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Because I'm Addicted

The Camel Coat

The temperature dipped below 65 this week and I immediately tossed on my favorite item for fall: this luxurious blend of wool and cashmere camel coat by Anine Bing. It’s back to being in the 80s, but

7 Ways To De-Stress After Work

A full day at work can be extremely taxing on your mind and body – no matter if you’re on your feet, sitting at a desk (at-home included) or consulting all over town. So, before you head out to meet

Anine Bing x Janessa Leone Collab

Wha What happens when two of the best LA based designers, Anine Bing and Janessa Leone, team up to collaborate? Magic. Pure magic! The duo combined Anine’s rock n’ roll aesthetic with Janessa’s

4 Things I Did for Myself This Month

This post is written by bia contributor Chelsea Becker Last week, I shared how a recent addition of grace has improved my life – and it got me thinking…What other small things could I do for myself or

LIVE WELL: Embrace Your Age

There seems to be this overarching notion in our world’s culture that aging is a negative thing. In certain Asian cultures, women are said to “expire” after the age of 30, and I think the popularity

Red Leopard

Don’t mind me, just lounging in one of my favorite trends: leopard. Worn with sneakers and a vintage tee when bopping around with the bebe or heels and a something fancy on top for meetings, I’ve been

Weaning Night Feeds

For quite some time, feeding your baby throughout the night is imperative (they need the nutrition and human touch), but at a certain point, they no longer need the feeds and it can be tricky to break

How To Have A Humbleness Check-In

Do you ever have a moment happen in your life that inadvertently makes you feel humbled? I had one of those moments recently and it got me thinking – what if we all took a second every once in a while

Line I’m Loving: Nanushka

Discovery is one of the best parts of Instagram. It’s there where I’ve found so many incredible accounts, and clothing line, Nanushka, is one of them. Ran by a husband and wife team, Nanushka is

LIVE WELL: Massages

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve come to appreciate the little things that just seem to make life better. This list includes monthly facials, quality skincare products, and massages. All have

Outfit Inspiration From Paris Fashion Week Part Deux

Gotta be honest, LOVED all the street style images from fashion month but ready for the fashion week posts to disappear from my Instagram feed. Anyone else? Now can we talk about this inspo? I mean!

Apps That Help Me As A Mom

Can I get a ‘praise be’ for smartphones and all the endless apps that make our lives easier? I have a deeper appreciation as a new mom because fast information and efficiency is at a premium. From

How To Always Be Prepared To Make Smoothies

I feel like I’ve talked about smoothies a thousand times on this site, and it’s because we’re that hooked. We rarely (and I mean rarely) go a day without either my husband or I making one and it’s a

8 Plant-based Protein Options

There’s no doubt people are more and more interested in vegan and vegetarian diets these days. Because I consider myself a flexitarian (aka someone who eats primarily vegetarian but occasionally eats

LIVE WELL: Mute People on Instagram

If you guys missed my PSA on this on Insta Stories a couple weeks ago, I’m here to tell you about the power of muting. Yes – if you had no idea, you can literally mute or essentially hide people you

Outfit Inspiration From Paris Fashion Week

Hello fresh outfit inspiration straight from the streets of Paris! Oui oui to all the chicness! Who else is feeling all the belts? Photos: Harper’s Bazaar & VOGUE The post Outfit Inspiration From

Commonly Asked Questions When Starting Solids – Answered

Solids are so much fun but can also feel overwhelming as there are a lot of questions that come along with introducing food to your child. When do you start? Where do you start? How much food? How

16 Quotes Currently Inspiring Me

I It’s been a while since we did a quote pull (sorry!), but know you guys always love them. Here are the ones currently lining my motivational board… If you’re wanting more, be sure to check out our

How To Clean Your Ice Roller

Who else is loving their $12 ice roller?! Is it not the best thing ever?! In case you missed it (which is IMPOSSIBLE if you follow me on the gram), an ice roller is a water or gel-filled device that

LIVE WELL: Adaptogens

Maybe you’ve heard the word adaptogens, but it left you thinking adapto-what? Because me too at first! It’s kind of a mouthful, but also a very intriguing wellness topic – perfect for this week’s