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Germany stays strong by remaining weak on the world stage

One of Angela Merkel's most distinctive character traits has been caution. For years, it served her well and helped her to sideline rivals.

Australia slides further in global corruption index in wake of scandals

Dodgy donations, travel rorts and the influence of industry lobbyists have been blamed for Australia's slide in the latest snapshot of global corruption.

Over 90 Nigerian schoolgirls missing after Boko Haram attack: sources

More than 90 Nigerian schoolgirls are feared missing after Islamist insurgent group Boko Haram attacked a village.

Donald Trump asks: 'Why didn't Obama do something about the meddling?'

Trump said that the meddling occurred while Obama was in office and asked why his predecessor didn't intervene.

Twiggy Forrest's new female chief earns $500,000 less than male predecessor

Pay parity was never a realistic goal for Australia's latest female CEO

Syria's Ghouta residents 'wait to die' as more bombs fall

"Bombs were falling everywhere near our house," a local man said as one of the most intense bombardments of the war continued.

'Worrying trends': Gig economy threatens to cost consumers 'quality' services, economist warns

A new report says the gig economy is a bigger threat to jobs than automation in the $80 billion transport industry

'I am not a crisis actor': Florida teens hit back at conspiracy theorists

Some prominent figures in the right-wing media are suggesting that the students are making it all up, or that the children are paid actors or left-wing pawns.

Billy Graham, preacher to millions and adviser to presidents, dies at 99

According to his ministry, he preached to more people than anyone else in history, reaching hundreds of millions either in person or via TV and satellite links.

Complaint had half its pages missing: MP alleges

A Greens MLC says he has been denied procedural fairness after discovering half the pages in a complaint against him were missing.

'This was a first for me': Divers find undetonated World War II bomb in Sydney Harbour

A diver found the unexploded bomb in Jones Bay, Pyrmont, on Wednesday.

'Worrying trends': Gig economy threatens to cost consumers 'quality' services, top economist says

A new report says the gig economy is a bigger threat to jobs than automation in the $80 billion transport industry

Vulgar online posts allegedly linked to top cop

Vulgar online comments allegedly linked to the boss of Victoria Police's Professional Standards Command have been referred to the state's conduct watchdog.

Relax, there's no need to follow Trump on company tax - yet

When US companies got a tax cut, they give a big slice of it back to their shareholders. It’s probably what you would do if you got an income tax cut. You’d spend a little on yourself, and only later

Important email likely to be missed in flood that's about to hit your inbox

There is only one thing worse than not being told about a data breach, and that is being told about a data breach 10 times a day from 10 different service providers for the rest of eternity.

Former education minister blames complacent parents for school results

"A lot of parents get more worked up about sport at school than how their kids are doing at school," the former NSW education minister says.

Dismay over Sydney Children's Hospital psychiatric ward closure

The Sydney Children’s Hospital has closed its psychiatric ward as the number of children seeking treatment for serious mental illness continues to rise.

'Your face will be your passport': Sydney Airport to trial biometrics

Passengers flying overseas will soon be able to walk through the international terminal to their waiting plane almost without showing their passport.

Company behind botched medical exam has track record of failure

The education-testing company behind a bungled exam that left 1200 trainee doctors distraught this week has a well-documented history of stuff-ups.

RSPCA hails 'landmark' decision after man committed 'repugnant' acts with his dog

DISTRESSING CONTENT: A man who filmed himself committing sex acts with his puppy has failed to have his conviction overturned.