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Trumping Trump: The Truth About German Crime Statistics

U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that the German crime rate had risen by 10 percent because of refugees in the country. He's wrong. We took a closer look at just how wrong.

Trump's Attacks on Germany: The Enemy in the White House

Trump's latest lies are an open attack on the German government and the European Union. This U.S. president was never a partner. He is an aggressive opponent and should be treated as such.

Migration Headache: Inside the Coalition Battle That Could Topple Merkel

With elections approaching in Bavaria, Angela Merkel's rival Horst Seehofer is seeking to pressure the chancellor into reversing her stance on migration. The conflict could fracture the coalition in

Europe's Sputtering Motor: France and Germany Far Apart on EU Reform

The cabinets of Germany and France are set to meet on Tuesday, but the two countries remain far apart when it comes to eurozone reform. Paris is disappointed with Germany's response to Emmanuel

A Princess, a Poisoning and an Oil Fortune: The Bizarre Corruption Scandal at Bilfinger

Bilfinger, one of Germany's best-known construction firms, pledged to clean up its global business practices as it pivoted to the oil sector. But when an investigator began digging into one of the

French Finance Minister: 'Good News that Merkel Has Now Reacted'

In an interview with DER SPIEGEL, French Finance Minister Bruno La Maire, 49, demands that eurozone reform be pushed forward quickly. Otherwise, he fears, Europe won't be able to stand up to U.S.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai: 'We Failed Miserably'

In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai discusses the failure of the U.S. intervention in Afghanistan, the future of the war and why he would be willing to work with

Rise of the Autocrats: Liberal Democracy Is Under Attack

Autocratic leaders and wannabes, from Putin to Trump, are making political inroads around the world. In recent years, Western liberal democracy has failed to live up to some of its core promises,

Economic Trumpism: U.S. President Makes Life Tough for German Companies

Seldom has an American president exploited the country's economic power to the degree the Trump administration has. Washington appears to be attacking German companies at every opportunity. By DER

The G-7 Fiasco: It's Time to Isolate Donald Trump

The G-7 summit once again made it clear that U.S. President Donald Trump is intent on treating America's allies worse than its enemies. Europe must draw the consequences and seek to isolate Trump on

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz: 'Germany Has a Special Responsibility'

In a DER SPIEGEL interview, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, 59, says its time for a Europe-wide unemployment insurance system and to resuscitate the financial transaction tax. Italy, he says,

Trapped in the Past: Increasing Headwinds for Angela Merkel

Just a few months ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was being described as the new leader of the free world. But recently she has been having trouble getting her way even in Berlin and Europe. Her

International Arrest Warrant: Germany Takes Aim at Assad's Torture Boss

DER SPIEGEL has learned that Germany's chief federal prosecutor has issued an international arrest warrant for one of the Syrian regime's top intelligence officials. He is suspected of being

A Vicious Cycle: Berlin Worried about Losing Trump's Trade War

The U.S. has followed through with its threat to impose punitive tariffs on European steel and aluminum and the signs are pointing to a global trade war. The German government is doing what it can to

Fixing the Euro: The Time to Act Is Now

Italy can only manage its current crisis with German help. And Germany needs Italy to keep Europe stable. While there is no simple solution, a new form of assistance could help.

Apocalypse Angie: Merkel's Dark View of the World We Live In

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is watching with deep concern as the pillars of the postwar international order collapse. But what is she doing about it?

Hobby Detectives: Army of Investigators Has Trump in Its Sights

Americans have been riveted in recent months to every new detail coming out of the ongoing investigation into possible collusion by the Trump campaign. An army of amateur investigators has managed to

Crisis Redux: Italy Sends a Jolt Through Europe

Euro-skeptic Italian populists are posing a serious threat to the European Union. Following the drama over Greece and Brexit, the political situation in Rome could throw Europe into its next major

'There Was No Crash': Flight Investigator Claims Murder-Suicide on MH370

Canadian accident investigator Larry Vance claims to have solved the mystery of the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. In an interview, he explains why he believes the plane's captain

ECB Vice President Constâncio: 'Italy Knows the Rules'

In an interview, outgoing European Central Bank Vice President Vítor Constâncio issues a timely reminder that ECB assistance is tied to conditions, but insists the eurozone is in good shape despite