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Integrating 3D Text into Images with Photoshop

This is a technique you’ll have seen in countless films and TV shows, from Lost to Zombieland: the title text appears as 3D lettering, integrated into the video. To do this with moving images requires

Confusing Type Terms, Part 2

Within the world of typography, there are a variety of terms that are either confused with each other, or just totally misunderstood. In Part 2 of this series (Part 1 is here), I will explain five

Changing the Apron Color in Photoshop

I know what you’re thinking. What the heck is the “apron” in Photoshop? I’ll tell you, but you must understand that knowing this term officially makes you a Level-9 Photoshop Alpha Geek—or at least it

Making a Font Catalog

Back in the day, I was once tasked with creating a font catalog for the publisher that I worked for. It was one of those “busy work” type of jobs that we filled the time with in between projects (when

The Power of the Gradient Tools in Lightroom

Most of the editing tools in Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC apply to an entire image, not selective portions of it. Sometimes, though, you want more control, such as adding drama to a flat sky

Turning an Image to Pure Black and White in Photoshop

Turning images to black and white gives them a stark, urban feel that can look great in reports and magazines. It also has the advantage of unifying images drawn from a wide range of sources, so they

Marcel’s Letters: A Font and the Search for One Man’s Fate

Marcel is more than just a beautiful script typeface. It is the product of a fantastic journey undertaken by designer and typography geek Carolyn Porter to learn the fate of Marcel Heuzé, a Frenchman

Dehazing an Image in Photoshop

Photoshop’s Camera Raw filter now includes a Haze control, which allows you to rescue images beset by fog and atmosphere. But it’s not enough to simply boost the Haze filter on its own; to make the

Using the Select Subject Feature in Photoshop

Any experienced Photoshop artist knows that most of the grunt work involved in composting images lies in creating cutouts of the components you want to use. For years the only solution was

Photoshop New Features Guide Updated for CC 2018

The Photoshop New Features Guide by James Wamser is a unique and valuable resource for Photoshop aficionados. This free guide describes every feature that has been added to (or removed from) Photoshop

Free Tropical Fonts and Beach-Inspired Graphics

Why do I mention tropical, beach-inspired assets in winter? I’d like to say I’m planning ahead for all of my projects for the early summer. I’d like to, but I’d be lying. Mostly I’m daydreaming about

Create a Custom Toolbar in Illustrator

As someone who uses InDesign more than any other application, I am envious of Illustrator users from time to time, for some cool features that I wish would make their way into InDesign some day. For

TypeTalk: Hung Punctuation & Optical Margin Alignment

To hang or not to hang – punctuation, that is. The term hanging punctuation might not be familiar to some, as the related terminology in digital typesetting is optical margin alignment. They are

Creating Rounded Text in Illustrator

Rounded text is great for adding a soft, human look to text, and is a good solution if you want to create a logo for, say, a child’s toy or a chocolate bar. It’s also ideal for making neon-effect

Introducing Click: The Presentation Design Conference

If you’re like most designers or layout artists, the last thing you want to hear is, “We need you to do this in PowerPoint” — because even the best designers can end up with a slide deck that looks

Setting Readable Reversed Type

Setting type in reverse (white or light-colored type on a dark background), is a design technique frequently used to help to establish hierarchy, create emphasis, or just to create a striking,

Lightroom CC for Designers

If you’re a designer, you’d be forgiven if you responded to Adobe’s announcement of the new Lightroom CC desktop application with a shrug. Maybe photo processing happens upstream from you, or perhaps

Glyph Positioning and Baseline Shift

If you are a creative professional who is a stickler for typographic details, or a design student or novice wanting to get an edge over your competition, this article is for you! Glyph positioning is

Changing Image Focus with Photoshop CC 2018

Dual-camera iPhones like the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X have the ability to shoot “portrait” images in which the background is blurred, to create a bokeh effect. Now, with

Understanding the Difference Between RGB and CMYK

Many people are confused about the difference between working in RGB and CMYK, so here’s a handy guide that explains how the two systems work. Working in CMYK is like painting on paper. You start with