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Mental Floss

Harry Potter Cast Remembers the Late Alan Rickman

"Alan Rickman is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors I will ever work with," ​Daniel Radcliffe wrote.

How Microwaving Food Affects Its Nutritional Value

Are you quick-cooking your vitamins away?

12 Facts About Fibromyalgia

Pain ranges from sharp stabbing to a pins-and-needle sensation.

Why Do We Call a Leg Cramp a Charley Horse?

It might have something to do with baseball in the late 1800s.

Could Leonardo da Vinci's Artistic Genius Be Due to an Eye Condition?

The brilliant painter and inventor may have been cross-eyed.

The Macabre Origins of 10 Death-Related Idioms

Read it before you shuffle off this mortal coil, kick the bucket, or get laid out in lavender.

10 Saccharine Facts About Sweetest Day

This holiday is mostly contained to the Great Lakes region, but for some retailers, its sales are better than those for Mother's Day.

Learn to Paint Like Bob Ross in an Upcoming Facebook Live Event

The beloved artist would have turned 76 years old on October 29.

Climate Change Is Threatening Nearly All UNESCO Sites Around the Mediterranean

While some can be relocated, that's not an option for many.

These Are America's 50 Most Rat-Infested Cities

Surprise: New York City doesn't top the list.

11 Secrets of User Experience Designers

They hate those pop-up tutorials in apps, too.

This Allegedly Haunted House Came From a Sears Catalog

The mail-order home is nearly a century old.

Doctor Who Showrunner Wants JK Rowling to Write an Episode

The 'Harry Potter' author reportedly considered getting involved with the iconic sci-fi series during the David Tennant era.

10 Revolutionary Facts About Poldark

3. Before he was melting hearts as Ross Poldark, Aidan Turner spent a decade competing in ballroom dancing competitions.