8 Features We Expect in the Best Android Phones of 2018

2018 is looking a wee bit notchy for smartphones. We explore all the Android and hardware trends coming to phones this year.

How the Government Can Future-Proof Our Economy

WIRED columnist Jason Pontin on how the government could tackle economic inequality and create jobs in our techno-turvy future.

Weighing Privacy vs. Security for the Internet's Address Book

European Union privacy rules may prompt removal of personal information from Whois lookups.

These Conservationists Are Desperate to Defrost Snake Sperm

Freezing and defrosting snake sperm could be a key to conserving endangered species—but artificial insemination isn't always easy.

How To Delete Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat

Actually deleting your social media accounts is more complicated than it looks.

VHacks: Inside the Vatican's First-Ever Hackathon

This is the Holy See of the 21st century.

Maybe Election Poll Predictions Aren't Broken After All

An analysis of polls from 32 countries since 1942 finds that they are no more—or less—accurate at predicting election winners than they used to be.

The Physics of the Speeder Chase in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'

How do you pull off a banking turn if there's no road to bank off?

How Creative DDOS Attacks Still Slip Past Defenses

While some major distributed-denial-of-service attacks have been thwarted this month, the threat remains as critical as ever.

Carbon Taxes Are Coming, and We Have Colleges to Thank

It turns out universities provide a fantastic model for how politicians should start thinking about this on a state or even national level.

Star Wars News: Is 'Solo' in Even More Trouble?

Want to know what's happening with the next Star Wars standalone movie—and everything else coming out of Lucasfilm? Click here.

How to Build a 3-D-Printed House in the Developing World

A non-profit has successfully built the US's first 3-D-printed home, and now plans to bring it to the world's poorest regions.

Elon Musk's and Donald Trump's China Twitter Tariff Tiff

Real talk: Imposing tariffs and fees on the import and export of cars is unlikely to make things better.

Scrolls, Trolls, and Rickrolls: The Crisis of Online Harassment

WIRED columnist Virginia Heffernan on what the history of online harassment can tell us about today’s contrarian crisis.

‘Wolverine: The Long Night’: In Marvel and Stitcher’s New Podcast, Sound Design Has Never Mattered More

Marvel’s first foray into podcasts conveys mystery through meticulously placed voices and sounds.

For News Publishers, Facebook Is a Less Reliable Friend

As Facebook’s share of traffic to news sites has been falling sharply since early last year—and will only decline more—Google AMP has been on the rise.

Sam Nunberg's Media Tour Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup

The only way you *didn't* see former Trump aide Sam Nunberg last week was if you didn't turn on a TV or look at the internet.

Russia Didn’t Abuse Facebook—It Simply Used It As Intended

Opinion: When ISIS uses Twitter to recruit or a landlord uses Airbnb to discriminate, that’s not exploiting the platforms' glitches—that’s using their features.

Watch Nature Reclaim These Abandoned Buildings

Jonk’s photographs in *Naturalia: Reclaimed by Nature* were taken in over 30 countries across four continents.

Can Machine Learning Find Meaning in a Mess of Genes?

The computer scientist Barbara Engelhardt develops machine-learning models and methods to scour human genomes for the elusive causes and mechanisms of disease.