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The Financial Times: Global Economy

El Niño gives warm relief to China’s soyabean importers

Switch to favouring Brazilian crops follows eruption of trade war with the US this year

Stomaching the Brexit volatility will be worth it

If investors are prepared to take a view on the deal outcome, there will be rewards

US opposition to Belt and Road is a losing battle

US should not oppose the projects but offer alternative solutions

Tudor Jones sees peril in corporate credit ‘bubble’

Hedge fund veteran says current leverage levels are unsustainable

US and China step up effort to strike G20 trade truce

Negotiators explore options that could lead to pact but core issues still intractable

China is winning the trade war with America

The White House would do better to focus on areas of legitimate grievance

US criticises China’s ‘empire and aggression’ in Asia

Pence takes veiled swipe at Beijing’s regional ambitions ahead of Trump-Xi meeting at G20

VW China chief expects sector’s woes to persist in 2019

Jochem Heizmann blames trade war for flat market but predicts German carmaker will buck trend

Global food prices face triple threat, warns Rabobank

Extreme weather, trade war and virulent pig disease risk disrupting markets

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Calves, cobalt and keeping track of the supply chain

Blockchain can cut paperwork and clarify provenance, from beans to baby food

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Tech can address problems plaguing Pakistan economy

Investments by China’s Alibaba and promise of local start-ups highlight potential for innovation

EU trade chief threatens retaliation against US car tariffs

Shadow hangs over Malmstrom and Lighthizer’s Washington talks

Shipping groups plot a course for digital collaboration

Move will allow access to shared information on platforms such as blockchain