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News Post: Legacy

Tycho: I spent most of the weekend watching the Rainbow 6: Siege invitational, like… a lot of it, I watched it a lot. I ran down the battery on my loyal, ancient Acer Chromebook a couple times a

Comic: Legacy

New Comic: Legacy

News Post: Quality Time

Tycho: I’d heard that the new stress test for Sea of Thieves was gonna be an actual stress test. As in, they were gonna let us come in and try to break it while they were actively trying to break the

Comic: Quality Time

New Comic: Quality Time

News Post: Posers

Tycho: I first saw the Wyrmwood crew out at PAX South, which was essentially “the tabletop focused show” before there was such a thing as PAX Unplugged. “Wood nerds” are real. I know about this from

Comic: Posers

New Comic: Posers

News Post: Half-Life

Tycho: When I’m playing pubji with Kiko, I take painkillers constantly. Like, in game. The inventory item. It helps me get my head right. In the state of preternatural clarity they create, do I

Comic: Half-Life

New Comic: Half-Life

News Post: The Dumbest Timeline

Tycho: This motherfucker can’t stay out of the news. And because eSports and social media have transformed every human medium of communication into a tabloid, I can’t look anywhere without seeing it.

Comic: The Dumbest Timeline

New Comic: The Dumbest Timeline

News Post: The Neon Corridor

Tycho: So, without repeating myself too much, one of the reasons I like games is that I think - true or not - that somewhere in the experience of playing a game, I might be able to find some shadow of

Comic: The Neon Corridor

New Comic: The Neon Corridor

News Post: Camaraderie

Tycho: The Overwatch League is having at least one of its intended effects, that of putting Overwatch itself back into rotation for Garb. By which I mean Gabe. Garb might be a little too far. Plus,

Comic: Camaraderie

New Comic: Camaraderie

News Post: Chromamancy

Tycho: I caught some OWL when I probably should have been preparing for my son’s D&D game. They are now engaged in a live or death struggle with a race of featureless black cubes whose only

Comic: Chromamancy

New Comic: Chromamancy

News Post: Beaks And Geeks

Tycho: Gabriel and I have been playing Monster Hunter, yes, but only after he and his family get done playing pirate in Sea of Thieves. That game is some weird shit; I played on the stream once, and

Comic: Beaks And Geeks

New Comic: Beaks And Geeks

News Post: The Real Monsters

Tycho: There’s this weird-ass bird in Monster Hunter called a Kulu-Ya-Ku that legitimately puts on airs. It’s got this little tuft - the same tuft I have dangling from my weapon for good luck - and

Comic: The Real Monsters

New Comic: The Real Monsters