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Let It Be Sunday, 172!

Hello dear friends! I’ll tell you what – if you dream of hosting a pop-up bagel shop in your backyard one day, all it takes is many MANY batches of this bagel recipe, a very early wakeup call, several

How To Make A Kitchen Altar

I’m so proud of my gardenias. After just two years in my backyard, under my well-meaning intentions (that are sometimes neglectful, sometimes plain confused), they’ve flowered into the grand finale of

Let It Be Sunday, 171!

Hello dear friends! Happy Mother’s Day. Please take some time to honor the woman whose ear you screamed in for years on end. And if you’re that woman, you deserve all of the flowers and thanks and

Strawberry Pie Bars

On the long list of things that sparkle this season is the fact that my back porch smells like gardenias. The closed blossoms have a new, green perfumey smell that only deepens as the flower blooms to

Sweet Laurel’s Grain-Free Chocolate Raspberry Cake

There is always a case for chocolate cake. It’s as simple as that. When I set out to make a chocolate cake, I’ll freely admit I use a perhaps unexpected recipe straight from Hershey because… well,

Let It Be Sunday, 170!

Hello my friends! I’ve had one of those once-in-a-lifetime weekends in Louisville Kentucky at this year’s Kentucky Derby. It’s such a unique, cultural tradition that I’ve celebrated with my dear

Frozen Moscow Mules

Hello dear friends and happy festival season from New Orleans! Down here we celebrate… well just about everything with cocktails and music but this time of year there’s something special in the air.

12 Spring Cookbooks I’m Excited About, 2018

It’s that time of year when we get to welcome a gorgeous new crop of cookbooks onto our shelves! If you’e been over to my little Bakehouse, you know that there are stacks of cookbooks on every flat

Let It Be Sunday, 169!

Friends! Happy Sunday to you! My head is spinning with springtime New Orleans vibes so please excuse the brevity. I hope this finds you happy and well and wearing shorts despite the lack of tan. We’re

What To Do In New Orleans This Spring, 2018

Friends! Are you on your way? Has the sound of brass bands and the smell of gardenias, beignets, and fresh strawberries called you home to New Orleans, yet? We’re down here living our best days and

Strawberry Shortcake Doughnuts

Listen, every few months I like to pop in here and remind you that it’s time to make the doughnuts. Literally and figuratively. This Spring marks the 1 year birthday of my sweet little brunch book,

Let It Be Sunday, 168!

Friends! I hope there’s a lightness to your Spring weekend. Lightness and rest, and at least one wood-fired pizza. My friend Jon and I shot a new batch of recipes for the site this week so there’s

Yogurt Pita and Baked Chicken Shawarma

There’s a spot for sour dairy in my refrigerator. Not the accidental soured dairy that’s been left too long, forgotten behind the orange juice. I’m talking about the intentional soured diary that has

Let It Be Sunday, 167!

I’ve waited on this magnolia in my backyard for weeks and weeks and here it is in all its glory. It smelled like sweet new syrup and the bees were absolutely love drunk. This week synopsis with a lot

Bourbon Caramel Brownies + A KENTUCKY DERBY GIVEAWAY!

Let me tell you about my FAVORITE holiday of the year. It involves Spring weather, show-stopping hats, bourbon, and very fast horses! It’s The Kentucky Derby and just around the corner! Here’s why

Let It Be Sunday, 166!

Hello friends! I want to come here and lament about how last week was a doozy… but I think I offered the same sentiment last Sunday. This feels like it goes beyond a Mercury Retrograde situation and

Spring Pea Veggie Burgers

Hey friends! I made us burgers out of one freezer item + one canned bean item and every green thing you might have in your produce drawer. It’s more likely that I have frozen peas and a can of

10 Things I Do To Refresh In Spring!

We’ve all got plenty on our everyday To-Do Lists – things like, put on pants, brush teeth, don’t lock your keys in your car. We usually nail it, we’ve gotten good at this. Then there’s the Weekend

Let It Be Sunday, 165!

Friends! I’ll tell you now that there is no April Fools Day moment in this post. I don’t fancy myself much of a trickster save for the one time I put vaseline all over the toilet seat one April Fools

Carrot Caramel Ice Cream Sundaes

Remember that phenomenon a few years back when we pressed everything from hash browns to quesadillas and chocolate chip cookies inside of our waffle makers? We had some success. We had some failures.