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How Instant Payments Are Transforming Banking and Retail

New research shows financial services companies that deploy the latest instant payment methods can gain a competitive advantage.

Why Companies Must Manage Environmental, Social and Governance Risks

Companies are increasingly paying attention to environmental, social and governance risks, as these can affect the bottom line.

Jeremy Siegel: Why the Stock Market Slip Is Not a Slide

If a U.S.-China trade agreement is worked out by January 1, markets could see a "10% to15% pop," according to Wharton finance professor Jeremy Siegel.

What’s the Impact of More Diverse Corporate Boards?

A new California law requires companies based in the state to include female directors on their boards. But will the law actually change how companies are run?

When Does the Real Customer Journey Start? Earlier than You Think

The buyer's journey does not begin with awareness, as is traditionally thought, but instead before the potential buyer is aware there is even a need, notes the author of this opinion piece.

Can the World Change Course on Climate Change?

The UN's latest climate change report should spur countries and businesses to take quick and effective steps to combat global warming, say experts.

Is There a Replication Crisis in Research?

A recent study co-led by Wharton's Gideon Nave attempted to replicate social science experiments published in top journals, with mixed results.

Why a Data-driven Approach Can Enhance the Art of Logo Design

Research from Wharton’s Ryan Dew uses machine learning to help companies develop logos that are consistent with their brand identities.

Dunkin’, WW and IHOB: When Do Name Changes Pay Off?

Changing a company's name is a tricky proposition, but businesses continue to do it with varying degrees of success. Two Wharton marketing professors look at the key considerations.

How Impact Investing Can Reduce Maternal Mortality

The Merck for Mothers program and Karma Healthcare in India show how technology and partnerships lead to improved health care outcomes for women.

How Private Information Helps Fake News Fool the Public

Part 2 of this two-part opinion series on fake news, by Wharton professor Eric K. Clemons, analyzes "how private information is used to aid in the targeted distribution of fake news."

What Every Founder Should Know

Newer business owners often find themselves either in a moment where everybody values you "higher than you deserve, or nobody's willing to give you anything," says author Maynard Webb.

GE’s Leadership Problem Goes Beyond Its CEO

GE has become, as one Wharton expert said, “a slow-motion train wreck.” Can a change at the top help turn it around?

Amazon’s $15 Minimum Wage: What’s the End Game?

Amazon’s decision has led to increased scrutiny of the company and its CEO, with analysts trying to figure out what Jeff Bezos could be planning next.

Will the New NAFTA Deliver?

The USMCA – the new trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico and Canada – brings NAFTA up to date, but it’s unclear which country stands to gain the most, experts say.

Will ‘Modicare’ Be a Game Changer for India?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the world’s biggest government health insurance program. While some are questioning his motives, experts say it is a necessary step for India.

How Digital Tools Support Hyper-personalized Customer Experiences

Digital tools supporting hyper-personalized customer services is the business model of the future, notes the head of digital software at Tata Consultancy Services.

Leadership in the Storm: How Four U.S. Presidents Handled Turmoil

Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin chronicles the leadership skills of four U.S. presidents who led the nation through turbulent times, in her new book.

Why We Need a Win-Win View of Difference to Tackle Populism

A zero-sum view of the economy has replaced the idea of win-win, and it is costing us all dearly, writes Wharton dean Geoffrey Garrett.

Delaying Social Security: How Lump Sum Payments Can Help

Lump-sum payments of a portion of Social Security benefits are a powerful incentive to convince people to delay retirement, new Wharton research finds.