How Automation Could Make Teams Less Efficient — and Less Cooperative

New Wharton research delves into the little-studied question of how human performance and team dynamics are impacted by automation.

Seeing Red: Can a Brand Trademark a Signature Color?

Luxury fashion designer Christian Louboutin is fighting to trademark his signature red shoe soles in the European courts. Will he succeed?

How Living Wills Can Work for ‘Too Big To Fail’ Firms

Planning for the possible orderly shut-down of big banks can ensure that shareholders and management "bear the consequences of their decisions" -- not taxpayers, says the outgoing FDIC chair.

America First? To the World, It’s Eighth

Global perceptions of the U.S. are getting significantly worse, notes the new Best Countries report from U.S. News & World Report, BAV Group and Wharton.

Would Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Drive the U.S. Forward or Backward?

The Trump infrastructure plan could lift the federal debt or decrease it, depending on how it is financed. But it will surely need more private and state funding, experts say.

How Modern Medicine Changed the Way People Die

Death has changed in modern times, with technology prolonging life and making dying a shareable event. But what has been gained and what has been lost along the way?

What’s Behind One of the Biggest Financial Scams in History

The LIBOR scandal is one of the biggest financial scrams in history. In his new book, journalist David Enrich unravels what went down.

What Science Says About Quitting While You’re Ahead

People who achieve a personal best tend to relax afterwards and not push themselves further. But is that a good thing to do?

The White House Budget: What’s the Reality?

White House budgets usually amount to nothing more than "vision statements" -- and the latest one suffers from undue optimism about economic growth and a troubling expansion of the deficit, experts

Why What You Say Reveals More Than You Think

Research presented at a recent Wharton conference shows how word choice can have deep implications for individuals, business and society.

A Fish Farming Social Enterprise Wants to Lead a ‘Blue Revolution’

Akshay Verma traded an investment banking career in London to revolutionize fish farming in Bihar, India.

Smart Money: Developing New Funding Mechanisms for Smart Initiatives

Creative new approaches are being pioneered by cities, utilities, investors and businesses to fund smart cities.

Collect, Crunch, Collaborate: Fresh Approaches to Smart Cities’ Core Functions

Utilities are among those embracing the promise of smart technology by collecting and sharing data with customers. And they are finding ways to save money by sharing resources and collaborating.

Laying the Groundwork: Philadelphia’s Strategic Approach to Becoming a Smart City

Philadelphia’s Office of Innovation and Technology is creating a roadmap to ensure the long-term coordination of its wide-ranging projects.

The Quest to Make the World’s Best Chocolates

In his recent book, Steve Wallace chronicles his journey to create a gourmet chocolate company in Ghana.

Vishal Sikka: Why AI Needs a Broader, More Realistic Approach

Artificial intelligence brings human-like understanding to machine systems to increase efficiencies. But a broader, more realistic approach is needed, says tech guru Vishal Sikka.

How the Next Generation Is Changing Charitable Giving

Today’s philanthropists are increasingly coming from the younger generation and they expect their giving to have a real and measurable impact, according to a new book.

Uber’s Waymo Settlement: Why the Road Isn’t Clear Yet

The Uber-Waymo case sheds light on the cutthroat world of technology-based businesses and the race to produce the next big thing.

Why Customer Retention Lies at the Heart of Corporate Valuation

New research from Wharton is changing the way investors are looking at the valuation of businesses by taking a closer look at the worth of those firms' customers.

What’s Driving India’s Fintech Boom?

An explosion of smartphone users and a world-class digital infrastructure are fueling the rapid growth of fintech in India. But innovating for low-income groups remains a challenge.