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Joy the Baker

Let It Be Sunday, 193!

Hello dear friends! Welcome to another fine day. Can we talk about astrology for a two to five sentences? Do the words ‘Venus in retrograde” mean anything to you? Are you trying to steady yourself?

Cacio e Pepe Beignets

I know I’m not supposed to mess with a good thing… and one of the simpliciest definitions of a ‘good thing’ is fried dough with mountains of powdered sugar. So, it takes some true nerve, true gall,

Let It Be Sunday, 192!

Hello dear friends! Welcome to this fine day – I hope you’re well! This week I had a sweet visit from my friend Ashley Rodriguez from Not Without Salt. She came to New Orleans to promote her latest

Golden Milk Cake

We’re changing the tone of things in the kitchen. Can you feel it? It feels like we need a different kind of nourishment. Warming and routine. Roasted and rooted. I find myself gravitating towards

Let It Be Sunday, 191!

Hello Sunday friends! I’m glad you’re here. I hope you’re setting into the day with ease. Take some time to just…. not, today. You know? This week has been remarkably rainy and steamy and I’ll tell

Whole Stuffed Tomato Dumplings

Steady as we go. That’s the mantra that’s been running through my head the last few days. Steady and go. Steady and keep on. I mean… I’ve definitely also stress-cleaned my closet. I’ve definitely

Let It Be Sunday, 190!

Hello my friends. We’ve made it to Sunday. That in itself this week feels… like a bit of deliverance. Just a bit. I hope this finds you with a moment to unwind yourself. I’ve felt pretty wound and

Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

I bought my dad a milkshake yesterday. Strawberry – a solid choice though I remember him ordering Pineapple Malts when I was a kid which tipped me off early to his playful food genius. It’s pretty

Julia’s Fried Pistachios with Lemon Yogurt

I went to Greece this week on a whim. On a whim, on an adventure, on a gut hunch that this sort of invitation was one to pay attention to, one that felt like a spark of LIFE in everyday life. Gut

Let It Be Sunday, 189!

Hello sweet friends. Welcome to your weekend! I realize I did y’all dirty this week by mentioning that I adopted a dog into my tiny family of me and Tron without sharing a picture of our sweet girl.

Let It Be Sunday, 188!

Hello Sunday friends! How are you feeling this week? I hold a general sense of deep exhaustion as the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and the anonymous Op-Ed clink through my news feed and newsy

Blueberry Cobbler Thumbprint Cookies

There’s a subtle difference between craving pie and craving *making* pie. Craving *making* pie usually hits me when I’m reaching for a cozy sweater and maybe want to therapy bake my way out of any

Let It Be Sunday, 187!

Hello sweet friends and happy Sunday! I hope your weekend feels long on quality time. This weekend I’m hosting in New Orleans – it’s the first ever BakeAway – a baking, food styling,

Simple Fig and Mascarpone Cake

If we’re paying attention to the small milestones (and good grief- WE ARE), it’s been just over two years that I’ve had a backyard. It’s an anniversary of sorts (but really not at all). The backyard

Let It Be Monday, 186!

Hello dear friends! Thank you for your patience yesterday! I hope you’re coming out of a lovely August weekend (literally HOW is it almost September!?) and I hope you’re feeling steady in this Monday.

Let It Be…

Friends! Thank you for your patience and grace this Sunday! I’ll have our Sunday links for reading up on Monday this week. These days have been so full and I’d rather do a great job than a rushed job.

White Bean Skillet Crostini

It’s been three weeks notice, about 27 texts, and four menu swaps in the making, but tonight is Friend Dinner around the big table at my house. We call it Friend Dinner because, well… I poorly named

Let It Be Sunday, 185!

Hello friends! It’s been an emotional and exciting week and, don’t worry, I’ve eaten plenty of cookies and french fries about all of it. I’ve also gone in on comfort food like Apricot Chicken with

9 Ways To Lemonade

Hey it’s me. Just sliding in your inbox with a refreshing thirst trap for ya. A thirst trap for the actually very thirsty. And more than a trap it’s a solution. Lemonade. All kinda of ways. Pink,

Let It Be Sunday, 184!

Hello my friends! I’m not sure I could tell you about my week. It was mostly blurry though I’ve heard talk of eclipses and Mercury retrograde and what I do know is that it has felt like my feet aren’t