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Joy the Baker

Let It Be Sunday, 184!

Hello my friends! I’m not sure I could tell you about my week. It was mostly blurry though I’ve heard talk of eclipses and Mercury retrograde and what I do know is that it has felt like my feet aren’t

Gluten-Free Fried Chicken and fried shoestring onions

I remember the first time I had fried chicken because IT WAS THE FIRST TIME I HAD FRIED CHICKEN. There’s a picture of it somewhere it an old family picture album – six year old Joy with a bucket of

Let It Be Sunday, 183!

Hello dear friends, I’ve been visiting my sister in Seattle this week, and if you’ll forgive me a sentence or two of weather talk – WOW I’ve been almost chilly for the first time in months. It rained.

Everything Fried Pickles with buttermilk ranch dip

On the short list of life skills I’m willing to boast about are these: my ability to watch any and every Liam Neeson and Denzel Washington movie (see: Taken 2 and Man on Fire), my willingness to fight

Let It Be Sunday, 182!

Hello friends, It’s been one of those weeks I’ve been eyeing on the calendar for a few good months thinking… yeeeeks I better not stack anything else into that week or I’m sure to blow a gasket. Low

Cinnamon Harissa Caramel Corn

There are a few things I think of as secret weapons in the kitchen. You know, skills that are pretty simple once we get a few things right and inspire self-confidence in the kitchen. A rich, chewy

Let It Be Sunday, 181!

Hi sweet friends! I’d count this as a good week as there was sweet quality time with girlfriends AND I was in a bathing suit AND I dodged a sunburn. In terms of summer happenings, we can count this

No-Bake Tres Leches Icebox Cake

For the next few months – let’s just call the refrigerator the new oven, and the grill the new stovetop. Really, unless you’re asking me to fry baby pies – I really want nothing to do with the

Let It Be Sunday, 180!

Hi sweet friends. My morning ritual of The Daily Podcast with my phone perched precariously in the one dry spot in my shower has become unsettling in a way that is hard to just have a fine day after.

Cornbread Topped Three Bean Chili

Can we put that in a bowl? A bowl gives me license to settle into my favorite corner of the couch, cross my legs up under each other, cozy back, flip on the television, and lightly judge people who

Let It Be Sunday, 179!

Hello dear friends! I’m grateful that you’re here – I know there are all sorts of other ways you might choose to spend your Sunday morning. Have you felt like a success this week? Oh… we’re measuring

Root Beer Baked Beans

Here’s a thought that might have just popped into you mind re: baked beans – You know they come in a can right? YES I DO THANK YOU VERY MUCH. My most embarrassing dinner that I enjoy on the regular

Frozen Pineapple Jalapeno Margaritas

Hey friends I think you went and celebrated the 4th of July without me this weekend. I wasn’t there. I was very late to the party… in fact I didn’t make it at all. I thought we were all being normal

Let It Be Sunday, 178!

Hello dear friends! I did one of those things where I hit publish on this blog post… well, in my sleep. No joke. Apparently that’s a thing that happens. I’ve been in Dallas this weekend working

Toasted S’mores Squares

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of two of our sweetest friends, chocolate hazelnut spread and toasted marshmallows, in holy matrimony. And by holy matrimony, I of

Let It Be Sunday, 177!

Are you ok? I’ve ordered lunch from the same sandwich dude twice this week and both times ended with me fumbling with my wallet and not entirely understanding what the dude was saying. Both times he

Cheeseburger Fried Rice

I have a few friends with kids who, maybe out of delirium or exhaustion or, likely… awesome creative parenting, have asked their kids what they want for dinner and made… exactly that. From what I can

Let It Be Sunday, 176!

Dear friends! Can we all just take a big ol Sunday exhale together? (Can you tell I’m in yoga teacher training? All I do is breathe with people now – it’s the best.) We’ve made it to a day of rest

Fried Blueberry Hand Pies

It’s early in these warm weather months and I’ve already jumped from a dock into a lake. And, to be honest, it was more of a reluctant fall into a lake than a confident jump because, well… everyone

Let It Be Sunday, 175!

Fair to say it’s been a rough week but here we are, still in the world with a Sunday in front of us. I heard a passing news story this week about bird sounds in the Amazon rainforest and how the