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Asthma Doesn’t Take a Vacation

Parents may feel reluctant to give medications every day to a child who does not look immediately ill, but experts say they should talk with a doctor first.

Me and My Numb Thumb: A Tale of Tech, Texts and Tendons

Continually texting and emailing from her smartphone strained the tendons in this tech reporter’s phone thumb, which turns out to be an increasingly common condition.

A Guide to Gynecological Exams: What Should — and Shouldn’t — Happen

The cases of Dr. Larry Nassar and Dr. George Tyndall involve touching and comments that gynecologists say are highly inappropriate.

Gender Letter: Meghan Markle, Our Anti-Princess Princess, Builds a Bridge

A moment for those of us who’ve felt bored, ambivalent or bitter about being forever inundated with homogeneous fairy tales.

‘Assume the Worst’: This Isn’t Your Ordinary Graduation Speech

In today’s commencement addresses, as evidenced by recent books, inspiration is sometimes superseded by skepticism.

The Skeleton in My Closet

Keeping a human skull in a closet felt wrong and I wasn’t about to display it in my curio cabinet.

Sparkling Pool Water May Hold Disease-Causing Parasites

How soon would you swim after having diarrhea? 17 percent said one hour, but you’re supposed to wait two weeks.

F.D.A. Approves First Drug Designed to Prevent Migraines

The decision ushers in what many experts believe will be a new era in treatment for people who suffer the most severe form of the headaches.

Hail Caesar Salad! Romaine Is Safe to Eat Again

Federal health officials say the tainted lettuce is no longer on the shelves or on restaurant menus, because the harvesting season in the Yuma, Ariz., region ended more than a month ago.

Exposure to Air Pollution in Womb Tied to Hypertension in Children

Children whose mothers lived in the most polluted areas were more likely to have high blood pressure between ages 3 and 9.

Inducing Labor at Full Term May Be Best Bet

Compared with waiting for labor to begin, induction was associated with fewer perinatal deaths, stillbirths and cesarean sections.

Acupuncture Does Not Improve Pregnancy Rates

The therapy may have other benefits: Women may feel more relaxed and better about themselves.

‘It’s Not My Fault I’m White.’ Sure, but That’s Not the Point.

A seventh grader wonders what to say to a friend who gets defensive on the subject of race instead of showing empathy.

Kim Dickens Reads ‘A Measure of Desire’

This week on Modern Love: The Podcast, the star of “Fear the Walking Dead” reads the story of a couple recovering from the repercussions of rehab.

Google’s File on Me Was Huge. Here’s Why It Wasn’t as Creepy as My Facebook Data.

Google collects far more information about us than Facebook. But the Google data that our tech columnist downloaded on himself contained fewer surprises and was more easily deleted.

My Patient’s Smile

I’m drawn to the human brain, its unforgiving and protean nature.

Kids’ Suicide-Related Hospital Visits Rise Sharply

From 2008 to 2015, the proportion of emergency room and hospital encounters for suicide-related diagnoses almost tripled.

What Should I Do About My Rage?

Navigating workplace bureaucracy and sexism has left a reader exhausted, angry and in need of some serious self-care.

How Exercise Can Help You Recall Words

Aerobic fitness may help you avoid lapses in your vocabulary.