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Math Says Urinals in Planes Could Make Lavatory Lines Shorter for Everyone

As long as you've got the exact right number of urinals.

America's Fastest-Growing Urban Area Has a Water Problem

As St. George, Utah grows, it will have to cut down on its high water consumption or pay handsomely for it—or both.

Batteries Still Suck, But Researchers Are Working on It

Technologists have devised a variety of ways in which lithium batteries can be tweaked to improve battery density, and maybe more importantly, battery safety.

The Political Theater of Controlling Ebola With Border Checks

At best, thermometer-wielding guards waste resources; at worst they slow aid and supplies. So why do we still build checkpoints?

Watch SpaceX Launch NASA's Next Earth-Observing Satellites

And five communications satellites from Iridium are piggybacking on the ride.

WIRED’S Predictions for Bots, Blockchain, Crispr, and More

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Engineers Don't Totally Dig Elon Musk's LA Tunneling Promises

The Boring Company CEO makes a lot of promises about advancing tunneling and clearing congestion, but not everyone buys in.

Following a Tuna from Fiji to Brooklyn—on the Blockchain

Startups—and big companies like IBM and Walmart—are betting that blockchain technology will change how goods travel around the world.

After Meltdown and Spectre, Another Scary Chip Flaw Emerges

A new processor vulnerability known as Speculative Store Bypass could expose user data on a huge swath of devices.

An Ebola Vaccine Gets Its First Real-World Test

Scientists have known about Ebola since 1976, and the Democratic Republic of Congo has had nine outbreaks since then. But now one shot might beat it.

Tesla Expands Its Model 3 Offerings—At a Steep Price

Elon Musk's automaker is now offering more variants of its most important car, and making steady progress toward profitability. But that $35,000 price point remains just a promise.

Supreme Court Rules Against Workers In Arbitration Case

The ruling legitimizes agreements, widely used by tech companies, that prevent workers from filing lawsuits and are blamed for perpetuating sexual harassment.

We Need to Talk About That 'Deadpool 2' Credits Scene

Now that Wade Wilson has cleaned up all those pesky loose ends, what's next for the X-Universe?

A New Look Inside Theranos’ Dysfunctional Corporate Culture

When a chemist raised concerns about the blood testing machines' high error rates, she was ignored. So she resigned.

Hunting for Frankenstein Amid Switzerland's Melting Glaciers and Nuclear Bunkers

For one photographer, Mary Shelley's sci-fi novel is more relevant than ever.

Seakeeper’s Super Spinning System Keeps Ships Stable at Sea

Seakeeper's gyroscopic system counteracts a boat's natural motion to keep you and your seasick friends from rocking with the waves.

The 6-Foot Chinese Giant Salamander Is in Serious Trouble

Scientists figured out one species is actually at least five. Which means conservationists have been going about trying to save the creature all wrong.