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U.S. Court Sides with Transgender Teen in Bathroom Fight

Source: Yahoo News - Top HeadlinesA Virginia federal court on Tuesday denied a motion to dismiss the case of transgender teen Gavin Grimm, whose fight to use the school bathroom that aligned with his

NASA's New Chief Changes Mind, Now Believes in Climate Change

Source: Yahoo News - Top HeadlinesNational Aeronautics and Space Administration's new administrator, a former lawmaker nominated by President Donald Trump to lead the US space agency, admitted

Two-Thirds of Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage, Gallup Reports

Source: United Press International - Health NewsMore than two-thirds of Americans now support same-sex marriage, and more are identifying themselves as part of the LGBT community, new Gallup research

Professional Societies Support Turkish Scholars Under Threat

Source: Social Psychology Network NewsHundreds of academics in Turkey are being persecuted, fired, and/or convicted of crimes, often without due process or legal recourse. In support for these

Accessing the Mental Health Benefits of Music Therapy

Source: U.S. News and World ReportFrom songwriting to lyric analysis, music has power to heal – in concert with other forms of treatment.

Anxiety in U.S. on the Rise, Especially About Finances, Finds Poll

Source: Psych CentralWithin the past year, anxiety among Americans has increased substantially, particularly around the issue of paying bills, according to a national poll recently released by the

Gender Inequality: Stars Tell World Leaders Poverty Is Sexist

Source: BBC News - Top HeadlinesLena Dunham, Oprah Winfrey and others say leaders are "on notice" to use their power for women.

Why Everyday Racial Profiling Is So Dangerous

Source: CNN - Top StoriesThe headlines pop up with alarming frequency: People of color going about their daily business -- shopping, golfing, moving in -- only to have the cops called on them.

Aging Stereotypes Buffered by Cultural Cues in Chinese Elders

Source: Psych Central“Stereotype threat” is the fear that you will confirm to yourself or others that a negative stereotype about a group you belong to is true.

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans See Gun Violence As Public Health Threat

Source: Psych CentralA new national poll recently released by the American Psychiatric Association reveals that a large majority of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans, see gun safety as a major

Teen Night Owls More Prone to Emotional and Behavioral Problems

Source: Reuters - HealthAdolescents who are naturally inclined to stay up late at night are more likely to suffer from insomnia as well as behavioral and emotional problems than their peers who prefer

What Effect Does ADHD Have on Sexuality?

Source: Medical News TodayAttention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a behavioral disorder that causes some people to become frustrated or hyperactive at inappropriate times. It is often lifelong and

"Exergaming" May Slow Cognitive Decline

Source: Psych CentralNew research finds that exergaming can help older adults with mild memory impairment improve their complex thinking and memory skills. Exergames are defined as video games that

Specific Brain Abnormality Tied to Risk of Mental Illness

Source: Psych CentralA specific brain abnormality may indicate a person’s general risk for mental illness, according to a new study at Duke University.

Ultrasound Helmet to Help Scientists Probe the Brain and Neural Networks

Source: United Press International - Health NewsVanderbilt researchers have received a $550,000 grant to develop a device that combines ultrasound and electroencephalogram technologies to image the

Disrupted Body Clock Linked to Depression

Source: Yahoo News - ScienceResearchers in the U.K. made the conclusion by studying the circadian rhythm: our waking and sleeping patterns throughout the 24-hour sleep cycle.

Celebrities Shine Light on Mental Health Issues

Source: U.S. News and World ReportIt's become the new norm for stars to divulge vulnerabilities once kept closely guarded.

Intelligence Is Correlated with Fewer Neural Connections, Not More

Source: United Press International - Science NewsThe smartest people may boast more neurons than those of average intelligence, but their brains have fewer neural connections, new research proves.

Psychopathy: What Drives Pathological Selfishness?

Source: Medical News TodayPsychopaths are known for their selfishness, callousness, and violence. These antisocial personality traits are often baffling to the rest of us, but could brain differences

Gender Bias Kills 239,000 Girls Under 5 Each Year, Report Concludes

Source: United Press International - Health NewsGender discrimination in India kills 239,000 girls under the age of five each year, according to a study released Monday.