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How National Geographic reported the stunning 'Story of a Face'

Startling visuals. A compelling story. The team behind this National Geographic cover story says their two-year commitment is nothing compared to the family's ordeal.

What are your ideas for helping local news?

How do you solve a bunch of big problems? Maybe it’s time to look at small solutions.

Merger of 2 public radio ‘outsiders’ has something for both

Decades ago, NPR passed on pitches for “A Prairie Home Companion,” “This American Life” and “Marketplace.” A Minnesota-based company, PRI

Front pages around the world pay tribute to Aretha Franklin: 'Farewell to our Queen'

The queen of soul reigned over front pages around the world on Friday, one day after her death.

The Senate embraces the press; some readers do, too. Trump, not so much.

The Senate condemns hate-mongering toward the press; broadcast outlets amplify editorials; Trump tweets ‘collusion’; rest in peace, Aret

What we learned about media literacy by teaching high school students fact-checking

Everyone is affected by misinformation, and teenagers want to be involved in fixing it.

Fake academic journals are publishing work from real researchers alongside junk science

Academia is the last bastion of unadulterated truth, right? Wrong.

America, help! The freedom of the nation depends on you, hundreds of news outlets write

Here are excerpts from a nationwide drive of news editorials to promote a free press and reject President Donald Trump’s drive to scapego

What I learned about writing from listening to Aretha Franklin

Because of Aretha — and her producers — the word respect is one that no man should ever forget how to spell.

Americans don't think the platforms are doing enough to fight fake news

Seventy-nine percent of respondents also think tech companies should be regulated like other media organizations.

White supremacist interview latest toughie for NPR's public editor

Representing the audience, united on a desire for better journalism

200+ newspapers will write pro-journalism editorials. Will they also listen?

Right off the top, let me say that I wish the president would knock it off with the fake news is the "enemy of the people" nonsense.

The biggest tech story of our times is the way tech is changing our brains

PENCIL ME IN: The hot technology story right now is the way social media influenced the last U.S. election.

Love brought him, a nation fascinated him: A lively Iran, from NYT's Tehran reporter

“Once upon a time, on a dusty road, I met a girl. It was in one of the most isolated countries in the world.

Is PolitiFact biased? This content analysis says no

"Our analyses were not able to detect any systematic differences in the treatment of Democrats and Republicans."

Hoping for peace, preparing for worst in Charlottesville ahead of anniversary

Virginia is on alert, newsrooms gearing up on anniversary of race clash Not again.