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Speed Hunters

How Reno Transforms For Hot August Nights

Old cars are the worst cars to own. They’re uncomfortable, they’re hot, they’re loud, they’re unreliable. They’re also relatively difficult to drive, and they make no sense for a trip through the

Speedhunters Live: Sign Up Now

We now have a dedicated event sign-up page live, and here you can log in, select the type of entry, and send us your details so we can add you to the list. Click here to get the process started.

Speedhunters, But In Real Life

No matter how good the photographer, the writer, the videographer or the game makers, there’s no better way to appreciate cars than in person. None. That’s not to mention the strange contrasting

Going Full Circle In A Viper Green 911

The story behind this incredible 1978 911 is steeped in negativity, but ends with two blokes being reunited over a Viper Green Porsche and a dream build. Initially, Brendan Anesbury, one of the names

The Sleeper Shop Outside Los Angeles

I was in Torrance, Calfornia to shoot a certain Group 5 BMW E21 when the owner mentioned there was a shop a few blocks away that I might be interested in. Naturally, this is all it took to pique my

American Luxury, With A Touch Of Gangster

This movie moment planted a seed in Ken Stevens’ mind many years ago, and eventually found its way to bloom into ownership of a beautiful 1965 Lincoln Continental hardtop sedan. Two years ago, Ken was

Welcome To ‘Merica

It’s a strange past-time, but one that hundreds of thousands of Americans have been enjoying for decades. It’s been spreading around the globe, too, and maybe even you have been to an event where

Too Much Irish Rally Is Never Enough

Us Irish, well, we’re totally and utterly addicted to sport. It’s not even an understatement to think that nearly every fabric of our national culture and identity has been shaped by games and events.

The Car Everyone Loves

Memories of their childhood, their first time driving, high school days sneaking off and getting up to no good. Whatever the case, all older cars appeal to someone. And this month I’ve personally been

I Brought A Spoon To A Gun Fight

Since taking over the role as EIC here, my time both on track and shooting has been significantly limited compared to previous years. That’s okay, however, as I knew that this would be a completely

The Last King Cobra Standing

This particular chassis is the last remaining example of the two T-10 King Cobra Canadian-American racers ever built, and it’s not to be mistaken for the far more successful Cooper Monaco.

Actually Buying The Car That Started It All

For me it was a light blue S13 240SX with a turbo SR20 and 6-speed from an S15 swapped into it. This S13 sat just up the street from my house; I walked past the car everyday on my way to high school

Bulls On Parade In The United Kingdom

In its relatively short time on this Earth, drifting has evolved from an underground niche practised on the mountain roads of Japan, to an bustling industry, motorsport and lifestyle. It’s fair to say

The Speedhunters Choice At Art Of Speed

You can of course agree, disagree, dismiss it or challenge it, for the simple fact that it’s just an honest opinion. What I’m always looking for are builds that I know will resonate with our audience;

The After Work Drive: Why Simple Cars Are Best

For the past two months, the UK temperature gauge has been reading a solid 25°C+ (77°F+) pretty much non-stop. To some, this is perfect drinking and BBQ weather. To Paddy and Jordan, who hate the

A Seven Year Build & An Understated GT-R

Humility in the modified car scene is seldom seen these days, but Western Australian resident David Maier has his ego kept in check two ways. Firstly, he’s part of a group of great mates who all own

Forty-Three Years Strong, Shelby Club’s Annual Outing

Shelby American Automobile Club has been doing this sort of thing for a while. Forty-three years, to be exact, and last weekend’s gathering at Sonoma Raceway was, yes, their 43rd annual national

The Turbo Bug

So while I work on putting together a bigger post to summarize it all, I thought I’d give you another spotlight from the show. I found this cool VW Bug sitting in one corner of the main hall. Power

Uncovering America’s Love For The Muscle Car

For one week out of the year, Reno’s population more than doubles. Home to nearly 250,000 people, the Northern Nevada city, which has dubbed itself ‘The Biggest Little City In The World,’ is home to

86 Day UK: More Than Just Corollas

Organised by the Corolla Brotherhood, this year’s UK 8/6 meet once again took place at Driftworks HQ in Birmingham, England. Don’t let the name fool you – the Corolla Brotherhood is an equal