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Trump directed the Pentagon to create a Space Force. What would it look like?

President Donald Trump is moving ahead on the Space Force. Vice President Mike Pence laid out plans for a sixth military branch during an Aug. 9 speech at the Pentagon. Pence says the administration

Was the Trump Tower meeting with Russian lawyer ‘totally legal,’ as Trump said?

How often do American political campaigns seek damaging information from a foreign government? According to President Donald Trump, attempting to weaponize this kind of dirt against political

Why Infowars’ Alex Jones was banned from Apple, Facebook, Youtube and Spotify

Over the course of 24 hours, most social media giants kicked one of the most infamous conspiracy theory peddlers off their platforms. Alex Jones, the creator of the Infowars website and multiple talk

QAnon and Donald Trump rallies: What's that about?

At President Donald Trump’s recent Florida rally, "Q" stood out. Among Trump supporters wearing signature red MAGA hats were others donning white t-shirts with a large printed "Q" and raising signs

PolitiFact's guide to key 2018 midterm races

Here are the 16 states we're paying special attention to in the 2018 midterm elections. Hear something that needs a fact-check? Email us at truthometer@politifact.com. Arizona Likely candidates: Open

Fact-checking Donald Trump's rally in Tampa with Ron DeSantis

At a campaign-style rally in Tampa, President Donald Trump threw his support behind Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis’ bid to take the Florida governor’s mansion. DeSantis faces Agriculture

The effects of Donald Trump's trade war

For workers in America’s heartland, the good news of savings from President Donald Trump’s tax cuts is getting overshadowed by concern over his disruptive trade policies. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, one of a

Fact-checking Donald Trump's talking points about the economy

President Donald Trump campaigned hard on a promise to kick the economy into high gear and with the latest economic numbers, he had something to crow about. The economy grew at an annualized rate of

6 questions about the timing of the Mueller investigation

Americans of all political stripes are waiting to see what happens with the special counsel investigation headed by Robert Mueller. How might the midterm elections -- and the desire not to put a thumb

Shadow banning: Did Twitter try to boost Dems and hurt GOP?

President Donald Trump, no stranger to Twitter, took the social media giant to task in a morning tweet. "Twitter ‘SHADOW BANNING’ prominent Republicans," Trump tweeted July 26, "Not good. We will look

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and the case of the missing question

Update: The White House updated its transcript the day after the Washington Post article cited below and two days after the Rachel Maddow Show raised the issue. Right after President Donald Trump and

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A closer look at claims of treason after Trump's meeting with Russian President Putin

President Donald Trump’s news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin drew sharp rebukes from critics. Some went so far as to call it "treason," or "treasonous." The New York Daily News

Trump and Russia: Shifting answers on key questions

In the span of three days, President Donald Trump said he didn’t see why Russia would interfere with the U.S. 2016 elections, then he said he didn’t see why it wouldn’t. He gave Russian Federation

Chris Wallace asked why Vladimir Putin’s critics end up dead. Here are the details

Fox News host Chris Wallace pressed Russian President Vladimir Putin on the subjects President Donald Trump failed to bring up in an interview following the press conference. Among those topics were

Did 'zero-tolerance' policy reduce illegal immigration?

The Donald Trump administration billed its "zero-tolerance" immigration policy as an escalated effort needed to address a "crisis" at the border, even though apprehensions were at their lowest point

The facts behind the court case Vladimir Putin said 'falls apart'

Russian President Vladimir Putin mocked Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s charges of Russian election interference, saying on Fox News that Mueller was training his investigative powers on a small

A walk in the woulds: Donald Trump reverses Helsinki comments on Russian election interference

President Donald Trump said he misspoke during his press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. At a White House meeting about tax policy, Trump took a moment to set the record straight. He

Fact-checking Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin in Helsinki

President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin made inaccurate statements to the media following their one-on-one talks in Helsinki about election meddling, global terrorism and nuclear

Did Vladimir Putin know Donald Trump was in Moscow in 2013?

The personal relationship between Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin was the subject of speculation even before Trump became president, partly because Trump changed his tune about it. Trump