What Will Maduro’s Re-election Mean for Venezuela?

Following Venezuela’s presidential election on Sunday, experts say the country’s economic and humanitarian crises will only worsen unless key players like Russia and China work with the U.S. to find a

Network Synergy: A New Way to Value M&A

Research by Wharton’s Exequiel Hernandez shows that corporate alliances matter nearly as much as internal synergies in valuing M&A.

Can Bundled Payments Help Control Health Care Costs?

Hospitals can cut medical bills and raise the quality of care by bundling up multiple services in one bill, notes new research by Penn medicine's Amol Navathe.

Can Tesla Avoid a Breakdown?

Tesla is ahead of its competition in many regards -- and, despite some recent controversial comments, CEO Elon Musk is considered to be a big reason why. But can the company make the jump from being a

Why Monarchies Rule When It Comes to Standard of Living

New research by Wharton’s Mauro Guillen explores how the long-term effects of monarchies are good for economies.

Lowering Drug Prices: Will the Cost Outweigh the Cure?

President Trump’s recently announced plan to lower prescription drug prices could benefit consumers in the short run, but it may end up hurting new drug development, experts say.

Five Ways Companies Can Be More Nimble

Companies value the benefits of agility. But they must do it strategically using five kinds of agility, writes Vivekin CEO Baba Prasad in his book, 'Nimble.'

Why Digital Transformation Is Key to Argentina’s Future

Despite its financial ills, Argentina may be on verge of an economic transformation thanks to a new generation of leaders who are embracing digital transformation, notes this opinion piece.

LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner: How Compassion Builds Better Companies

It’s hard to make better decisions faster when a company's culture lacks trust and empathy, according to LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.

BlackRock’s Diversity Chief: Do Your Employees Feel They Belong?

Diverse teams make better decisions and are more resilient over time, says BlackRock's Jonathan McBride.

Where’s the Value? An Inside Look at Walmart’s Flipkart Deal

The $16 billion transaction says a lot about India’s e-commerce ecosystem, writes former Snapdeal exec Rajat Kumar in this opinion piece.

Going Viral: How to Save Society from Deadly Epidemics

Is it possible to end all epidemics? Harvard Medical School's Jonathan Quick says there are steps public institutions can -- but don't -- take to protect society.

How Social Networks Contribute to the Spread of Unproven Innovations

New Wharton research examines which kinds of innovations spread more quickly than others in different networks, the role of influencers, and what that means for entrepreneurs.

How Companies Can Develop Anti-bias Strategies that Work

The effectiveness of unconscious bias education hinges on a number of factors, including how it is presented, where and when it takes place, and whether an organization’s culture is conducive to

Separating Better Data from Big Data: Where Analytics Is Headed

AI, neuroscience and geospatial targeting are among the key trends that will drive the next decade of innovation in analytics.

Will Renewed Sanctions Against Iran Backfire on the U.S.?

Resistance from Europe, China and affected businesses could undercut U.S. actions against Iran.

How to View Your Company Through a Digital Native’s Eyes

What makes millennials tick? Companies who want to understand their customers and employees need to figure that out. This opinion piece offers insight.

Why Alaska’s Experience Shows Promise for Universal Basic Income

Encouraging results from Alaska’s oil royalty program point to universal basic income as a potentially viable idea, experts say.

Latin America’s Digital Crossroads: Why the Opportunities Are Huge

More than 70% of Latin America's 600 million residents will have a mobile phone within a couple of years. That makes the region ripe for digital "leapfrogging," says new research.

Are Cryptoassets a Sound Investment?

Are cryptoassets right for your investment portfolio? A new book applies money management tools to maximize returns and manage risks.