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The POW Olympics of World War II

The 1944 Summer Olympics may have never actually happened, but one Polish Prisoner of War camp was determined to keep the tradition alive.

How Do You Steer a Bobsled?

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President John Tyler's Grandsons Are Still Alive

John Tyler was born in 1790. He took office in 1841, after William Henry Harrison died. And he has two living grandchildren.

Begins and Ends: European Cities

Can you name the European cities (pop. 600,000+) given only the first and last letter of each word?

New Program Trains Dogs to Sniff Out Art Smugglers

Every year, billions of dollars in ancient artifacts and other cultural objects are looted and sold around the world. A new project is training dogs to sniff them out.

15 Confusing Plant and Animal Misnomers

As biology has developed, some of our common plant and animal names have turned out to be pretty far off the mark.

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10 People Who Have Misplaced Their Oscars

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Do They Bite or Sting?

Can you correctly select whether the given bug is known more for their bite (B) or for their sting (S)?