UKIP in turmoil again after sacking leader Henry Bolton

Britain’s anti-EU party whose rise was the driving force behind the Brexit referendum is looking for its seventh leader in 18 months.

Russia on populists: ‘We want to see Europe strong and stable’

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov denies accusations that Moscow seeks to undermine Europe by supporting anti-establishment parties, in his interview with Euronews.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year

People the world over take to the streets to celebrate the year of the dog.

Iran vows to uphold nuclear deal

To haggle about details after signing 'is ridiculous', says Iran's President, Hassan Rouhani.

Kosovo takes to the streets to celebrate a decade of independence

People of all ages join a procession down Pristina's main shopping street, but Serbians remain unhappy at the anniversary

EU is pushing Serbia towards Ukraine-style crisis, warns Lavrov

Russian foreign minister says EU is forcing Belgrade to chose between Moscow and Brussels.

Diplomatic tensions at day two of Munich Security Conference

Questions are raised about NATO’s role in eastern European relations.

World Food Programme reaches formerly-besieged Deir ez-Zor

The UN’s World Food Programme is delivering much-needed aid to formerly-besieged areas of Syria.

We are not seeking a 'Brexit revenge', Jean-Claude Juncker says

The European Commission president calls for security talks to be separated from future Brexit trade negotiations, while Theresa May wants a new UK_EU security treaty.

Internet Research Agency: Russian 'troll farm' that 'defrauded the US'

The Internet Research Agency is the Russian “troll farm” that allegedly meddled with America’s 2016 presidential election.

Vast natural reserve proposed for oceans off Antarctica

Greenpeace wants to ban fishing in an area five times the size of Germany

Kosovo celebrates ten years of independence

The tiny Balkan nation is planning a host of parties of banquets to mark its separation from Serbia

'I did not hear a single voice after we sank' survivor of capsized boat tells Euronews

Fatih Yasar is the only known survivor of a capsized boat fleeing Turkey.

Trump visits Florida school shooting survivors

The US president praised first responders and police during his visit to Florida but remained silent over gun control measures.

Pyeongchang 2018: Britain celebrates skeleton gold and first ever skiing medal

From women's ski slopestyle to men's figure skating, here is our at-a-glance round-up of the 8th full day of competition at the Winter Olympics.

Violence erupts at anti-fascist rally in Bologna

Protesters gathered to block the planned election campaign appearance of neo-fascist leader Roberto Fiore

A fresh start for South Africa?

Many hope new President Cyril Ramaphosa will represent a break from the past.

Cape Town prepares for ‘Day Zero’

South Africa’s most popular tourist city is running out of water.

Sergey Lavrov on Russian-US relations and the Middle East

Russia's Foreign Minister reveals his thoughts on the Trump administration, Syria, Iran, Turkey, North Korea and more in The Global Conversation

Economic challenges lie ahead for South Africa

New President Cyril Ramaphosa’s in-tray is likely to be full as he prepares to tackle South Africa’s economic problems.