Zen Habits

Beautiful Practice Ground: The Secret to Training Your Mind

By Leo Babauta I’ve been diving deeper into training the mind when it meets difficulty, stress, the urge to procrastinate, anger, pain, uncertainty, discomfort. And here’s the secret I’ve learned:

A Practice For When You Find Yourself Annoyed by Other People

By Leo Babauta It’s a common thing to be frequently annoyed by other people — added to our regular interactions with family, friends and coworkers are the online habits of people on various social

One Simple Shift to Turn Life Into an Adventure

By Leo Babauta When I was young, I would run barefoot through the jungles of Guam, being chased by bad guys, imagining I was on an Indiana Jones-style adventure. The world was filled with possibility,

Powerful Courageousness: Practices to Expand Yourself & Your Gift

By Leo Babauta Imagine a woman who has a powerful gift to give to the world, a song to sing that will lift others up … but she only lets herself give that gift when the sun is shining and she’s happy

How I Created Great Rituals in January

By Leo Babauta In the month of January, I created a handful of incredible rituals, and they’ve been changing my life. The rituals are meant to support my focuses for 2018: Meditation & mindfulness

To Find Your Deeper Purpose, Listen

By Leo Babauta I’ve found that if we can create a connection between our daily actions and our deeper purpose in life, then each day will be incredibly fulfilling. Unfortunately most people haven’t

Primer: When You Have Too Much to Do

By Leo Babauta You have a to-do list that scrolls on for days. You are managing multiple projects, getting lots of email and messages on different messaging systems, managing finances and personal

Relaxing Into the Feeling of Being Alive

By Leo Babauta There’s a practice so simple that many people will discount it as not worthy of trying. They’ll miss out on the transformative power of that very simplicity. The practice is this: Sit

Mindfully Coping with Urges & Addictions

By Leo Babauta Many of us have something that we’d like to change in our lives, but it can be pretty difficult to overcome addictions or strong urges. The things we want to quit, and the urges we want

Bring Purpose & Mindfulness to Your Work

By Leo Babauta Our work lives are filled with busyness, distraction, procrastination, responding to messages, checking on messages, and getting lost down rabbit holes. We struggle to be mindful and to

A Guide to Moving Courageously Into a New Uncertain Space

“We become brave by doing brave acts.” ~Aristotle By Leo Babauta I remember walking into my boss’ office at my day job to turn in my resignation, almost exactly 10 years ago today. I was quitting the

Three Powerful Techniques to Get Better at Habits

By Leo Babauta For many who started the year with great aspirations and goals of creating new habits … it’s coming to the time of year when lots of peopel start to falter on their new habits. That’s

Get Better at Dealing with Anger

By Leo Babauta Yesterday a loved one asked me about dealing with anger — he lashed out at someone he loves in a way that hurt her and filled him with shame and regret. I think we can all related to

My Depth Year 2018: The Constraints of Deep Focus

By Leo Babauta This year I’m going to challenge myself to go deeper by using constraints, inspired by my friend David Cain’s idea of a Depth Year. What’s a Depth Year? As David writes: No new hobbies,

A Guide to Making This Your Best Year Ever

By Leo Babauta Happy New Year my friends! It’s that time of year when we start afresh, with a blank slate, and think about the possibilities that the new year holds for us. I love this time of year.

Essential Zen Habits of 2017

By Leo Babauta If living in interesting times is a blessing, I have to say that 2017 has been full of blessings for me and Zen Habits. I’m very grateful to have had all of you this year. In this post

The Simplicity Cycle: Returning to Paring Down to Find Your True Needs

By Leo Babauta Simplifying your life isn’t a single project that you can finish and be done with — it’s actually a cycle. At least, that’s what I’ve found in my decade plus of simple living … I’ve

A Training Program for Single-Tasking & Focus

By Leo Babauta If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I heartily believe in giving your full focus to one task at a time. Single-tasking and focus are at the heart of my productivity

10 Reasons Why We Don’t Stick to Things

By Leo Babauta We all do it in some form — tell ourselves we’re going to do something, and then we often end up not sticking to that plan. Maybe one or more of these will resonate with you: You say

Designing a Well-Lived Life

By Leo Babauta Where I live, the weather has grown colder, and the trees are becoming barren — what I consider the perfect time for reflection and contemplation. It’s the perfect time of the year to