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Object of Desire: A Vase with a Famous Face

Opera singer Lina Cavalieri had a face that haunted Italian artist Piero Fornasetti, prompting him to put it on more than 500 of his designs. You can see her looking back at you from wallpaper,

Dressed to Kill: 7 Haunted Houseplants for Halloween

First, a disclaimer. No houseplants were harmed in the creation of this post. Well, at least not fatally. But we did force them to dress in creepy costumes for Halloween, despite knowing they’d rather

Current Obsessions: The Londoners

Gardens take a darker turn as we head into our All Hallows’ Eve week. Here are 13 things to know about this weekend: Just in time for Halloween: IVs for dehydrated houseplants. On our reading list:

Trending on Remodelista: The English Influence

Classic roll-arm sofa, check. Proper bedside reading light, check. A new, soothing shade of paint from Farrow & Ball on the walls, check. The Remodelista editors embraced English influences in

Garden Visit: Conjuring Old World Grandeur for a Modern Family in New England

In a historic neighborhood just southwest of Boston, the grounds of a Mediterranean-style estate had much to recommend them. A sweeping lawn, mature specimen trees, a quiet reflecting pool, and a

10 Easy Pieces: Garden Shears

Garden shears are an essential tool. Whether you’re shaping a boxwood ball into an ethereal cloud or simply trying to tame the blades of grass alongside a driveway, a sharp pair of long blades is the

Your First Garden: What You Need to Do in Fall for a Lush Lawn in Spring

Our town is what many would call quaint. With a population of around 25,000, it’s not small, but it still manages to have a small-town feel. When a Starbucks moved into our village center last year,

Steal This Look: A Big Green Egg, at Home in an English Garden

For an object lesson on how to create a charming first garden on a tight budget, we take you to a small backyard in London’s Crofton Park neighborhood. There food writer Mina Holland and musician

Object of Desire: Metal Planter Stands

Move the garden indoors this winter, with terra cotta planters on metal stands. “Sometimes in life, the simple things are best,” notes retailer Rockett St George. The trio of planters will show off to

10 Easy Pieces: Faucets for Outdoor Sinks

An outdoor faucet needs to be durable. It must stand up to direct sun, dry weather, wet weather, and snow—year after year. So it should be made of solid metal, something non-corrosive like stainless

Lost in Time: A London Courtyard Garden on a Camera-Ready Historic Street

You would not know from walking down Roupell Street that this quaint London lane on the southern side of the Thames River was marshland in the 18th century. Lined with two-story row houses built in

Object of Desire: Victorian Glass Garden Cloches

Glass garden cloches are tiny portable greenhouses you can plop atop any plant that may need extra warmth to weather the coming winter. Popular in England since the Victorian era, metal-framed garden

10 Garden Ideas to Steal from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at Home

Amid rumors that Prince Harry and Megan Markle are about to move into a 21-room apartment at Kensington Palace, the royal couple may be on the verge of trading a walled garden at Nottingham Cottage

Current Obsessions: In the Orchard

It’s an ideal weekend to visit an orchard. Plus, check out our new guide to garden sheds and these 11 other things to know about in mid October. Breaking news: the long-awaited book from Terrain is

Trending on Remodelista: Kitchens 101

This week the Remodelista editors explored trends in kitchen design (and collected tips for getting their own kitchens in order ahead of the holiday entertaining season). Here are five ideas to steal:

October To-Do: Plant Dwarf Iris, for Early Spring Flowers

In the dead of winter is there anything more uplifting and satisfying than the sight of the first spring bulbs poking up through the lawn or in a few pots? If you add the delicate dwarf Iris

Object of Desire: How to Feed Hungry Birds, No Birdseed Required

This tweet just in, from the hungry birds in your garden: What’s for dinner? One answer they may not be expecting: apples. We’re admiring a Scandi-designed simple brass hook called the Apple Holder,

The Garden Decoder: What Does It Mean to ‘Naturalize’ Bulbs?

You know how no one ever tells you the messy truth about pregnancy and childbirth? That’s also how I feel about gardening. No one ever explained to me how physically hard it can be or how weeds don’t

Now Trending: 9 Surprising Purple Palettes for a Garden

Purple has presence. It’s the color of courage on a military medal awarded for a soldier’s bravery. It was the color of power, on emperors’ royal robes in ancient Rome. And in the garden? Purple is

10 Easy Pieces: Landscape Edging

Landscape edging is the paintbrush of garden designers—and one of their best-kept secrets. Just think: Where would a Roberto Burle Marx garden be without edging? A buried strip of metal or rubber