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Penny Arcade

News Post: Drawing on the new iPad

Gabe: I got an iPad Pro back in April of this year after learning that there was an iOS version of Clip Studio. Since this is the program I do all my work in these days, I was curious if an iPad could

News Post: Inevitibilia

Tycho: In truth, it’s Gabriel the Younger who plays more Fortnite than Elliot - but Gabriel Prime would never have deployed this kind of poetry, so it was vital that I take the fore. I’m a little

Comic: Inevitibilia

New Comic: Inevitibilia

News Post: No Thank U

Tycho: Gwob was talking about Adventure Mode before, and how savory it is, and how it’s mostly new to us because a substantial amount of our Diablo 3 play was back when it still had a cash store. I

Comic: No Thank U

New Comic: No Thank U

News Post: Adventure Mode!

Gabe: I’ve dipped my toe into Diablo III many times over the years. I am not much of a PC gamer but when it hit consoles I put a decent amount of time into it. I just picked it up again on the Switch

News Post: The Gnoll Set

Tycho: I don’t know if it kept me up all night or anything, but I did spend some time, maybe a… day, considering some fairly heady - and footy - topics. I feel like the next step is to ask my friends

Comic: The Gnoll Set

New Comic: The Gnoll Set

News Post: Come Ask Us Anything!

Gabe: Tycho and I are doing an AMA over on r/Boardgames. Come ask us about 20 years of Penny Arcade, PAX, Thornwatch, Child’s Play or just say hi. -Gabe Out

News Post: Patina

Tycho: Gabe and Kara “Carry” Krahulik checked out some World of Warcraft Classic, and found more or less what you would expect, except for whatever you might have forgotten about it. One of the more

Comic: Patina

New Comic: Patina

News Post: Too Many Games Not Enough Something

Gabe: Seeing as we’ve done three comics in a row about RDR2, it should come as no surprise that I am hooked on this game. Kara is playing it as well and while she is banging out story missions I can’t

Comic: Inflection

New Comic: Inflection

News Post: Inflection

Tycho: I think a lot of people must have this problem, at least, I hope they do, because it will make me stand out less: I have a tendency to to get infected by accents. It’s not something I’m trying

News Post: Equine Prophecy Syndrome

Tycho: It’s pretty rare that Gabe and I can just, like… sit down and play games. It’s “the cobbler’s son,” right? But because I’m trying to be humane to myself after the Aus flight I ended up over at

Comic: Equine Prophecy Syndrome

New Comic: Equine Prophecy Syndrome

News Post: Go Time

Tycho: Many people asked after Gabriel down in Aus, but I had more or less the same answer for all of them. Gabriel endeavored to snare the feeling in a lasso of words, but the distillation is that

Comic: Go Time

New Comic: Go Time

News Post: The Devil Above

Tycho: I’m in line at the airport, and I’m either on my way through security or being digested by a wholly new form of life. Speaking of which... There are whole books about the thoroughly ambient,

Comic: The Devil Above

New Comic: The Devil Above