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Designing Business Cards, Part 3

This article is the second in a series in which I’ll use business cards to show how features in photographs can cue design decisions that more powerfully combine image with text. Don’t miss part 1 and

Compositing a Scene into a Head in Photoshop

However much you may toy with people’s expressions using the Liquify filter, it can be hard to express visually what someone’s thinking about. So here’s a different approach: depict their thoughts

Designing Business Cards, Part 2

This article is the second in a series in which I’ll use business cards to show how features in photographs can cue design decisions that more powerfully combine image with text. Don’t miss part 1.

Children’s Books by Well-known Designers

Graphic design can be a serious business. But sometimes a creative professional will break from their usual kind of work and have some fun with children’s books. Below you will find a collection of

Using Lightroom Profiles

The latest updates to Lightroom CC (1.3), Lightroom Classic CC (7.3), and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR, 10.3) add profiles, an updated way to define colors in your photos. Profiles resemble presets in that

Adobe Empowers Educators with New Creative Cloud Offering for K-12

Press Release A new offer on Creative Cloud exclusively for K-12 schools and districts underscores Adobe’s commitment to providing students and teachers with the world’s leading digital creative tools

Designing Business Cards, Part 1

Designing with photos effectively goes far beyond choosing a nice image. Every photo presents unique features, which translate to unique opportunities for integration with text and other graphics.

Photoshop Easter Eggs

Adobe’s creative apps have a long history of including little Easter Eggs to put a nerdy smile on users’ faces. InDesign had its friendly alien, silly stroke styles, and butterfly game; Illustrator

Legibility and Readability: What’s the Difference?

There are some terms in typography that are frequently confused with others because they are related in meaning – but still different. Legibility and readability are two of them. These terms are

Ten Great New Typekit Fonts

What’s New in Typekit for You And by “you,” I mean, “those of you with a Typekit subscription.” If you have a Creative Cloud subscription, you already have instant access to Typekit’s growing library

Building an Underwater Scene in Photoshop, Part 2

In the previous tutorial, we saw how to assemble all the elements of our underwater scene to make the objects look as if they’re floating, just like in The Shape of Water. Now, we’ll add the finishing

Building an Underwater Scene in Photoshop, Part 1

The Oscar-winning film The Shape of Water opens with a stunning sequence in which an everyday living room is submerged under water, with furniture floating around and, at the end, featuring a woman

The Fashion Fonts of Moshik Nadav

Moshik Nadav holding a ‘g’. If you don’t think an inanimate entity can be sexy, you might change your mind once you set eyes on the work of Moshik Nadav. His fonts Lingerie and Paris are two of the

How to Carve an Apple in Photoshop

Visit a really good Japanese restaurant and you’ll often find the food decorated with vegetables carved into exotic shapes. But you won’t often be served an apple with the countries of the globe

T-Shirt Design and Production: Vinyl Transfers

Let’s talk t-shirts! My name is Sebastian bleak and for over 7 years, I was a Production Manager for the best custom t-shirt shop in Los Angeles. And I’m excited to share what I learned there in a new

What’s the difference between RGB and CMYK printing?

Artists and designers are taught the conventional wisdom that design for digital displays should be in RGB color, and design for print should be in CMYK color. While that’s generally true, there’s a

History and Usage of the Ampersand

One of the most beautiful of symbols in our Latin-based written language is the ampersand. It can be sexy and curvy with sensuous thicks and thins, or a solid and strong single-thickness glyph. The

Photoshop Jigsaw Puzzle Effects

Turning a photograph into a jigsaw needn’t be a puzzling operation. The hardest part is drawing the jigsaw design in Illustrator, but fortunately I’ve done this for you – and you can download the file

Shag, A Retro Font Family with Roots

Josh “Shag” Agle The Shag family of fonts is a fun, nostalgic collection inspired by the work of LA-based illustrator Josh Agle, better known as “Shag” (a contraction of the last two letters of his

Photoshop Pie Crust Effects

You may not be a whiz in the kitchen, but all you need is an understanding of Photoshop and a couple of appropriate photographs to create your own custom pie design. Here, we’ll see how to make a