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John Oliver calls ‘bullsh*t’ on scam of unregulated rehab centers who claim cures while sending patients off to die

The United States is being crushed under the weight of an opioid epidemic that is claiming tens of thousands of Americans. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse charts more than 64,000 deaths

Hope Hicks nearly $500,000 legal fees are being paid by donations to the Republican Party

Former White House communications director Hope Hicks might have been a Democrat in the past, but the Republican Party has forked over nearly $500,000 in legal fees for the longtime aide to President

WATCH: Parkland student choir sings ‘Youth’ with Shawn Mendes and Khalid

At just 19-years-old, Khalid is keenly aware of the dangers students today face. He joined Shawn Mendes to sing their song “Youth” at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards and not only dedicated it to those

Texas man shoots family member in the face — then crashes car trying to flee

A shooting in Dallas, Texas this weekend turned into a car crash when the alleged shooter fled police. According to the Dallas Morning News, the shooting happened Sunday evening in the northeast part

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hospitalized — but condition ‘reassuring’ says doctor

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was hospitalized in the West Bank on Sunday, doctors and Palestinian officials said, giving conflicting accounts of the leader’s condition. It is the third time

US stock futures jump after Steve Mnuchin says Trump’s trade war ‘on hold’

U.S. stock futures jumped on Monday as U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the U.S. trade war with China is “on hold” after the world’s two largest economic powers agreed to drop their tariff

Ex-CIA officer says Trump’s latest ridiculous claims echo others: ‘This is like that time he said Trump Tower was wiretapped’

During a panel discussion Sunday, former CIA operative Robert Baer explained that it isn’t unusual for an FBI agent to speak to or approach someone they are concerned a foreign country might be

‘I’m sick of moment of silence’: Kelly Clarkson opens Billboard Music Awards with tearful demand for a ‘moment of change’

The opening of the Billboard Music Awards Sunday marked another awards ceremony that followed another school shooting. But when musician Kelly Clarkson was asked to say a few words and open a moment

Parkland mom apologizes to Texas Santa Fe High and calls on Trump to act: ‘We have tried to make our schools safe’

In the hours following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, mom Lori Alhadeff took to CNN to issue a powerful demand of President Donald Trump. In the months since she lost her

Former federal prosecutor calls Rosenstein caving into Trump’s demands another case of ‘getting played’

After President Donald Trump issued a Twitter demand to the Department of Justice Sunday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein caved to the demand. “If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants

Dem Congressman calls BS on Rudy Giuliani claim Mueller investigation will end by Sept 1: He ‘makes stuff up’

President Donald Trump’s counselor Rudy Giuliani announced Sunday that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in to the president will conclude September 1, 2018. Mueller has not verified this

‘Columbine’ author explains why the NRA conveniently forgot about an outbreak of knife attacks in Russian schools

Ten years after the Columbine shooting, writer and reporter Dave Cullen authored a book that followed the evolution of the shooters’ lives as well as those students who have struggled in the years

Iran says European support for nuclear deal not enough

The European Union is not doing enough to preserve the benefits for Iran from the 2015 international nuclear pact following the withdrawal of the United States, Iran’s foreign minister told the EU’s

Rudy Giuliani claims Robert Mueller’s probe will end by September 1

According to President Donald Trump’s loudest legal counselor Rudy Giuliani, special counsel Robert Mueller intends to end his investigation into obstruction of justice by Sept. 1. As the New York

‘An additional count of obstruction’: CNN legal analyst says Trump stepped in it by ordering DOJ to probe itself

According to CNN legal analyst Paul Callan, President Donald Trump demanding that the Department of Justice investigate the FBI just added an additional count of “obstruction of justice” to the crimes

Comey associate: Rosenstein and FBI director will quit if Trump goes through with DOJ investigation demand

Writing on Twitter, a confidante of former FBI Director James Comey predicted high level non-compliance and resignations at the FBI and the Justice Department if President Donald Trump makes good on a

Trump’s ‘official’ demand for DOJ to investigate itself is met with hilarious Twitter demands — like ‘resign’

President Donald Trump’s over-the-top Twitter proclamation that he “hereby demand(s), and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ

Ex-evangelist rips ‘moron’ Christians for thinking Trump’s Jerusalem embassy will hasten the second coming of Jesus

Appearing on AM Joy on Sunday morning, a former evangelist-turned-filmmaker swatted down Christians who were gleeful that President Donald Trump moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, believing it will

Trump makes stunning ‘official demand’ on Twitter that Justice Dept investigate itself and FBI over informant

President Donald Trump make what amounts to a formal declaration on Twitter that the Department of Justice investigate itself and the FBI over reports that an informant was part of his 2016 campaign.

Kellyanne Conway defends Sean Hannity’s deceitful show: It’s ‘unique content’ that ‘people can’t find elsewhere’

White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway on Sunday went to bat for Fox News host Sean Hannity, explaining that he offered “unique content” instead of fact-based reporting. While