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Speed Hunters

Re-Evaluating Fast At World Time Attack Challenge

Another year, another record. Almost every single year World Time Attack Challenge leaves us swirling in a wake of excitement, amazed by how much time can be shaved off a previous record with just

Speedhunters: This is Who We Are

Contrasting broadcasts of extreme positivity and hate follow us everywhere we go. “Stay humble” says the self-styled entrepreneur as he flashes his watch and supercar to his envious followers.

This One’s For The Nerds: The Tech of WTAC

For the past few years we’ve seen the continuous evolution of aerodynamic packages on cars entered in the World Time Attack Challenge. It’s always been something I’ve looked forward to seeing with my

From Virtual Photography To Reality

At that time I couldn’t tell you what that really meant, nor could I have expected it to have the impact that it’s had on me. Like most of my peers, whom were interested in cars and playing video

Pure Driving: Aasbø’s Fight For The Championship

Fredric Aasbø and the Papadakis Racing team have left me no choice but to fall in love with drifting all over again. We’ve already said it, but this was a story that couldn’t have been written. If,

Speedhunters Live: The 4K Edition

I guess that’s just the nature of the beast. I think the best way I could possibly sum up my interpretation of Speedhunters Live was in my earlier posts, so, I won’t waste your time by re-typing the

Brothers In Racing: The Evo IX That Can Do It All

I was just four years old, looking out [of] my mother’s fourth floor apartment window waiting for my dad to come and pick me up. My parents were divorced and I hadn’t seen my father in roughly two

From Hobby To Obsession, This Is CAtuned

When I was in middle school, one of my mentors told me to pursue something that I was passionate about, and then find a way to make money doing it. I was lucky enough to have had a few cameras by then

The Irish Tarmac Rally Finale

The moment that keeps drawing me back time after time like an addict. Through fields and rivers, over hills and gates in search of a worthy spot, this one moment makes it feel almost reasonable. Early

San Francisco Shakotan

The term shakotan has become a household phrase in the world of Japanese classic car enthusiasts. Its origins can be traced back to around the middle of the 20th century after WWII, and was a term

Taking A Chance On MPACT

A quick look outside revealed stormy skies and a damp ground. Do I bother hopping into my freshly detailed M3 and making the long drive? Would anyone even show up? I debated it, because among the BMW

Yes, That’s An 850hp K24 In A Toyota MR2

That surprised me as I would have assumed they would all have said the GT-R. But apparently it was the mid-engined layout that made the MR2 popular; it had the ability to hook-up hard off the line, no

The Guards Red Dynamic Duo

It was always an odd phrase to me since I was never able to wrap my head around what the true underlying meaning of the term was. I remember the first time hearing it; I asked what in the world they

TE37s On A Bike?

You may also remember that Nigel was working on a project for BMW, an R NineT with a customized RAYS Volk Racing TE37 fitted to the back. When I saw Nigel today chatting to his fans at his booth. I

Taking The Time To Build An RX-7 The Right Way

I had just come back from spending a year overseas and hadn’t owned a car since my last RX-7 took an unexpected trip to JDM heaven after an unlucky accident. I felt it was time to get back into my

In The Moment: Leaving Everything To Chance

James Deane is the 2018 Formula Drift champion, but it didn’t happen the way anyone expected it. In fact, what unfolded last night in Irwindale was so far from everyone’s expectations that even being

So, What Was In That Corolla Van?

Sometimes you begin to think that you’ve seen everything that can possibly be done with a car, engine swap or solution, and then something comes along that makes you realize that anything is actually

WTAC: The Results Are In…

Torrential downpours and wild temperature swings, punctuated by sporadic showers. Conditions have never been more unpredictable. Teams were powerless, and essentially left to guess what conditions

All Eyes On Aasbø

With the Formula Drift finale well underway at Irwindale Speedway, qualifying is now behind us. While we now have a clearer picture of how the rest of the weekend might go, it’s still far from over.

Paying Homage To Childhood Heroes

One of the most important aspects of going through a build process is having a theme. It not only helps the car flow together better, but also allows for you to have a clear vision on which direction