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Penny Arcade

News Post: The Undernet

Tycho: I was following some of the stuff around #DeactiDay, which is a hashtag you would see on Twitter about quitting Twitter. I liked that. I liked that the concept was so nested, so dense. That you

Comic: The Undernet

New Comic: The Undernet

News Post: I Have Questions

Tycho: There’s times where I don’t think about a purchase at all. It’s bought the moment it’s announced, already; there’s been an allocation of resources. Sometimes, a game doesn’t need to be

Comic: I Have Questions

New Comic: I Have Questions

News Post: Bad Enough Dudes

Tycho: After this Madden Ultimate Team shit, plus a Call of Duty beta I played with Keek and Glamdring every possible second, our descent into performative masculinity is complete. The only question

Comic: Bad Enough Dudes

New Comic: Bad Enough Dudes

News Post: Conceptual Leakage

Tycho: It’s sorta like when World of Warcraft introduced Eternium Ore; it was like, hey. Don’t paint yourself into a corner here. You gotta make a bunch more mystical ores! You don’t want to get to

Comic: Conceptual Leakage

New Comic: Conceptual Leakage

News Post: Lexcalibur Reading At University Bookstore

Tycho: I should emphasize for those of you reading this from out of town that University Bookstore is actually a very specific bookstore, and not more of a general concept as it might first appear.

News Post: Power Word Thrill

Tycho: Obviously, there has to be a way to digest the dSports you haven’t consumed; some mechanism by which we may obtain chelated versions of these prized materials for easy absorption. That’s

Comic: Power Word Thrill

New Comic: Power Word Thrill

News Post: Kicking Down

Tycho: I feel confident that the dSports league I inevitably found will suffer the same grim setbacks shared by every other attempt to yoke incredibly competitive young men toward some decorous,

Comic: Kicking Down

New Comic: Kicking Down

News Post: Lycan’t Even

Tycho: Michael was headed to some primeval forest, and I was headed to Spokane, so we put together a couple strips furthering the whole “dSports” concept because we can’t stop thinking about it. Then

Comic: Lycan’t Even

New Comic: Lycan’t Even

News Post: Norman’s Guy

Tycho: When I got back into the game of No Man’s Sky I was playing with Mulk, I thought it was very novel at first that there was an frozen-ass hell planet called Teeko. How novel, I thought. That’s

Comic: Norman’s Guy

New Comic: Norman’s Guy

News Post: Khaledescope

Tycho: I was going to say that I don’t know why a brand as massive as Blizzard would court the mainstream with this type of horseshit, but it’s a dumb question with an obvious answer. Though I suspect

Comic: Khaledescope

New Comic: Khaledescope

News Post: Thornwatch is for Sale!

Gabe: I think my first notes for the game that would eventually become Thornwatch are from 2011. Originally I set out to design a card based RPG that I could run for my Monday night D&D group. I