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Jimmy Butler Is Making It Up as He Goes Along

Here, he talks about being the best domino player the world (self-proclaimed), getting his first pair of Jordan’s, and what he might tell his kids about being a black man in America.

NBC Isn't Ready to Say Goodbye to Adam Rippon

Figure skater Adam Rippon joins NBC as an Olympic commentator for the rest of the 2018 Winter Games.

Connecticut Shows a Path Forward for Better Gun Laws

After the Sandy Hook shooting, the state took the extraordinary measure of actually doing something.

The Best Hangover Cure is a Cheap Face Mask that Numbs Your Brain

GQ's Best Stuff knows the first thing you should reach for when you wake up and your head is throbbing with regret.

Olympian Adam Rippon Has Celebrity Moms Trying to Set Him Up

Adam Rippon may be wrapped up at the Winter Olympics, but one famous mom back home is conspiring to set him up with her son.

Students Who Survived the Florida Shooting Are Fed Up and Fighting for Change

After the latest school shooting in Florida, the students who lived through the nightmare are demanding action.

Here's the Expensive Way to Detoxify Your Toxin-Infested Body

New technology is here to help you sweat out the bad stuff and get rid of acid reflux. Prepare for reionization.

'Babylon Berlin' Is the Best Historical Drama on Netflix

'Babylon Berlin' recreates the jazzy chaos of 1929 Germany—and it looks damn great.

Robert Pattinson's Bright Yellow Jeans Are Not an Aberration

Believe it or not, the bright yellow jeans Robert Pattinson wore at the Berlin Film Festival earlier today weren't a style misstep, but an of-the-moment flex.

The Best and Craziest Pre-Game Fits of the 2017-18 NBA Season (So Far)

In honor of NBA All-Star Weekend, here are some of the pre-fame fits that have entertained us this season. Let's here it for the 41-odd games yet to come.

How to Not Get Sick While Traveling

Nobody wants to suddenly come down with the flu on day 1 of vacation.

Robert Mueller's Russia Indictments Seem to Lay the Groundwork for Something Bigger

The Russia indictments announced by special counsel Robert Mueller could be setting the stage for big news on the investigation to come.

How to Make an Olympic Bobsledder

Bobsledding is the Winter Olympic sport where almost everyone who competes in it was really, really good at some other sport first.

How to Get Chadwick Boseman’s 'Black Panther' Haircut (And Beard, Too)

Print this out and bring it directly to your barber for that clean but textured hairstyle and neatly trimmed beard.

Laura Ingraham’s Attempt to Dunk on LeBron James Is Going Over Like You’d Expect [Updated]

Laura Ingraham called LeBron James's comments on President Trump "barely intelligible," which is a bad call, because LeBron James is a genius.

The 14 Best New Menswear Items to Buy This Week

GQ's editors select the menswear, accessories, sneakers, and more worth your disposable income.

Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Donald Trump Directly on Gun Violence

After Donald Trump's response to Florida's deadly school shooting, Jimmy Kimmel has advice for how the president can make a difference.

Kith's Ronnie Fieg Goes West

The king of the collaboration gives us an exclusive look at Kith's new Los Angeles home.

The Case Against Sheriffs

This week, Jeff Sessions said "the office of the sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement." Drew Magary unpacks the messy, dangerous history behind the office.