In Nevada, a local fact-checking project pays homage to Abe Lincoln

Nevada became the 36th U.S. state under Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. Now, one fact-checker is using him to measure truth.

'No Stars' podcast: This week, we talk with a critic of experimental music

If you're not familiar with Geeta Dayal's byline, it's likely you're reading too much about pop music.

Can behavioral science help make stories and reporting more complete?

What can journalists learn from public interest communications?

Journalism is going to keep changing. Learn when to change, too

As U.S. senators turn their eyes to Facebook, the favorite social network for Russians seeking to disrupt American democracy, it’s hard not to reflect on how fast things have changed.

Morning Mediawire: School shooting, Russian inquiry continue to dominate the news

Friday ended with a frenzy of news: New details in the Parkland school shooting, another alleged payout to a woman who said she had an affair with

The next platform you should be thinking about? Calendar apps.

In his book "The Power of Habit," Charles Duhigg writes about a t

With a nudge from big foundations, donations to non-profit news sites soar

The non-profit news sector has been a favorite of foundation journalism philanthropy for more than a decade.

Podcast to broadcast: This week, it’s ‘The Daily’ and 2 new hosts of NPR’s stalwart shows

Ailsa Chang clerked for a federal judge and practiced law long before becoming an award-winning investigative journalist and spending a decade as a

Morning Mediawire: Malicious tweets, heartbreaking texts and more from the school shooting

This morning we're catching you up on some of the developments in the Florida school shooting, but be sure to scroll down for a link to what's sure

Guest column: The diversity gap in education reporting must close

The Education Writers Association’s State of the Beat report found di

Imposter tweets made it even harder for a reporter to cover Florida school shooting

It wasn’t long after news broke of a mass shooting at a South Florida high school when the hoaxes started.

Best practices for reporting through social media during a mass shooting

With each new mass shooting or terrorist attack, the norms of reporting and publishing information about them seem to shift in dramatic ways.

The Week in Fact-Checking: The 'architects' behind fake news campaigns

The Week in Fact-Checking is a newsletter about fact-checking and accountability journalism, from Poynter's

The other massacre on Valentine's Day that changed gun laws

The St. Valentine's Day Massacre in Chicago during the height of Prohibition in 1929 touched off a gun control battle that rages a hundred years later. That shooting, which involved half as many as

Morning Mediawire: As Florida shooting unfolded, students provided much of the information

As Wednesday’s horrific mass shooting unfolded at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, media outlets and social media erupted

For one-time NPR and NYT digital chief, a new adventure: WordPress

When Kinsey Wilson was leading digital transformation at USA Today 15 years ago, WordPress