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We Should All Probably Be Eating Seaweed

Not only will Micah teach us how to cook seaweed tonight, but he's prepped to give us a quick overview on pretty much everything and anything about seaweed that we'd like to know.

The Rare Blue The Mayans Invented

The color survives in the work of 17th Century Spanish colonial painters, a symbol of the wealth that ultimately doomed the Mayans.

Fake America Great Again

Inside the race to catch the worryingly real fakes that can be made using artificial intelligence.

It's Time To Forgive 'The Joy Luck Club'

The landmark film beautifully portrayed the Asian American experience. Then Asian Americans turned on it.

Website Promised Free Anti-Antifa Shirts. Alt-Right Signed Up. It Was A Trap

Posing as an ally of the "National March Against Far-Left Violence," someone convinced far-right supporters to give up their personal information — then doxxed them.

Woman Attempting A Backflip Chooses The Wrong Guys To Spot Her

Before attempting anything that could break your neck, please involve professionals and not your self-assured buddies.

Emu Sees A Rabbit, Loses Its Shit

We're trying to empathize with the emu here, but struggling to figure out why a fuzzy little rabbit is so scary.
Let Your Imagination Run Wild With This AI-Powered Text-To-Image Generator

Let Your Imagination Run Wild With This AI-Powered Text-To-Image Generator

You may never get anything that looks "real" out of this machine learning demo, but you will have plenty of fun fiddling around with it.

Ranking Every Kind Of Pet By How Capable It Is Of Loving You

Cat owners, you may just want to hit caps lock and skip to the comments right now.

My Divorce Cost Me $250,000

When you get divorced in New York, the court seeks to preserve the lifestyle for all parties involved, and if you have one pot of money — in this case, me — that gets split between two households.

'Futurama' Still Bangs

Nearly 20 years after its premiere, Matt Groening's series still offers the ideal blend of sci-fi and comedy.

A Public History Of Elon Musk, As Told By His Ridiculous Twitter Account

An entrepreneur once celebrated for seeing the big picture has become mired in the pointless muck of Twitter, just like the rest of us.

Are Frosted Mini-Wheats Less Frosted Than Their Generic Competitors? An Investigation

I've been a die-hard Frosted Mini-Wheats fan my entire life. They are, in the best possible way, the mullet of breakfast cereals: frosting on the front, whole wheat on the back. But of late my faith

Man Bum-Rushes Tree, Tree Hits Back

Hey, what if — and bear with us here — but, what if people treated nature with a modicum of respect?


In November 2015, veteran thru-hiker Stephen "Otter" Olshansky was on the Continental Divide Trail in northern New Mexico when winter storms blanketed the area with several feet of snow. Pinned down

Photos Of Utopian Sustainable Spaces In Singapore

The Sustainable Singapore Movement is an ongoing effort by the island city-state to create an environmentally clean and beautiful home for future generations.

Something Is Terribly Wrong With This French Bulldog's Bark

Did he swallow a squeaky toy? Do we need to take him to the doctor?

Get A Pair Of Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones For Less Than $100

They run for up to 30 hours in wireless mode, and, if you use them with the cord that comes with, you can extend that battery life up to 50 hours. At $98, they’re $100 cheaper than usual.