Here’s how the subscriber funnel, or whatever you want to call it, works

Last week we introduced several alternatives to the funnel, the concept of turning casual audiences into loyal ones (aka members or subscribers, wh

Four serious questions about Elon Musk's silly credibility score

Media Twitter experienced a bit of a meltdown on Wednesday afternoon as space-and-street entrepreneur Elon Musk mused about setting up a crowdsourc

It’s the law, stupid, and other lessons from the EPA press blackout debacle

Unfair treatment of the press happens a lot in Washington — under Democratic and Republican administrations.

Facebook and Google dominate online ads. Can alliances between news publishers compete?

Digital advertising revenue, dominated by giants like Google and Facebook, is on course to

Partisan trolls are attacking Facebook's latest fact-checking partners

Facebook’s fact-checking tool was rolled out in Brazil last week in partnership with Aos Fatos and Agência Lupa. A flood of accusations of “censorship,” and “extreme-left bias” followed.

Thou shalt not block: Judge lays down law on President Trump

Poynter’s morning media roundup for Wednesday — U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald declared that President Trump violates the First Amendment when he blocks critics on Twitter.

Six small papers joined up to cover the opioid crisis in Long Island

Six news organizations showed up to cover a candlelight vigil in Hampton Bays, New York, earlier this month. They came from three different media companies and included newspapers and weeklies.

Politicians in Europe are still arguing about what fake news is and what to do about it

Actions in the European Union may have a lasting effect on the misinformation ecosystem. This report summarizes press coverage on the topic from or about the EU.

How Donald Trump, George Orwell and J.D. Salinger use bad writing to make themselves look good

Donald Trump, George Orwell, and Holden Caulfield walk into a bar. Stick with me.

Blocking, shoving the latest in rough treatment of journalists

Poynter’s morning media roundup for Wednesday — The EPA’s strong-arming of a reporter and barring of several news organizations is another sign of officials seeking to conduct business under wraps

How the NYT chose 'parenting'

Cooking made sense. Crosswords were easy.

Investigative reporters are getting creative with how they show the paper trail

On TV, in print and online, journalists are finding ways to creatively show the documents and allow readers to interact with the parts of the document that interest them the most.

As my dreams changed, my goal to tell stories that move people always remained

NPR TV critic Eric Deggans: I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t want to tell stories that moved people.

It's a ‘new day’ for a journalist who was detained by ICE

Poynter’s morning media roundup for Tuesday — Facing death threats in Mexico, will detained journalist Emilio Gutiérrez-Soto be freed from U.S. detention?

This tool transforms print pages into social and mobile-ready stories

A major update is coming to one of the biggest news publishing websites.

The 'hire a crowd' business operates openly and makes journalism even more difficult

The last thing I want to do with this article is to give oxygen to conspiracy nuts and hoaxsters who claim mass shootings and terrorist attacks are the work of crisis actors and "fake flag"

With little sleep, low pay and high pressure, careers in journalism and medicine start the same

Fifteen years ago this month, I started my residency. No, not my medical residency. That would come later. This was a residency in journalism.

Pulitzer Prize board confronts its own #MeToo crisis

As was widely expected, the Pulitzer Prize Board gave its top honor,

First comes the school shooting. Then they update their data.

“The job I hate most, once again adding another grim update to our mass shootings database.”

The Houston Chronicle has a disaster team ready to hit the road. Today, they stayed in Houston.

After five police officers were killed at a protest in Dallas in 2016, the Ho