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Debuting today: The Mother Jones Podcast, our new weekly flagship show. In each episode, MoJo’s brilliant reporter Jamilah King will go deep on a big story you’ll definitely want to hear more about.
Chart of the Day: Women are Taking Over the Democratic Party

Chart of the Day: Women are Taking Over the Democratic Party

Here’s a fascinating chart from NBC News: The two parties were pretty even until 1990, when Democrats started a steady rise in the number of women who ran for a seat in Congress. This opened up a wide

Today We Have a Showdown Between Benadryl and the Evil Dex

This should be fun. As instructed, I took the evil dex two hours before coming in to the infusion center. Now I’m here, and it turns out they have to push some Benadryl into me before they start the

Last Night Showed Why the “Democratic Civil War” Isn’t As Simple As You Thought

In the end, it happened just like Amy McGrath said it would. When I asked the recently retired Marine Corps fighter pilot last month why she thought she had a shot at winning the Democratic primary in

Trump Ramps Up Attacks Against FBI and “Criminal Deep State”

President Donald Trump continued to fume over unconfirmed rumors that an FBI informant spied on his presidential campaign for political purposes, tweeting angrily Wednesday morning that this could be

Housekeeping Update

Today I start my second round of chemotherapy. The big difference this time around is a new drug—Darzalex—which takes way longer to infuse than the drug from the 2014 round of chemo. As a result, my

Lesley Stahl Explains Why Trump Attacks the Press

I have a question for Lesley Stahl. Why did it take you 18 months to tell this story about Donald Trump?


Hmmm. President Trump’s use of ALL CAPS on Twitter seems to be growing. This morning produced half a dozen examples: SPY SPYGATE SPYING RIGHT TO TRY DODD FRANK WITCH HUNT
What Effect Do Twitter Bots Have on Elections?

What Effect Do Twitter Bots Have on Elections?

A couple of days ago I saw a link to a new study suggesting that Russian Twitter bots had cost Hillary Clinton three percentage points in the 2016 election. This seemed pretty unlikely to me, so I was

Russia’s Campaign to Help Trump Win Was Just the Start

Former FBI special agent Clint Watts was tracking Islamic State terrorists and their propaganda on Twitter in 2014 when he first encountered a different kind of troll. These accounts weren’t trying to

Good Job Destroying Wild Plants and Animals, Humans. Only 17 Percent Left to Go!

This story was originally published by The Guardian and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Humankind is revealed as simultaneously insignificant and utterly dominant in the grand

The Trump Administration Doesn’t Want Irish People to Know That Alcohol Causes Cancer

President Donald Trump is a teetotaler. He has never had a drink, he says, because he saw what booze did to his beloved older brother Freddy, an alcoholic who died at the age of 43. As far back as

Savvy Doctors Can Convince Reluctant Parents To Vaccinate Their Kids

A vaccine that can prevent certain kinds of cancer has been on the market for decades—but American children’s immunization rates with it are still woefully low. The Centers for Disease Control and

Stacey Abrams Just Made History

Stacey Abrams became the Democratic nominee in Georgia’s gubernatorial race on Tuesday night, squarely beating rival Stacey Evans with an early and significant lead. Now, after a tough and racially

Amy McGrath Wins Kentucky 6th Primary

I think I agree with Karen Tumulty about this: Best ad of the 2018 campaign so far. And she won. Against the Democratic establishment. — Karen Tumulty (@ktumulty) May 23, 2018

Jared Kushner’s Prison Reform Plan Just Passed the House With Van Jones’ Support

Donald Trump just scored a victory on criminal justice reform, and some Democrats are actually pleased. In a 360-59 vote, the House of Representatives approved a prison bill on Tuesday that the

Donald Trump’s Iran Plan: Provoke a War By Any Means Necessary

I never got around to commenting on Donald Trump’s latest announcement about Iran. It was delivered by Mike Pompeo, his Secretary of State, and it demanded the following: Deliver a full account of the

The Trump Administration Just Took a Big Step Toward Defunding Planned Parenthood

On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced a change in the way Title X family-planning funds are distributed, stripping federal funding from women’s health clinics that either provide abortions or

Mark Zuckerberg Fielded Questions in Brussels Today. European Parliamentarians Say They Didn’t Get Answers.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg faced a barrage of tough questions from European Union politicians Tuesday, largely repeating answers he’d given before a pair of US congressional committees

Lesley Stahl Shares Anecdote Explaining Why Trump Keeps Attacking the Press

President Donald Trump’s relentless attacks against the media gained some strategic context on Monday when CBS News’ Lesley Stahl shared a revealing conversation she had with Trump shortly before his