These $25 Workout Earbuds Are Surprisingly Good

You don’t have to spend $100+ for Bluetooth, water-resistant earbuds to work well.

When Whisper Networks Let Us Down

How communities struggle — and sometimes fail — to stop sexual assault.

Remember The Discman? A Tribute To The Portable Music Players Of 1998

Before the iPod and smartphones, Walkmen and Discmen allowed for technologically simple — yet blissfully distraction-free — listening on the go.

This Rescued Street Dog's Transformation Will Melt Your Heart

The pup was found in such bad shape due to a condition that made his skin look like stone.

Worst Roommate Ever

One scheming, sinister man. A dozen unsuspecting victims. The ultimate Craigslist nightmare.
This Canadian City Is Plagued By An Obnoxious Humming — And It's Getting Worse

This Canadian City Is Plagued By An Obnoxious Humming — And It's Getting Worse

The deep noises in Windsor, Ontario mysteriously wash in and out of their neighborhoods and homes, hitting the ears of some but not all residents. And according to recent local news coverage, the

How To Make Copycat In-N-Out And Shake Shack Burgers In Your Own Home

There's no need to settle this coastal burger rivalry when you can just enjoy both in a single sitting.

The #1 Trending Video On YouTube Accused Parkland Student David Hogg Of Being A Paid Actor

YouTube doesn't appear to have good safeguards managing what hits the top of their trending algorithm.

What's Behind One Of The Biggest Financial Scams In History

In 2012, the global markets were rocked by revelations about a scam so massive it was almost hard to comprehend: the LIBOR scandal.

The Tragedy Of Erik Killmonger

The revolutionary ideals of Black Panther’s profound and complex villain have been twisted into a desire for hegemony.

There's A Creative Benefit To Watching Trashy TV

A short break from thinking could yield your best work yet.

Testing Apple Maps Vs. Google Maps Vs. Waze

Which navigation app estimates the shortest travel time? How does each app over/underestimate travel times? And which navigation app actually gets you to your destination most quickly?

'People Think The Deer Are Lovely. Then They Learn More About It'

The Scottish Highlands have a deer problem. Is shooting tens of thousands of them the only solution?

Crispr Could Revolutionize The Way We Eradicate Invasive Species

Poison. Traps. Rifles. The methods for eradicating island predators like rats are brutal. Some conservationists want to use Crispr to do the same job. This method isn't brutal, but it could

What Olympic Sports Would Be Called If They Were Named Accurately

Jimmy Fallon asked Viceland's Desus & Mero to rename Winter Olympic sports that have names that don't accurately describe exactly what they are.

Kimmel Explains His Reaction To Fergie's Sultry Rendition Of The National Anthem

"The reason I was smiling is because I love the national anthem so much."

Floods Completely Submerged A Forest Path In Crystal Clear Water And It's One Of The Coolest Things We've Seen In A Long Time

We can't really explain why the water is so incredibly clear, but this video from the Rio de Prata ecological preserve in Brazil is simply spectacular.

Diver Finds Out What Happens When You Get In A Moray Eel's Personal Space

Moray eels have a powerful bite (many divers have lost fingers), so it makes sense that this diver panicked as a moray launched itself at him.

Woman Wakes Up Her Rabbit With An Air Horn, But Luckily It's Not What You Think

Before you crucify us, take a minute and enjoy the video.
Inside The Corrosive Workplace Culture Of The Dallas Mavericks

Inside The Corrosive Workplace Culture Of The Dallas Mavericks

More than a dozen current and ex-employees characterize the Mavs' hostile work environment — ranging from sexual harassment to domestic violence — as an “open secret."