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MIT News

Professor Richard Schrock announces emeritus status

After retiring from teaching at MIT, Schrock looks toward “the next experiment,” remaining research-active while pursuing new endeavors.
MIT mathematicians solve age-old spaghetti mystery

MIT mathematicians solve age-old spaghetti mystery

It’s nearly impossible to break a dry spaghetti noodle into only two pieces. A new MIT study shows how and why it can be done.

In neutron stars, protons may do the heavy lifting

The positively charged particles may have an outsize influence on the properties of neutron stars and other neutron-rich objects.

3Q: A bold mission to touch the sun

MIT’s John Belcher discusses the launch of the Parker Solar Probe, which will fly directly into the sun’s atmosphere.

Study suggests glaucoma may be an autoimmune disease

Unexpected findings show that the body’s own immune system destroys retinal cells.

The debate over how working memory works

Scientists present dueling theories in the high-stakes quest to understand how we hold and juggle multiple pieces of information in mind.
Neuroscientists get at the roots of pessimism

Neuroscientists get at the roots of pessimism

Stimulating the brain’s caudate nucleus generates a negative outlook that clouds decision-making.

Paying it forward: Fellowship boosts women in physics

Four students are first beneficiaries of grant program established by Assistant Professor Lindley Winslow with support from the Heising-Simons Foundation.

On-chip optical filter processes wide range of light wavelengths

Silicon-based system offers smaller, cheaper alternative to other “broadband” filters; could improve a variety of photonic devices.

3Q: Richard Milner on a new U.S. particle accelerator

Proposal for powerful particle collider gets National Academies’ go-ahead.

A mathematical view on cell packing

Joint research from MIT and Princeton shows the mathematics behind biological cell positioning.

Michale Fee receives McKnight Technological Innovations in Neuroscience Award

The McKnight technology award supports scientists using novel and creative approaches to understanding brain function.

Taylor Perron named EAPS associate department head

Expert in landscape evolution will build upon the work of outgoing associate department head Tim Grove, supporting the EAPS education mission.

As brain extracts meaning from vision, study tracks progression of processing

Six brain regions participate in a more blended way than has been appreciated.

Light-controlled polymers can switch between sturdy and soft

New material reversibly changes its structure in response to different wavelengths of light.

Study finds climate determines shapes of river basins

Results may help identify ancient climates on Earth or other planets.

New study again proves Einstein right

Most thorough test to date finds no Lorentz violation in high-energy neutrinos.

Sound waves reveal diamond cache deep in Earth’s interior

Study finds 1–2 percent of Earth’s oldest mantle rocks are made from diamond.