Considered Design Awards 2018: Submit Entries Starting on June 1

The Gardenista Considered Design Awards are back—and we’re inviting all readers, professional designers and amateur gardeners alike, to submit your best efforts to this year’s contest. The awards are

10 Easy Pieces: Cable Railing Kits

Cable railings, also known as tension wire railings, are useful to install on balconies, decks, and stairways where you don’t want to block a view. Instead of bulky spindles or pickets, cable railings

Chelsea Flower Show 2018: A Glorious Circus

For showing, if not growing, the Chelsea Flower Show in London is the pinnacle of the garden year. To join the happy throng this week or mingle with unexpected celebrities on Press Day is to give

Gardening 101: Pothos

Pothos, Epipremnum aureum: “Devil’s Ivy” Despite being a garden designer and certified plant enthusiast (read: borderline obsessed), I don’t grow many indoor plants. Most people think my interior

Object of Desire: Curly Tillandsia Houseplant

Here’s an air plant with such curly leaves that its nickname is “Shirley Temple.” Tillandsia streptophylla, you’re irresistible. Native to warm climates in the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico,

Crazy Quilt Garden: A Revolutionary Way to Create a Tapestry of Color

My mother’s grandmother, Nettie Bailey of Dividing Creek, New Jersey, died when I was a very young child. My memories of her are sketchy and few. They mainly consist of a few vague images of a visit

The Cult of the Courtyard: 10 Backyard Ideas for Small Spaces

Courtyard gardens, enclosed on all sides by walls or fences, can transform a cramped space into an oasis. They preserve privacy while welcoming sunlight. They make even the smallest home feel larger.

Indoor Plants: 11 Ways to Help Houseplants this Month

This month your houseplants may not be getting as much attention as they did in winter. Nothing personal, but if the weather’s sunny and the garden’s in bloom in May, why focus on indoor plants? Well,

DIY: How to Clean and Care for Garden Pruners

Like most things in your garden, tools need a little loving care to keep them happy. Here are a few easy tips for cleaning and caring for your pruners. Photography by Erin Boyle for Gardenista. For a

Current Obsessions: Royal Wedding

First things first: Consider this your guide to all things floral and edible at the royal wedding (plus, more to do and read this weekend). Read on. First, a primer on the pertinent details for this

Trending on Remodelista: 5 Interior Design Ideas to Steal from California

This week the Remodelista editors traveled west in search of new interior design ideas. Here are five they found in California. Moroccan Tiles The bathroom floors are designed with from Imports from

Royal Wedding Bridal Bouquet: It’s Myrtle’s Moment

Meghan Markle’s bridal bouquet likely will include an unassuming white myrtle flower clipped from a shrub which has been a member of the royal family since Queen Victoria’s reign. At British royal

Chelsea Flower Show: What to Watch on TV (Beyond the Royal Wedding)

Hot on the heels of tomorrow’s royal wedding, the Chelsea Flower Show should see British bonhomie soaring, especially if the weather holds. Television coverage starts on Sunday on the British

Boxwood Topiaries: 6 Tips for Trimming Shrubs from Niwaki’s Jake Hobson

In the topiary world, Jake Hobson is a bit of a rock star. The Dorset, England–based topiarist originally studied at the Slade—London’s premier art school—before a trip to Japan in 1997 that set him

10 Easy Pieces: Midcentury Modern Cylinder Planters

The iconic midcentury modern cylinder planter is having a moment. The originals, introduced in the 1950s by Los Angeles–based Architectural Pottery, have spawned a new generation of graceful, simple

Royal Wedding Cake: Floral Flavors from an American Baker, at Violet Cakes

Here’s what we know so far about the royal wedding cake that Claire Ptak, California native and proprietor of Violet Cakes in London, is baking to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan

Just Add Flowers: A Gin Maker at the Chelsea Flower Show

It is no longer possible to order a simple gin and tonic in a country pub in Northamptonshire, England. Instead, the bartender demands more detail; there are decisions to be made. Are you looking for

Everything You Need to Know About Grass Block Pavers

Joni Mitchell wasn’t kidding when she said you could wreck paradise with a parking lot. You can damage it with a driveway, too, especially the typical asphalt or concrete ones. Or you can keep the

How to Repot an Orchid (Without Killing It)

Congratulations, orchid lover! You’re one of an elite few who have managed to find the right balance of water, sunlight, date nights, and long walks on the beach to have a healthy relationship with

Nasami Farms: A New England Mecca for Native Plant Lovers

My first sojourn to Garden in the Woods was enough to convert me. (See Walk on the Wild Side: A New England Woodland Garden.) Ever since that visit to the New England Wild Flower Society‘s native