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Brain Research Helps Explain Drunken Aggression

Source: Medical News TodayA new study examines what goes on inside the brains of intoxicated young men. The findings may help to reduce alcohol-related crime.

The Lesbian Pioneers Who Fooled Spain's Catholic Church

Source: BBC News - Top HeadlinesTheir wedding in 1901 remains the only known same-sex marriage in the church's history, the British Broadcasting Corporation's James Badcock reports.

Canadian High Court Says Sexual Assault Case Used Victim Stereotype

Source: Globe and Mail - NationalAlthough trial judges are entitled to deference on their findings of fact, Chief Justice Richard Wagner said the stereotyping was an error of law.

Low Blood Sodium Could Be a Risk Factor for Cognitive Decline

Source: Medical News TodayA new study suggests that low blood sodium levels — known as hyponatremia — may increase the risk of cognitive decline in older men by more than a third.

Benjamin Lay: The Dwarf Quaker Who Fought Slavery

Source: BBC News - UK NewsThe remarkable life of Benjamin Lay: Quaker, abolitionist, feminist and vegetarian - and 4ft tall.

New Study Finds Friends Have Similar Neural Responses

Source: Psych CentralA new study shows how your brain’s neural responses can predict who your friends are. Researchers from Dartmouth College found that you can predict who people are friends with

Stockholm Poised to Ban Sexist and Racist Ads

Source: BBC News - BusinessSweden's capital is poised to ban sexist and racist outdoor advertising, but not everyone agrees with the move.

More Teens Are Rejecting "Boy" and "Girl" Labels, Study Finds

Source: CNN - Top StoriesMore teenagers are identifying themselves with nontraditional gender labels such as transgender or gender-fluid, according to a new study.

Rohingya Forced Out Through Rape and Starvation, Says Report

Source: Yahoo News - Top HeadlinesThe Burmese military is still pushing the Rohingya minority out of their homes through forced starvation, the fear of abduction, and the looting of their property,

Gender Persecution the Top Reason Women Seek Asylum in Canada

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Company - Canadian NewsA Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News investigation reveals more than 15 percent of female asylum seekers who arrived in this country in the

Childhood IQ May Predict Onset of Psychotic Disorders

Source: Medical News TodayIndividuals with psychotic disorder display a range of cognitive deficits. A new study set out to understand how early in life these deficits appear.

Walgreens Adopts Transgender-Inclusive Bathroom Policy

Source: MSNBC - US NewsThe policy was announced after a customer said a Walgreens employee forbade her from using the women's restroom because she "dressed like a man."

Pressure Mounts on Poland to Back Away From Holocaust Bill

Source: Reuters - World NewsPoland is seeing a resurgence of anti-Semitism over pending legislation that would impose jail terms for suggestions that the nation was complicit in the Holocaust, local

Climate Science Undercuts U.S. EPA Chief's View

Source: Yahoo News - ScienceThe head of the Environmental Protection Agency is again understating the threat posed by climate change, this time by suggesting that global warming may be a good thing

Autism, Bipolar, and Schizophrenia Share Genetic Similarities

Source: United Press International - Health NewsBy examining brain tissue, researchers say they've found similarities in certain mental illnesses, including autism and schizophrenia.

Breaking the Stigma of Painful Sex

Source: Social Psychology Network NewsOne woman's story of a decade of wrongly diagnosed sexual pain has inspired a play - and with it, the hope that other women with sexual dysfunction can be helped.

Colombian Students in Miniskirts Protest Against Sexism

Source: BBC News - Top HeadlinesA Colombian university advised female students not to wear short skirts because it distracted others.

Brain Implant for Alzheimer's Could Improve Cognitive Function

Source: Medical News TodayIs deep brain stimulation a way forward in treating Alzheimer's disease? A phase I clinical trial suggests that it can improve cognitive functioning.

Indonesia Police Force "Manly Makeover" on Trans Beauticians

Source: Yahoo News - Top HeadlinesIndonesian police forcibly cut the hair of a group of transgender women and made them wear male clothing, authorities said Monday, amid a crackdown on the Lesbian,

Using Mindfulness Strategies to Curb Cravings

Source: Psych CentralA new study from the United Kingdom suggests mindfulness strategies may help prevent or interrupt cravings for food, cigarettes, and alcohol.