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Google Assistant to gain 30 languages, multilingual support

Google is also adding the ability to trigger multiple actions at once with one command.

The Dropbox IPO is finally happening

In its IPO filing, Dropbox said it earned $1.1 billion in revenue last year.

SAS reports bullish results in Brazil

The analytics firm saw double-digit revenue growth, plans further channel expansion to maintain positive performance in 2018.

Abandoning Android: iPhone X is Apple's first device to satisfy all my mobile needs

As a mobile phone fanatic, I regularly buy the latest iPhone. But then, after a month, I grow bored and move on to more exciting Android hardware. However, four months after buying iPhone X, it

​Docker has a business plan headache

Docker is the container technology of choice, but that doesn't translate into Docker the successful business.

Microsoft, Xiaomi sign collaboration pact for AI, cloud computing services

Microsoft and Xiaomi are exploring how Xiaomi could potentially use more Microsoft AI and cloud services, including Bing, Cortana, cognitive services and more, in its product line in the future.

Running Windows 10? Here's how Microsoft plans to milk more profits out of its cash cow

PC sales are down. Windows licensing revenue is flat. In its financial disclosures, Microsoft says it's actively looking for new monetization opportunities. Here's where you're likely to be asked to

MMW 2018: Google Lens comes to iOS, Android's ARCore leaves beta

New devices, partnerships, and platforms are in store for Google's AR projects.

Using the Nest E with Alexa: A cool tool for staying warm

Do you want to live in the future? If you do, then you’re going to want to give your favorite AI assistant the ability to control your thermostat. This is better than the Jetsons!

Apple changes Safari's cookie killer to fix Facebook's Like buttons

Apple has made its anti-tracking feature in Safari friendlier to social media.

HPE's hybrid IT approach pays dividends in Q1: Will growth continue?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise delivered a strong first quarter and sees solid IT spending ahead, but the comparisons and ability to pass on increasing memory costs are challenges.

Poor smart contract coding exposes millions of dollars in Ethereum

Researchers have discovered over 30,000 contracts are open to exploit.

Amazfit Bip review: $100 smartwatch with integrated GPS and 45-day battery life

With Pebble no longer around offering reasonably priced smartwatches with long battery life there is a place for another competitor. The Amazfit Bip surprised me with its capability and affordable

Windows 10 on Arm: HP Surface-like 2-in-1 is up for pre-order but will cost you $1,000

HP is ready to ship its first Always Connected PC based on Qualcomm's Arm-based Snapdragon 835 processor.

Drupal patches critical CMS vulnerabilities

The bugs include incorrect code handling and access bypass security flaws.

Google: First sub-$50 Android Go smartphones will be out next week

Google hopes cheap Android Go devices will convince consumers worldwide to upgrade from feature phones.

Google: First sub-$50 Android Go smartphones will be unveiled at MWC 2018

Google hopes cheap Android Go devices will convince consumers worldwide to upgrade from feature phones.

​Autonomous buses, cars, drones: Norway's Telenor readies its big 5G pilot

When Telenor's 5G pilot begins near Oslo later this year, it will be putting a string of applications to real-life testing.

​MWC 2018 preview: IoT, 5G, B2B take center stage

Mobile World Congress used to be the land of the latest smartphones, but today is more about digital transformation, 5G and using the Internet of things to revamp cities and multiple industries.