child at an apartment complex around 11:45 p.m. Tuesday when a gunman shot him.

Saharan dust creates health hazard, hurricane hindrance

Repeated weather advisories regarding Saharan dust have been issued this month. The dust brings with it a variety of implications for people and for the environment.

Bridenstine: More information about NASA's upcoming lunar missions available this fall

NASA could release more details about its plans to return to the moon in the next decade in September, according to agency Administrator Jim Bridenstine.