Kalanchoe: Rethinking a Kitschy Houseplant

Kalanchoe is a common sight at garden centers. With its bright red, yellow, or orange flowers, the blooming succulent is sold as a small greenhouse plant. So I was surprised to see the other day at my

Letter from California: Lotusland Survives Fire and Fury in Montecito

When , a new book of garden photography by our contributor Claire Takacs, arrived this month, one of the gardens featured—the entrancing and somewhat mystical Lotusland on the coast of

Gardening 101: Palms

Palms, Arecaceae: “Palm Family” The palm tree: With its tall, slightly curving trunk festooned with a topknot of bright green fronds, it is a ubiquitous and iconic image that calls to mind

7 Fragrant Favorites: Winter-Flowering Scented Shrubs

On one of the somewhat rare sunny winter days here in England, I noticed a discernibly different smell in the air. What was it, I wondered as I ventured out the other day, almost blinded by the

7 Secrets: How to Save a Dying Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree

I suppose it is a good thing that houseplants don’t have hands because it means they can’t type. Otherwise my fiddle-leaf fig tree would be writing a post for its blog right now, begging for help:

Current Obsessions: Into the Tropics

We’re turning our attention from Europe (Paris, softly hued arrangements) to the tropics. Here’s what we’re noting, from an exhibit on botanicals to an upcoming talk on creating a cutting garden. Want

Expert Advice: 8 Best Garden Roses for Cutting, from a Boutique Grower

What makes a garden rose a good cutting rose? Is it simply a long life span in a vase, or should the plant’s growth habit, its posture and poise, be considered too? Or is a good rose to arrange simply

Trending on Remodelista: European Romance, 5 Ways

The Remodelista editors celebrated Valentine’s Day by embracing romantic European design gestures. Here are five of their favorite ideas. Ceramic Trays After identifying the ceramic tray as one of

Twiggy: 7 Favorite Shrubs with Winter Blooms and Berries

With their delicate blossoms and brilliantly colored berries, the twigs of winter deserve applause. Branches look like floral arrangements in the garden (and can also be brought indoors). On a recent

10 Garden Ideas to Steal from the Dutch Masters

On my recent visit to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., the crowds were there to see Johannes Vermeer. I struggled to see each work in the exhibit, including A Lady Writing, one of my

5 Favorites: Scented Sweet Box for Winter Perfume

Even if it wasn’t just about the only thing around at this time of year that offers top-flight perfume, as well as elegant looks, Sarcococca would deserve to be grown more. Added to its sensory appeal

Everything You Need to Know About Bulbs and Tubers

Without bulbs and tubers there would be no springtime. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, squill, snowdrops, and muscari are waking up beneath the crusty grim earth as I type, preparing to break

African Violets: Rethinking ‘America’s Favorite House Plant’ for Modern Times

The African violets discovered in Africa in 1892 by a colonial plantation owner named Baron Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire had clusters of velvety blue flowers. So did all the plants grown from the

Object of Desire: Basket Weave Concrete Plant Pots

I have no trouble falling in love with plants—I bring so many home, like strays, that my family had to put a cap on it: five a month. But pots and planters are a different story; it’s much harder to

Before & After: An Airy Gravel Garden for a Midcentury British House in West Dorset

When Vanessa Barlow and Jethro Marshall bought their midcentury house in the British coastal town of West Dorset 11 years ago, the existing large lawn (which was surrounded by mature trees, shrubs,

8 Houseplant Ideas to Steal from a Grand Parisian Escalier

One day last summer photographer Mimi Giboin just happened to be in Paris at the right time to capture our friend Tom de Fleurs‘s tiny courtyard garden, looking its summer best, on Rue Bichat. At the

Gardening 101: Sweet Box

Sweet Box, Sarcococca confusa: “In good odor” Sweet box is a modest shrub, with small flowers and narrow evergreen leaves. It’s the scent that gets people talking, while attracting early bees. And

10 Easy Pieces: Greenhouse Staging Tables

Greenhouse staging is the perfect phrase to describe the long tables where seedlings sit in starter trays to mature before heading outdoors to be transplanted into the garden in spring. The term hails

Flower Arrangements 101: A Crash Course for Easy and Elegant Florals

Like many people, I want cut flowers to grace my home at all times, and in most instances, a simple jar of in-season blooms feels like enough. But sometimes—be it a birthday, holiday, or with

February To-Do: 10 Flowers and Ferns to Preorder Now

February doesn’t need to be the low point of the gardening year. A safe way out of darker days and enforced inactivity is planning and reflection: Now is the time to go through seed and bulb catalogs