Joy the Baker

Sweet and Salty Yogurt Snack

Everyday is a series of events that I talk myself into, shadowed by a series of events that I have talked myself out of. Checks and balances, every day. Talking myself into an early morning walk

Braised Chicken and Mushroom Ragu

I was just sitting here thinking of the maybe one time I’ve gotten chocolate and flowers on Valentine’s Day. If it takes more than 7 minutes to locate a possible memory like that…. well, it probably

Let It Be Sunday, 158!

Hello my friends! What sort of spirits are you in this Sunday? Are you foggy from Mari Gras madness (though if you’re within 75 miles of New Orleans I don’t think you’ll be getting to this post until

The Winter Gin and Tonic

One of the essential attributes of a bonafide New Orleans homebody is a well-equipped home bar and a humble bit of cocktail curiosity. If you’re going to be home, you best welcome folks over, and you

Let It Be Sunday, 157!

Hello Sunday Friends! Welcome to this fine day. Rest. Let’s take in some good rest. It’s been a busy week at The Bakehouse with a floral workshop and a King Cake making workshop and somehow tonight

A Recipe For Two Doughnuts

Here’s the thing: when my brain convinces me that I need a homemade doughnut, it’s not telling me that I need a dozen homemade doughnuts. As a solo person in a houseful of cakes, I’ve come to hack

Let It Be Sunday, 156!

Happy Sunday sweet friends! Welcome to another fine weekend! I’ve had a busy week testing recipes for the blog and somehow managing to cut three of the five fingers on my left hand. Listen… knife

Browned Butter Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats

I still lose my way sometimes. Big time. I’ve been in New Orleans for, what is it… four years now? It just takes one unexpectedly closed road (and it happens all the time) and all of a sudden I’m

Let It Be Sunday, 155!

Hello dear friends. Happy Sunday. I hope this finds you ready and fortified to face another day. Well… have a cup of coffee first. Maybe an egg. Then feel fortified. Did some of you marched in a

Whole Orange Bundt Cake

So much of our kitchen experience involves throwing parts of food into the trashcan, right? I hate that part. Because I hate it, I have an entire bag full of onion tops and skins in my freezer for a

Let It Be Sunday, 154!

The real truth is, I’ve just eaten far more cookies than I need and I’m sitting on the couch watching what is commonly known as the BEST episode of The Office EVER: Dinner Party – Season 4, Episode 9.

White Bean, Kale, and Sausage Soup

Making soup means you have some time. Some time and some fire. Question… what’s going on with this Instant Pot? I’m not interested. I like the time it takes a soup to simmer and soften. Isn’t that

10 Things I’ve Learned In Ten Years Of Blogging

You know what’s all the rage? Food blogging. Wait… right? This week marks the 10th year that I’ve showed up in this humble space as Joy the Baker. Ten full-on years. Can you believe it? Here’s what

Let It Be Sunday, 153!

Hello friends! What’s good? I’ll tell ya what? New Orleans is seeing some slightly warmer days this weekend, it’s the start of Mardi Gras, I’ve just popped a King Cake in the oven, and I’ve already

Supreme Pizza Quiche

Here’s what I know about pizza. • It is the best food, the Lord’s work, the most important combination of ingredients that ever was. • I’ll eat any pizza, good or bad, cooked from frozen, cold and

Let It Be Sunday, 152!

What a time to be alive. End end of the year is full of feeling. I find myself looking back at the past few years feeling satisfied and proud, wondering what-if, staring strong at situations I could

The Sparkling Negroni

We all deserve a pat on the back and a clink of the glasses come December 31st. Another year. Another WHOLE year in the books. Can you even believe it? We did it, everyday. Here are a few things to

Let It Be Sunday, 151!

It’s rolling into the very early hours of Christmas Eve on the west coast and I’m tucked in my old bedroom at my parent’s house (it’s now my dad’s office where I’m sleeping on an air mattress) eating

Chocolate Babka Pull Apart Muffins

I realized not long back that I have an unchecked list in my head, a list of things that only other people bake. As in… a list of things that for some reason, thanks to a laundry list of reasons and

Deb’s Chocolate Pecan Slab Pie

It’s not that I don’t like a traditional Southern Pecan Pie. I’m pretty sure the distinction is that I’ve just never had the right Southern Pecan Pie. It’s always a problem of proportions. It’s a