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10 Easy Pieces: Plastic Rugs from Sweden

The appeal of anything plastic is that you can keep it clean by hosing it down with water. The Swedes were onto this idea back in the 1970s when colorful plastic PVC ribbons were paired with

A Moveable Garden: Saying Goodbye to a Brooklyn Backyard

Our 1,000-square-foot backyard garden in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Carroll Gardens is now in its third summer. But by the end of September we must move, and I must decide what plants come with us

Best Amateur Garden 2018: Floral Serendipity in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana by Kielian DeWitt

The winner of the 2018 Gardenista Considered Design Awards Best Amateur Garden is Kielian DeWitt for her project Floral Serendipity in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. The project was chosen as a

The Bostonians: A Modern Agrarian Landscape in New England

When the owners of a working farm just outside of Boston wanted to build a new residence, they could think of no better location than a wooded hillside overlooking their own fields. The owners turned

Gardening 101: Gaura

Gaura, G. lindheimeri: “Dancing Ballerinas” Thank goodness that gaura, a once-obscure Texas roadside wildflower, was “discovered” in the 1980s and became widely bred for the garden. These days I

Gardening 101: Fuchsia

Fuchsia, Fuchsia: “Lady’s Eardrops” Two years ago when I traveled to the west coast of Ireland in August, I expected to see plenty of velvety green vistas. What I didn’t anticipate on the Emerald Isle

Current Obsessions: City Escape

The summer isn’t over yet: There’s plenty of time for day trips, quick jaunts, and weekend getaways. This and more, on our radar. A reason to stay up late tonight. And: We’re fans of the Dark Sky

Trending on Remodelista: 5 Summery Design Ideas to Steal

The Remodelista editors discovered this week that style doesn’t take a vacation in August. See five of their favorite interior design ideas to steal. Twin Doorways See more takeaways in this week’s

Houseplants 101: How to Propagate Plants

As a garden designer who also loves making homemade gifts, I often propagate my houseplants. Giving away or swapping the plant babies is a rewarding project—and if you take up the same hobby, you can

Best Curb Appeal 2018: Urban Oasis Landscape Design’s Vibrant Mediterranean Front Yard

The winner of the 2018 Gardenista Considered Design Awards Best Curb Appeal project is Urban Oasis Landscape Design for their Vibrant Mediterranean Front Yard landscape in Los Angeles. The project was

How to Garden Like a Frenchwoman: 10 Ideas to Steal from a Paris Balcony

Making elegance look effortless, actress and script writer Diane Valsonne transformed a narrow Parisian balcony into a chic garden. When we dropped in on her in the 10th Arrondisement the other day,

Expert Advice: Three No-Fail Palettes for Instant Curb Appeal

A few months ago, over on Remodelista, the editors praised the power of paint for its ability to instantly reframe an interior space without committing to a full remodel. To prove their point,

Vice Media’s Rooftop: A Brooklyn Meadow Garden with Panoramic Views

If you have a 20,000-square-foot Brooklyn rooftop with selfie-worthy views of the Manhattan skyline, you should plant a pollinator-friendly meadow garden up there right away. That’s what the team at

10 Easy Pieces: Miniatures for Fairy Gardens

Fairy garden designs are limited only by imagination. To get you started, we’ve rounded up a few favorite furnishings and supplies made of natural materials. For inspiration, see 12 Design Ideas to

12 Ideas to Steal from Fairy Gardens

If fairy gardens are magic—and make no mistake, they are—it is in large part because miniature worlds can be so easily chaperoned. A tiny universe can be controlled from above, with twig cottages laid

Announcing the Winners of the 2018 Gardenista Considered Design Awards

We’re thrilled with the results of our fifth Gardenista Considered Design Awards contest and want to extend a huge thanks to everyone who entered and voted. Stay tuned; over the coming weeks, we’ll

Tiny Bouquets: 8 Ideas for Floral Arrangements in Miniature Vases

A miniature vase can have maximum impact. Read on for New York City–based events designer David Stark’s eight top tips for creating tiny bouquets that make a big impression. Photography by Corrie Beth

10 Garden Ideas to Steal from Provence

For most of us, Provence is a dreamy holiday location. But for gardeners in any arid climate that mimics the dry earth and sun-baked summers of the South of France, the region’s landscapes are a rich

Edible Gardens: Black Raspberries, America’s Lost Fruit

My first encounter with black raspberries—native to eastern North America—was at farmers’ market in Sante Fe one summer, years ago. I was stopped in my tracks by blue boxes filled with unfamiliar and

Current Obsessions: The Far Reaches

On our agendas: an upcoming book signing, a guided plant hike, and a UK plant swap. Read on. Catch us next Sunday, August 12 in New York City, at Shoppe Object, a new, curated trade show by the