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Far-Right Populism: How the Alternative for Germany Has Transformed the Country

Founded only five years ago, the Alternative for Germany has grown from a marginal party to a game-changer in federal and state politics -- and become ever more radical. Is it a testament to the

Countdown to Brexit: No Deal Might Be the Worst Deal of All

With just 200 days left to go until Brexit, a failure to secure a negotiated deal is looking increasingly possible. That would be disastrous for the European Union, but even worse for the British.

Interview with Iranian Foreign Minister: 'The Nuclear Agreement Is Not a Love Affair'

The nuclear deal with Iran is limping on even after the United States' withdrawal. DER SPIEGEL spoke with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif about the agreement, what Europe's options are

Retaliation for Potential Syrian Chemical Attack: Germany Faces New Pressure to Take Military Role

Under pressure from the United States, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her defense minister have signaled an increased willingness to take military action against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Fueling the Populists: Why Did EU Commission Chief Go Silent in Border Dispute?

The president of the European Commission is ignoring his own legal staff's advice to issue a position statement in the long-simmering border dispute between Croatia and Slovenia. Has he gone quiet to

The Fog of Disinformation: German Security Chief a Thorn in Merkel's Side

The president of Germany's domestic intelligence agency cast doubt on whether foreigners were attacked by right-wing extremists in Chemnitz recently. And now he has become a significant problem for

Orwellian Nightmare: A German Couple Winds Up on U.S. No-Fly List

When Europeans land on the U.S. No-Fly List, they have almost no chance to challenge it, as a German couple from Stuttgart recently found out the hard way. Their case casts light on an Orwellian lack

Mega Railway Expansion: Berlin Courts Prestige Project with Turkey Amid Tensions

In secret talks, the German government is seeking to push forward a massive project to modernize Turkey's railways. Berlin may help finance the multibillion-euro project, but faces criticism for

Fifty-Six Days of Separation: The Scars Left Behind by U.S. Migration Policy

A mother and her six-year-old son fled to Texas from the violence in their homeland of Honduras. When they arrived, young Samir was ripped out of his mother's arms. Two months later, they found each

Olympic Cyclist Kristina Vogel on the Aftermath of Her Terrible Accident: 'I'm Sorry. I Don't Usually Cry'

A terrible accident two months ago left Olympic sprint cycling champion Kristina Vogel, 27, paralyzed. In an interview with DER SPIEGEL, she speaks for the first time about what happened and the

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz: 'Why Does Everything I Do Get So Overblown?'

In a DER SPIEGEL interview, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, 32, talks about his goals as holder of the rotating European Council presidency, the fight against illegal immigration and his

The Final Battle?: All Eyes Turn to Idlib in Syrian War

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has his eyes on recapturing Idlib, the last rebel stronghold in Syria. But Russia may have other uses for the province. And Turkey and Iran have a say as well.

The Hate Network: Atomwaffen Division

Atomwaffen Division is a militant neo-Nazi group in the U.S. Who is behind it?

A Matter of Survival: How to Humanely Solve Europe's Migration Crisis

Few topics have been as divisive in Europe as the question of what to do with the flood of migrants arriving on the shores of the Mediterranean. But a moral solution is possible. DER SPIEGEL spoke

Interview with Poland's Foreign Minister: 'Our Losses Were Much Bigger'

Poland is currently regarded as the EU's problem child. The country's national-conservative government refuses to deal with the refugee issue and it continues to undermine the rule of law. In an

The Good Republican: Roger Cohen on the Death of John McCain

In an essay, American journalist Roger Cohen reminds us why, even after death, U.S. Senator McCain remains a powerful antidote to President Donald Trump.

Interview with Wolfgang Ischinger: 'We Are Experiencing an Epochal Shift'

In a DER SPIEGEL interview, former German Ambassador to Washington Wolfgang Ischinger says that U.S. President Donald Trump is endangering the world order. For Germany, the epochal shift amounts to no

Interview with Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland: 'The Claim by Trump Is Absurd'

U.S. President Donald Trump has recently been unsparing in his words about Canada. But Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland says that even if "liberal democracies around the world are under attack," her

Return of the Ugly German?: The Riots in Chemnitz and Their Aftermath

In Chemnitz, refugees find themselves under threat by neo-Nazis and hooligans. Politicians have pledged to take a hard line against right-wing extremist violence, but they look helpless nonetheless.

Who Are We?: Examining the State of German Identity

Integration and immigration are extremely controversial issues in the Germany of today. What do they say about the state of German identity? A handful of new books add fuel to the already blazing